Steem Secret #7: Appropriate Methods to Ask for Votes!

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How do we get more votes and followers on Steem? Asking for an upvote, a follow, a resteem, or a witness vote in an appropriate context helps a lot to because often the difference in getting a vote versus not getting a vote is asking. We each must feel safe asking for what we need because most of us want to earn enough to make Steem at least a hobby if not part time or full time.

Meanwhile, we often are unaware of the needs of others because we do not hear them or we see them expressed in inappropriate ways we would not want to do ourselves. Simply voicing these needs makes a big difference. With many of us having never been told the most appropriate ways to ask for upvotes, witness votes, follows, and resteems, what right do we have to complain if we see requests not meeting unspoken expectations? I hope this post helps share situations where asking for upvotes, follows, resteems, witness votes, and anything else is appropriate!

Examples where asking for upvotes, follows, resteems, and witness votes IS appropriate.

  1. Asking for anything at the end of a post is always appropriate because readers made a choice to view our post and we need upvotes and follows to earn on Steem. An ideal ask begins with "Would you please [insert request] because" followed by a reason such as "I am hoping to do Steem full time and every vote helps with that" or "I have $200,000 in student loans and your upvotes will go directly to those payments" or any other relevant reason. The more honest and personal, the higher response we are likely to get. Funny reasons can also work. For example, "Would you please upvote this post because I have an endless desire for money that for a moment you can satisfy with an upvote?" The key in asking this way is making it safe for readers to say no or to not take the action. I ask a lot and I get told no a lot. I also get told yes a lot too :)
  2. Replying to a comment on our own post or comment with a request to follow, upvote, resteem, vote for witness, or anything else logical is appropriate in a post made by the author or in a reply to our comment on another author's post. By comparison, it is NOT appropriate to use methods such as bots or copy and paste brute force posting all over the place to ask for anything. For example, if I make a post and read the comments, it is acceptable for me to reply in the comments with any logical request given the relationship I have with the comment poster. By commenting we are opening ourselves up for a request and therefore we should also be open to replies with requests. To make deeper relationships, we need to feel safe asking for what we need. I frequently ask followers that repeatedly comment to take the time to also vote for me as a witness after verifying that follower has not voted already. I am happy to see readers connecting in comments and building deeper relationships by asking for follows and upvotes in response to comment replies.
  3. When engaging in chat outside of Steem such as on or on discord, it is appropriate to ask for any actions we need done inside Steem as long as we make it safe for the person responding to us to tell us no! I get a lot of requests for resteems and my answer to all has been no because the current interface clogs the blog up with resteems. When the interface handles resteems separately, I will be happy to take requests for resteems. I consistently receive requests for collaboration and sometimes it is hard for me to say no because the person asking is so enthusiastic for me to participate. The fact is I have months of my own projects to do already and am interested in collaborations within their contexts. When those are finished, I will consider collaborations outside of what I am already doing.

The Art of Asking and DON'T DO THIS programming!

The issue we are looking at of asking for what we need in an appropriate way goes deep. My hope is in learning how to most effectively ask for what we need on Steem, we can make similar improvement sin our lives in more important issues such as sex, money, respect, health, etc. The most helpful book I have read about this subject is "The Art of Asking" by Amanda Palmer which helps reserve a lot of the unhelpful programming many of us have received from our parents which we continue doing going forward until we find a better way!

We struggle because we often are told so much what NOT to do there simply is no time left for being told what TO DO which we then often respond to the same way we respond to being told what not to do. In reading Deuteronomy last night in the King James version of the Holy Bible, I noticed that while Moses offered a few lines promising blessings for following God's rules, three pages were devoted to curses God would bring if the people did not follow the will of God. It seems thousands of years later our lives look much the same in terms of how we raise our children and therefore are raised into being adults. The church I go to daily for AA meetings has signs that say "Do not even THINK of stealing." Even though I have not stolen anything from a store since I was a teenager and have no desire to take anything home without paying, I ALWAYS think of stealing every time I read the sign.

In parenting my daughter, it is tempting to tell her what not to do when she starts slapping the dogs in the face or chewing on whatever is in reach. The secret is that she often responds very poorly to being told what NOT to do UNLESS I tell her what is acceptable behavior right after that. In fact, I often need to spend two to five times as much time explaining acceptable behavior which she then learns. Simply sharing what not to do often not only does not work but actually guarantees more of the original behavior. When I tell my daughter it is okay to slap the dogs on their butts and to chew the food we give her, she often immediately drops the other behavior. Meanwhile, the more I keep saying DO NOT DO THAT, the more she keeps doing it.

