How to Start Getting Steem Witness Votes?

After launching our Steem witness, where is the logical starting point to get votes? The 10 steps in this guide will highlight a few basics that I hope are useful to get the most votes as witness on Steemit because it seems to me the voting process for being a witness with Steemit is challenging at all levels from keeping the list of 30 current at the top to building relationships during a climb up the middle to getting the very first votes at the bottom of the list. This list is optimized for being a witness that also authors new Steemit posts daily because I believe it is impractical with how competitive witness votes are to expect to get votes without also having an established list of followers upvoting posts.


  1. Make the largest investment we can in Steem Power because this verifies a commitment at least for a few months in the future of Steem.
  2. Show the value we hope to bring to Steemit over time by authoring posts, interacting in comments, helping in chat, developing apps, creating video tutorials, and referring friends.
  3. Ask our friends and the closest followers first for a vote before launching the witness thread. I asked @aarellanes to vote on my witness first because we collaborate on Steemit daily.
  4. Make the initial Steem witness declaration post to ask for votes directly from followers as seen at
  5. Thank those voting first with replies to comments and double check those saying they upvoted actually did upvote as a witness.
  6. If no vote yet, ask using persuasive language such as "Would you please vote for me as a witness at because ..." to make the request clear using a direct communication method such as text message,, or reply to a comment.
  7. Check our top 50 to 100 upvoters at to learn who we need to ask to vote our witness up.
  8. For voters not converted using the first six steps, use the wallet and the memo to transfer the most Steem you feel good about donating as a tip to say thank you for the upvotes combined with a clear request using "Would you please vote for me as a witness at because ..."
  9. Continue checking for upvotes every day or two while following up with a second message thanking anyone that does vote with another transfer while digging deeper into top upvoters as new posts bring more upvotes.
  10. Patience as often it make take people that already love us months to go and vote for witnesses. I read outstanding witness guides created months ago and took weeks to eventually vote the author up as a witness. Gaining votes will go faster when we focus first to convert existing relationships into upvotes rather than spamming everyone for votes or asking people recently met to vote.

Why these 10 steps?

  1. Invest! I cashed out all my retirement and my Dash masternode to put in everything I could aside from a prudent reserve to pay the bills which was a total of $37,062.41. Since then I have went all in on being an author on Steemit with having invested most everything we have been generous enough to give me back into Steem Power leaving me now today with 43,108.563 Steem Power which seems crazy! I am investing more now that the price has dropped including buying $1,000 more today and planning to buy another $7,500 or more with the price down. When I receive a request to vote for a witness, one of the first areas I check is how much Steem Power that witness has because I also am going to ask for a vote in return. While I am happy to be more liberal in my voting until I reach 30 votes, I am planning to remove votes based first on whether the witness I am voting for is also voting for me and on how much Steem Power the witness I am voting for has. With the responsibilities witnesses have collectively to be of service to the community, I believe a witness should have proof in their own account of their investment in Steem for the long term by having at least 1,000 Steem Power or about 2m vests to be considered for a backup and at least 20,000+ Steem Power or about 40m vests to be a top 20 witness.
  2. Post! Getting votes is much easier as a witness if we have already been getting votes on our posts because it is logical if a user would upvote our posts that they might upvote us as a witness as well. Asking someone that has never upvoted our posts seems crazy because in dating terms a vote for a witness is kind of like marriage while an upvote on a post is more like a quick hookup. Start with making posts, comments, and upvoting others well in advance of trying to ask for witness votes. I made 30 to 60 Steemit posts and 10 to 20 videos on YouTube about Steemit before becoming a witness and asking for witness votes. If you absolutely are not into writing and posting, some other kind of relationship is necessary to get votes from chatting on to making apps or bringing friends in. Bottom line who are you helping already before you need a favor in the form of a witness vote?
  3. Ask! As soon as our witness is online, it helps to get in the habit of asking for votes by beginning with those we feel safest to ask such as our closest friends and followers. Asking them before we even launch our thread gives us more proof when those less close to us go to vote because they can see we already have some votes. Upvoting ourselves is also a great idea just to get the initial votes and benefit from our investment in Steem Power. With feeling comfortable and practicing asking our closest friends first, asking everyone else becomes easier.
  4. Declare! Making the initial declaration to post is a good STARTING POINT for asking for witness votes. If we think we are going to just get votes by doing an intro post, we are likely to be disappointed. I got about 10% of the votes I have now from my initial intro post despite having 605 views on my post and $100+ in rewards from 611 upvotes within the first four days as seen at My purpose in my intro post was to clearly communicate the VALUE I have already brought and hope to continue bringing to our community here as well as the STORY of how I became a witness including who inspired me, the servers I have, and both reasons to vote for me and not to vote for me. I realize everyone is not going to want me to be a witness let alone a top witness and therefore I might as well help make it clear right away the reasons to avoid voting for me because that is honest. No witness is perfect and all have limitations. One limitation I notice is a lot of witnesses do not run seed nodes. If you do run a seed node, make sure to share about it.
  5. Gratitude! What a lot of us do well is wanting and getting what we want. What we often fail to do is be grateful for what we do have. For example, I am extremely grateful for the votes for me as a witness within the first week of getting my witness online and for all the upvotes on my posts. Our community has been so generous that I have found it challenging just to reply to the comments and try to collaborate with you to help each other. If you voted for me as a witness and I have not thanked you yet, will you please do so in the comments here to help me have the chance to show my appreciation for you giving me the chance to serve as a witness because I will try to reply to your comment here? To express gratitude most effectively requires verifying a vote did actually occur because on over half of the comments I saw on my witness declaration saying "I voted for you" over half did not actually place the vote. Double check that the vote was actually placed!
  6. Convert! If no vote was actually made by a comment or commitment to vote, reply to the comment, chat message, text, or whatever the best communication method is with "Thank you for saying you will vote for me! Would you please complete your vote by visiting and typing in my account name without the @ sign into the vote or the proxy box because this will cast your vote for me as a witness?" This uses persuasive language by stating clearly what needs to be done and why. Using "Would you" offers us a choice which is much more powerful than "Can you" or "could you" because these more often used phrases tend to be manipulative in forcing us to answer yes because the truth is yes, I "can" vote for you right now but the question is would I like to? Adding "because" into the request has been consistently proven in the research I have read to be effective in answering the "why" question and encouraging action because most of us respect a request that explains the reasoning for it. By comparison, saying "Go vote for me as a witness" is unlikely to convert because it feels like a command while "PLEASE GO VOTE FOR ME AS A WITNESS" feels desperate and without purpose. The "Would ... because" setup leaves room for vulnerability because the request is made from one equal to another with why it is worth doing and leaves the person answering the option to say "No, I will not vote for you as a witness" which is critical when asking for votes. The exact language used in life makes a big difference which is not often obvious when first reading but does become more obvious with results.