We face this same challenge on Steem where the exact acceptable behavior is often difficult to find amidst complaints of what not to do and guides that focus more on technical details but skip over the most critical parts for success like how to ask for votes. It is up to each of us to help explain what we like and do not like while realizing if we fail to do this, we are also giving up our right to be upset if standards are not met.

Witness voting tips.

Witness voting is the perfect example of where few appropriate standards are made clear in a way that is easy for new witnesses to discover but any violation of the unspoken rules is condemned. I hope to have changed that some with this post which has provided 3 basic ways to ask for votes which are clearly explained along with the entire system I shared at

If what I wrote was not clear, it is appropriate to ask for witness votes in a post, in relevant reply to a comment, and in as well as discord especially in private chat. Asking for witness votes from witnesses we support is okay as long as we are okay with getting a high percentage of NO answers or non responses when getting started. It is not a good idea to ask for witness votes in wallet transfers based on my experience doing exactly that. I also would not recommend asking in irrelevant comments such as "How is your dog?" with "Great! Will you vote for me as a witness?"

If we do not clearly explain both what is preferred and what is avoidable, we have no right to expect anyone to follow unwritten or unspoken rules. While it is much easier to condemn others than to look at our own shortcomings, viewing our own faults tends to be very helpful and gives us the ability to reach our full potential. Here is a great post about this at As you might guess, I have spent a lot of time reviewing my own faults.

Show what works!

This is why I devote the majority of my effort to showing what is possible and worth doing because just saying what not to do often guarantees we actually see more of the same behavior. When we want to make a better world, it starts with forgiving the world that exists, forgiving the harm we did to others, and forgiving what has been done to us. I live in a world that I love and enjoy today which is not free from pain at all times and is a joy to exist in 98% of the time. I invite you to join us if that sounds different from your world! Thank you for reading this post which I hope was helpful!

Jerry Banfield

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PS: TIME FOR ME TO ASK :) Witness votes are the most important votes we make on Steem because one vote for a witness lasts indefinitely! Would you please make a vote for jerrybanfield as a witness or set jerrybanfield as a proxy to handle all witness votes at because when we make our votes, we feel in control of our future together? Thank you to the 516 accounts voting for me as a witness, the 186M VESTS assigned from users trusting me to make all witness votes by setting me as proxy, and @followbtcnews for making these .gif images!

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great advice. I have never asked for an upvote because I feel awkward doing so. even though I am a minnow lol Maybe I shoukd start asking at the bottom of my blogs from now on, although I have had some lovely people upvote me just for writing from my heart, which is an amazing feeling. I was even lucky enough to get a whale upvote once! 😀 lol It felt better than winning the lottery haha Anyway, in the true spirit of this post, if you feel my comment has been valuable, please feel free to upvote me (My first ever ask! lol) 😉😉 x


Thats the devotion of your time and energy. keep it up.


nice reply post. i also felt like you... asking is awkward. but now i understood not that way. i am one month junior to you. and i haven't earned any thing satisfactory. may be it is also one of the reasons. i started to learn things.... so, i up voted you and started following. please upvote me and follow me. if you see any of my future posts and interesting upvote please........... goodluck


thank you 😊


Hi guys! can I get in on the follow and upvote action too 😀?!? Im a newbie also trying to get started out. Ive followed both of you @beautifulbullies and @nagavolu ...
Lets grow together guys!


very nice ask @hamlets-mill ! just for that I have upvoted you too! 😀 spreading the love 💕💕💕


Thank you @jerrybanfield for this great post.
It is like you have created the greatest opportunity for us (minnows) to ask for upvotes, follows and visits without feeling awkward, begging, ashamed or fearful of how we will be perceived.
Thank you @beautifulbullies for starting the thread of replies, @nagavolu for following the thread and @hamlets-mill for engaging it.
I look forward to seeing your posts and your votes, as well as @jerrybanfield's whenever he has the chance to pass by to give an advice, a comment or more ;)

Many thanks to all :D

PS: I followed you but I didn't vote any of you now because I am trying to get my SP percentage higher, then I will visit to upvote (I always keep my promises) :)


that's good.


thank you @hamlets-mill i am following you now...................


Jerry has provided some great value there. and I appreciate that you never asked for a vote. Although there is nothing wring in asking but i believe that your comments and articles on blog must be very high quality so that people want to vote for you.


Ask and you shall receive!
As We are all learning how to ask, properly, may I ask you: Is it ok if I take a look on your last post and give you, besides of an up vote, some tips?
PS: It will be a pleasure for me. This is what I do in Spanish language, which is my native language. Today I feel like I want to expand myself to another "countries and nations" and there is many people I could help a bit :D


Thank you so much! Yes of course, please do take a look at my last post
I would be happy to receive any tips that you can offer 😊


Mode Steemit curation ON... I will write you some comments in your post, as soon as I finish. Thanks for your trust!

I wondered what was the elegant way of doing it!

Thank you for making sure we follow the proper etiquette of asking a vote.
I would say it is common sense for every steemian to know that any post with effort and with purpose to inform us deserve a big upvote.
At the same time it is somehow discourage for any post to ask for an upvote.
Diligently it is important for each steemian to use sagacity and ask for upvote and follower.
To make it easier, advertise yourself everywhere and that way, steemian will feel naturally oblige to follow and upvote you.
Again THANKS @jerrybanfield for holding on and provide dedicated posts till May 2017.
Enough said !
Keep on steemit.


nice reply post. i also felt like you... asking is awkward. but now i understood not that way. i am one month junior to you. and i haven't earned any thing satisfactory. may be it is also one of the reasons. i started to learn things.... so, i up voted you and started following. please upvote me and follow me. if you see any of my future posts and interesting upvote please........... goodluck

I guess being straightforward is a must. If we want them to upvote us, we must let them know. Thanks for the idea! I voted for you as witness in exchange. Hope that helps! :)

Hey @jerrybanfield - this is great.

Asking for something at the appropriate time is completely different than spamming.

I love what you're doing. I'm trying to allocate even more of my time to Steemit, and cryptocurrency.

And here again, you've set a great example! Just voted for you as a witness :)

Thanks @jerrybanfield for sharing these polite methods of requesting upvotes without frustrating the followers...will definitely follow them!

Hi There @jerrybanfield I hope you can get some time to reply all the comments. As I was reading your post, which is very good by the way. I could say very instructive. Thanks for sharing it. As I said, as I was reading it I've realised people like you really need a special service. Let me explain myself. I empathise with you because We both find real value while helping people. I really like Steemit and it's philosophy, this is why I do what I do, while publishing guides and, from time to time, I like to curate posts. When I said "You need a special service", well, would be great that somebody could answer your comments just to engage people. Engage even more, your relationships with your followers. As soon as I was reading your post, It came to my mind "Would be great to have this as a service in Steemit". There is many members who are very busy, like you, doing videos, creating content, posting, publishing books, checking their websites and so on. Well, let me know what do you think of that? It would be a real pleasure for me if We, me and you, start that idea as a service. I've been thinking a lot about services around platforms. I remember Dan Norris book and initiative around Wordpress.
In another subject, as I also said, sometimes I like to curate content. Mostly, I do that in Spanish because it's my native language. By the way excuse My english, it is very basic. Anyway, I have noticed only one grammar mistake in your post. Specifically in this line: "...we can make similar improvement sin our lives...", it should say: "...we can make similar improvements in our lives...". This is not a big deal anyway but I guess you are a perfectionist at work too. I mean, with all respect, but this is what I see in all you do.
Thanks for sharing this great content. I will keep looking at your posts and Informations. A big hug from Venezuela!


Saturno Mangieri - Blockchain's Tech Adviser. img Steemit || Website img

If you master the art of asking, you can start dreaming big!

I hope I got this right ;)

"I want to kindly as you for an upvote on this post, since

  1. the rewards go to charity
  2. There is proof I donated the last time
  3. It is about an important topic and will save lifes!

A Resteem would also be really kind"!

Am I doing this right? ;)

Does anyone know how many votes a user can make?
Is there a limit per witness or in specific time frame?

I think its unnecessary. If someone finds a post interesting or beneficial they will upvote anyway. Asking may in fact make someone not want to vote. If that's the case maybe reverse psychology might work. Let's try it. Please dont upvote this comment.