  7.! After collaborating with the most enthusiastic supporters first, the next indefinite phase is to ensure those already upvoting our posts are also aware of the opportunity to vote us up as a witness. Using developed by top 2 witness @roelandp makes it easy to see exactly which users are most logical to ask for votes next. Reading through the list sorted by SBD rewards also helps show those with the most voting power and/or enthusiasm in the exact order we need to approach them. After my initial launch, about 95% of the top 60 upvoters had not voted me up as a witness yet. I checked @teamsteem because he voted me up and has an active following that often receives hundreds of dollars per post. About half of his current top 20 upvoters are not voting for him as a witness as of the time of this post. To make sure this really worked for others beside @teamsteem and for me, I checked @someguy123 who has been the single most helpful person for me becoming a witness to see if this was true for him also despite his incredibly active role in the witness community and close proximity to the top 20. I was shocked to find that somewhere between 20% to 30% of his top upvoters are also currently not voting for him as a witness despite several having open space in their votes! For example, @someguy123 earned 4 upvotes from @enki recently for a total of $38 SBD. @enki has 574M VESTS making a very powerful vote for a witness. With this one vote, @someguy123 would close half the gap to position 25 and get a significant percentage more blocks as a backup witness. @enki or a few of the other similar followers @someguy123 has are almost certain to vote for them if he is able to make a good ask maybe using the method below. While it is possible this is because of autovotes from users not checking Steemit often, there are also a lot of open votes just waiting to be converted for most every witness currently including me!
  8. Transfer! Recently I noticed that one of the ways that worked for readers on Steemit to get my attention was to send me a generous tip to my wallet using transfers. This is possible for each of us by going to our wallet and transferring either SBD or Steem to another account. Several of the posts I upvoted lately were from users sending a few Steem or SBD as a thank you combined with a request to read their post. Initially I was reading anything but since then I have raised the threshold to a minimum of whatever my full vote is worth because sending 0.001 SBD along with a memo is like sending a tenth of a cent. If we finished our meal at a restaurant or saw a performer on the street we loved, would we give them a tenth of a cent and then seriously expect anything except negative feedback? Noticing this habit of mine helped me solve a problem I have been grinding on for a month which is "How do I thank my top upvoters when they do not comment?" Fortunately putting all this together gave me a system to thank those already upvoting posts and simultaneously ask for an upvote using a transfer from my wallet. The hardest part was deciding how much Steem to send because I realize how much I receive on a tip makes a difference as to how I process it. 0.001 SBD and I am ignoring the message. 1 SBD I might smile and think about it. 10 Steem and my eyebrows will go up and I will consider how I can help. 100 Steem and I might drop what I am doing to assist now and later. Once I realized every single upvoter in my top 60 would require at least 10 Steem at a minimum with some meriting 20 and the #1 really needing at least 100 Steem, I bought 1500 Steem to prepare on Bittrex and made the transfer. Then for about an hour I went through and wrote customized thank you messages along with the witness voting request with the URL included allowing for easy copy and pasting. The hardest part was figuring out what to include in because. "Vote for me as a witness because I am possessed by greed and want to be a top 20 witness overnight" felt a little to negative. "Vote for me as a witness because I am the best thing that happened to Steemit" felt a little to overboard as well in the positive. I ended up with "because I voted for you" if I had already voted for that witness or "because of the story I share in my witness thread" because that felt the most simple way to offer the chance to read more while also offering the chance to skip the details and just vote if desired. One witness seeing this in my wallet called for everyone to unvote me because I was "buying votes." I call it thanking my followers for upvoting me with Steem and using the only method of communication I know of to ask for a vote as a witness. You are welcome to think of it however you wish or judge by the results. For my accounting, this is an advertising expense.
  9. Repeat! When we repeat this process, I believe we will consistently see the best results if followed up with a thank you message because after receiving votes using this exact system I have been trying to do better with thanking those that did vote either with a direct tip in the wallet or an upvote on a comment or promotion in posts or whatever I can do. I suggest an investment in Steem Power to begin because what I like about Steemit is the transparency it offers us as to how much we are helping. If you vote for me at any level and comment here, I will try to at least make a response with a comment. The more your vote is worth, the more I am willing to do to show my gratitude because that is in my best interest in my witness approval as it is for every other witness. After going through the first 60 upvoters, I plan to repeat this process into the hundreds then thousands over the course of the next several months because every witness vote is helping me earn more blocks. With more blocks, I earn more Steem power which makes my vote worth even more.
  10. Patience! While setting the server up is relatively easy compared to what it takes to get into mining some other cryptocurrencies, getting the votes as a witness appears to be a very challenging process for a new witness because there is almost no incentive for any of the top upvoters to change any of their existing votes outside of a few isolated incidents where perhaps one witness in the top 20 might have a feud with another or where a witness goes offline. Even for offline witnesses, many voting for them still leave the votes on months later just because of not checking it. The fact is that the witness system is hugely biased in favor of first come first served with new witnesses only having a chance to be successful by most completely converting every possible upvoter out of those already interested and being willing to play the long game where attrition kicks in with consistently at least one witness in the top not even bothering to upgrade and giving up $1,000+ a month in rewards because of life getting in the way. While there have been around 14,000 witness accounts created in total, only about 80 to 100 remain at any level of activity with about 60 being active and competitive. There is room for all of these 60 to get blocks but moving up within that sixty seems to require a full time commitment to Steemit plus a significant investment in Steem Power plus consistently authoring posts plus converting every existing upvoter into a witness vote. The top 30 witnesses appear to be doing a great job maintaining our community and it is our duty to support them as newer witnesses by being prepared to step in at a moment's notice to help out.