If you don't ask, you don't get....

Great tips from @jerrybanfield

i just got an eye opener. i am new in steemit and i think this will help a lot. thanks

@jerrybanfield sadly it doesn't seem all this effort to ask for votes is helping you much up the witness ladder. You are putting a lot of sweat as well as Steem into this but it doesnt seem to pay off. All your encouragement and pumping hype to others to become witnesses seems to be turning out hollow. Sure I understand you want a cut of the 93% of the pie you'll get if you join the top 20 oligarchs, but the point about oligarchs is, they don't let the peasants into their cozy game.

I agree Jerry good point upvoted. You posts are always helpful..thanks. Would you please see my latest post on why steem is undervalued and send in your thoughts? your comment will add value to my readers

Asking for an upvote seems like a half measure, while the primary method should be to have good content. The majority of steemit users are not running a charity and are more likely to protect the integrity of the platform by upvoting content that they resonate with. On the other hand, it's important for the minnow community to feel welcome and inspired to continue using the platform, and that does require some charity. What I don't like to see is all of the butt kissing for votes. If you want to advance, create good content, or engage the author beyond groveling.

Asking can only be easy if one has an audience like yours. For the rest of us, asking for such is an uphill task. Right now, your post has been seen by less than a hundred people but oddly it has over 500 upvotes. It can only mean most haven't even read your ask but they have already executed it.

Other than that, great article as usual. Thanks for sharing :)

Great post as always jerry!! Alright i'm gonna go ahead and say it : "Dear @jerrybanfield please upvote my post because i've been struggling to get upvotes from famous guys on steemit!!!"

Just Kidding!!

Jokes aside, I have started writing a series of posts, titled "something Made ridiculously simple for beginners and newbies, where I try to explain and help newcomers understand and use certain features on steemit. I know you are busy, but if you have the time to spare, Would you please check out my posts at @simplifylife? I would really appreciate it if you have any suggestions to help me improve my posts!!


Is it fine to write "please upote my post" in the end of each post.
Doesn't it leave$ a poor impact?


Dont think so, I think it's alright to ask but ask sincerely

Should we be upvoting our own posts or is that not a good idea?


I think it helps

its good to be yourself and straight forward. your article was helpful .. so THANK YOU

Thanks for this advice. I've since started my Steem account because I've bought your beginner's tutorial on mashable and it is indeed a great opportunity. Would hope that you come out more awesome tutorials for newbies like me! :)

Great post. The problem is, it is hard to get your posts noticed when you are new because of the large volume of posts every minute. When you make a post, it is relegated to the bottom immediately by other new posts.

I made a post about improving the steemit User interface/Experience yesterday but so far only 9 people have viewed it ....I hope you won't mind me posting the link to the article below..

I just hope that it gets noticed by the steemit admins (those responsible for improving the site's UI/UX)

And follow me @codero


wow just wow! @jerrybanfield im mew here thanks for the information well posted.

Great post! Well, @jerrybanfield would you help me to upvote and re-steem my food blog? Funny, but seriously... Hehe...
I really... really... like your blog... You give hope to the others and sharing your experience... It's fun to read your blog, it's like reading a book.


Interesting but I do not think asking for a vote will get you a vote.

I wanted to say thank you all your hard work and all the great information you provided all your followers we truly appreciate it.


Inappropriate to ask for votes. I read your post and I find it very interesting how we all ask for votes, the example you provided was very informative and they make a lot of sense. I will try to incorporate some of the information you provided to all your followers thank you again like always you're the man

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See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Sep 04 - Part II. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

I'll 'witness' you if you'll witness me. I can only ask :)

I can only vote 8-15 times a day with no slider and I comment 50 times a day. So I can't vote for most posts I comment on. If the person is a low rep - below 50, I tell them I am sorry I can't vote. If I am commenting on a person above 50 I don't mention it.

I used to get asked for my upvote on comments a lot and I really don't like that idea. It's like, "Thanks for commenting - now upvote." I don't think that helps engagement at all.

But I do need to get a better footer. Thank you so much for that idea.

I voted for you as witness the first time I knew you were going to do it and I am glad for my vote :)

i not usually ask in my post give upvote or to give me reesteen ... I say in some that if they like to give me their opinion or make a comment ... usually the one who makes a comment is because he likes the post and the upvote is implicit...
it can happen but it is rare that the commentator not upvote

very interesting

Besides asking for anything at the end of a post I also find it quite helpful to drop fitting links in the comment section using the "<a href" code.

When I was starting out 2 months ago I used to browse categories fitting the ones I wrote my article in to 1. find awesome content creators and 2. connect with them by leaving a meaningful comment which also mentiones that I wrote a post to a similar / same topic they may be interested in.

So if you wrote a great story about your latest adventure escaping the temple monkeys in Chiang Mai I would tell you about my monkey experience in Thailand and then because of the mutual interest being discovering other countries (aka traveling) would ask if you're also interested in reading my latest adventure on how I became a pleasure boy in China.

I found this method to be great for connecting with other people as well as raise awareness for your own post. I hope you may try it and find some success with it.

Stay Awesome!


@jerrybanfield You forgot to ask for a vote at the end of the post ;>)
One thing I learned is from you is some etiquette in asking for a vote at the end. Not sure why just started doing this but got the idea from you. Thanks for a great read.

"The art of asking "- i will read this book.

thats one thing aussies wont do - we don't ask for help - it is probably a failing, but to us it is a matter of pride.

a very valuable lesson for me. so essentially we have to make a real contribution and a good reason so that people would like us, and want to help us, want to upvote us.

I really like your post. can add my insights.

Execellent post.

A great tip for the minnows sir ! But this tip cant be digested by the Whales I guess... Hope to see more contents from you . Thanks for sharing !

@jerrybanfield why do people find it difficult to upvote when it cost them nothing? Thanks for this i think i know my next post. Lovely write up.

Ok @jerrybanfield, everything you told above points are very great,i will follow... and i am going to add you in WITNESS list also tellng thanks for the valuable post.

Very cool post, @jerrybanfield!
Very often there is a situation when you work and feel that you deserve a salary more ... But you are afraid to tell your leadership about the increase, because you are afraid of refusal and more than dismissal. But it's not right!!! Everyone should know their own worth and are not afraid !!! In this article, you raised a very good topic and many will think about it!

I too will treat people who ask =))) This will be my first request)
I'm your constant viewer on the YouTube channel! September 2, you posted a very interesting video: "5 Ways to Earn $ 2,100 + in Cryptocurrencies without Trading!" ...
Thanks for this video!

I want to earn a month with steemit from $ 500 and I'm ready to do a lot for it. I will be like you - write 3 posts on my steemit.
I ask for help and support from you, if possible!

Thank you!

thanks for the great advice. I never asked people to vote for me as I feel I could be begging and people may feel annoyed. I may try to do that once in a while and see how it works out.

Thank you @jerrybanfield. This post has answered some of the questions I've asked so far, and that's because of the lack of information I get.

I will try to do as you suggest, because in the last few posts, I've omitted the words "please help me to upvote and resteem this post" or "please help me to continue developing in steemit with upvote, resteem and your comment". Because I feel sometimes people do not have time to read those words. There are even some people, immediately provide upvote without reading the contents of the post.

Thanks again, this is really helpful.


thank you @jerrybanfield !!! great post!!! I am new in SteemIt but I want to do it at least part time after I graduate from University and this post really helps!!!

Thanks for all the great content you provide!!!!
I also provide amazing content on Motivation, and Advices in life and Business! My blog will become as useful as it is yours!!!! :D

Thanks again and God bless you!

i started following you since i started registered. infact i came to know about steemit seeing your face book article. i have been upvoting most of your posts.
your this post tells me that i can ask.
i request you to vote my post. and help me to reach me your position. i have been trying to get more and more tips from successful steemers like you. thanks for the post.
i once ask you. up vote me and follow. if you find any of my posts standard up to the mark. resteem it. if not suggest me how to improve

Honesty is the best way.

Thank you for all the information you provided, @jerrybanfield! Your compassion and flexibility has earned you much deserved admiration. 😊

An excellent post. I for one believe that upvotes will come with great content and consistency. Random comments asking for something will get you nowhere. If you can continue to provide quality and gain followers, everything will come naturally.

Good feedback. I asked for an upvote. because I feel so small. Although I am a small faction. So I ask in vote. Start asking if anyone wants to vote me. I was even lucky enough to get an upvote. It feels better than winning a prize. The true spirit of your post. upvote and follow me.
This is my @sofyandavd
Please Upvoted and followed me

This is very helpful, brother @jerrybanfield, we need more people like you in this community, thank you for being part of this group.

Привет. Как можно так много голосов собрать?) может поделишься секретом?)

Oh my God, i really enjoyed this eye opening post from @jerrybanfiled, i learn a lot, i should stop telling my son what not to do right a way. and thank God that you did not steal even as you are seeing that write up in your

hey @jerrybanfield -- i'd love it if you watched this 28 STEEMIAN CROWDSOURCED VIDEO FROM AROUND THE PLANET I MADE for steemit -- -- wish you could have been in it man, maybe next time!

Hi! cool article @jerrybanfield. Im new on steemit and am still trying to understand what witness votes are. and why they are limited to 30 (for me it seems at least). Any help with regard to this query would be awesome!

great advice sir! keep it up


Wow, there are a lot of comments here, great engagement. I'm very new, my account is just a few days old. Prior to joining I watched many of your videos on YouTube. They were very helpful, thank you for the time you put in. You were also the first person that I followed. "The Art of Asking" by Amanda Palmer is also a great TED or TEDX talk to watch.

Very good post, as you say done in the right way it can work to ask. On the other side when you read through the comment section of posts (own and other peoples) many seem to think they can ask the world just because they made a comment!

i already given you witness vote....... few weeks back

Thanks @jerrybanfield very good guidance. I need more.

Ich bin heute auf deinen Account hier gestoßen und lese mich gerade durch die einzelnen Beiträge. Da sind tolle Anregungen für mich als Neuling hier dabei. Doch nach einem Post gezielt nach Upvotes zu fragen, das mache ich auch nicht. Hmm - sollte mal darüber nachdenken, dies zu tun
Ich denke dann immer nur, dass ist etwas aufdringlich - Auf Facebook stört es mich auch, wenn jemand meine Seite liked und im Gegenzug einen Relike von mir für seine Seite haben will...

i never feel good if i need to ask for an upvotes, so i never asked and will never ask.

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Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 2 with 675 upvotes

Wonderfully stated
Thanks for the tips

Hi @jerrybanfield indeed this is an interesting post on how to ask for upvotes,followers and resteems if required when necessary,this has really caught my attention to say so because as a newbie on steemit blockchain network i have now learnt when to ask for upvotes,followers and resteems and when not to as well,also the strategy behind asking for upvotes,followers and resteems,lastly thank you mr Jerry for the post keep up the good work you are doing on steemit.

great advice to majority of us.

Thank you @jerrybanfield that was very informative and helpful piece!

I'm lucky to follow you. always a lot of important lessons hopefully one day you are moved to do upvote in my article, of course I am very proud.

Thank your for explaining your opinion on asking for a vote. I am so new, that I am unsure what the right ettiquette may be.... For me it's a little bit like stumbling through the dark and hoping not to bump into someone else. For example I alsways thougt its natural to upvote or comment on something I like and I am unsure why I have to tell/beg someone to like something I have done, shouldn't he decide himself?
The same goes for resteeming. I recently read a post, where someone felt she has to apologise for not resteeming enough. This was a little shocking, because I always thought firstly to write myself and to enrich steeming through creating new content not by mainly resteeming. Sigh... so much to learn. But again, thanks for your help :-D

Hi Jerry, thank you for the good instructions, as usual. I wasn't aware of I once asked if a personal message (PM) is possible and i understand is the answer to that question. I see it requires another login, does the counterparty need to be registered as well to send a PM?
I once posted some questions for you and it would be great if you can dedicate an article about steemit criticism. I'd really appreciate your opinion. Here's the original article:

Great piece. Thanks for sharing. I have learnt a thing or few

Jerry has good ideas!! That's why is one of my top writers here!!! He is always straight forward!!! Keep it up!!

Hey sir @xaero1 try you see my post this. And do not forget to follow me so you can see my post. Have long to follow you and wait for you follow me. Let's see my post @auliaramadhn

Helpful for my future posting and I now know my last post was right with the ending.

From childhood we are taught to focus on "NO" and we grow, creating our reality from the things we DO NOT like and DO NOT want. That is why they always come into our lives. Our focus should be on what we love. To leave the complaints is essential for the successes to arrive. Congratulations for the post

you are continuously posting good content...keep doing informatic work