What is the best opportunity today as a witness?

For those of us not in the top 30 with the majority of the earnings, the best opportunity for the foreseeable future is to be a great backup witness that is prepared to step in during an emergency and handle the top 20 load. For example, if a group of hackers wants to take Steemit down, all they need to do are go after the top twenty witnesses and then allow the backups to fail that are not prepared for the top twenty load. Currently that might meaning disrupting 30 to 50 servers total at once which would probably not be that hard if a group of hackers put the energy into going to work on Steem that they have into taking down services like Xbox live and PSN.

Prepared backup witnesses are key to redundancy in our system because the more backup witnesses we have running servers that are ready to handle a top 20 load at a moment's notice, the more difficult it will be to disrupt the entire blockchain. An attack could last days or even weeks on witnesses if Steemit gets popular and becomes a big target to take down. To be ready, we probably need hundreds of backup witnesses that are capable of handling a block every 63 seconds. Natural disasters or other unforeseen challenges could easily produce this exact same need at a moment's notice which without preparation would not be easy to withstand.

Thank you very much for reading along all the way to the bottom!

Would you please vote for me as a witness at because this post is an example of my service as a witness?

how to get steemit witness votes.png

Jerry Banfield


Hey @jerrybanfield. We haven't been introduced yet, but I've been impressed with the following (and controversy) you've brought with you already. Well done. :)

I followed a somewhat similar approach looking into my top voters and comparing it with their witness votes to see who might be interested in voting for me. I even wrote a PHP script to analyze the blockchain to help me out. I had a successful witness campaign getting all the way up to my current 33rd position in around a month or so. I'm quite proud of that and very thankful to all my supporters.

I didn't give out tips though, because to many that's seen as buying votes. Voting buying has been a very real problem since the beginning of Steemit. I've been here for more than a year, and I've seen my share of it. Posts like "upvote this and I'll share the rewards with you" quickly spread and it became obvious quite quickly how the quality of content here would take a nose-dive if it continued. I think some are responding out of that same concern when they see suggestions of sending financial tips to people rewarding behavior you prefer.

I appreciate your efforts to bring in more witnesses, but I hope they put in the work to become informed of the job requirements. My last witness update highlights some of the technical challenges they should be ready and willing to face. It's also important for them to be well informed on not only the inner workings of Steemit (no easy task for anyone), but also on the culture and history which has been built over the last year or so. Many of the existing witnesses have worked very hard for a very long time while others were calling Steemit at scam and abandoning the platform. You yourself left when you thought it wasn't worth your time. I'm glad to see you've come to your senses (heheh), but i'm also concerned you may not be here for the long haul if something else catches your attention. Those who are looking to you for leadership may similarly head elsewhere if they aren't well informed and patient.

Thanks again for your efforts. I hope they are aimed at improving the community and not just personal profit. That, I think, is what we're all hoping for. A way to benefit ourselves as we benefit others.

I don't often self vote a comment (see my blog post on that for more), but will upvote this comment for visibility.

@lukestokes honored you commented here and appreciate your feedback because you have written concretely the ideas I am feeling that others in a similar position have. My first impression of you was wondering what I need to do to not miss any blocks the way you have so far!

Thank you for mentioning your concerns about whether I will be here for the long haul because I have the concern on the opposite side where I am afraid no matter how long I am here I will never have been here as long as others meaning no chance to ever move up as a witness or fit in with those in at the beginning. I also am afraid of writing comments no one sees or cares about when I already am buried in things I could do.

The challenge is for witnesses that while all the guides provide outstanding instructions on exactly how to get the witness online and there is great help for that, the guidelines on getting votes are very vague. "Do a good job" and "be trustworthy" and "stick around" provide little direction as to the exact approach to take to earn votes. For example, do we reply to a comment to ask for a vote? Do we just make a comment on a post and ask for a vote? How do we contact people already upvoting us and ask for a vote when they do not post or comment often? Isn't it rude to barge in on the one comment they make and ask for a witness vote? Do we have to use After hours of research I found not one post clearly explaining the entire process and without clearcut directions did my best with what was available.

Controversy comes from not accepting our own limitations and abilities. Some of us are blessed with the time to be available, respond to every comment, be helpful in the chat, and trade time for witness votes. Others of us like me are buried in responsibilities and flailing around to just try and stay above water. A quick and effective method for asking for a vote is all that is practical. Finding no other method available, would it have been right to just sit and wait without making an effort? One witness even completely outsourced setting up the witness and somehow still gets votes even though they do not actually do anything with it.

None of us know how long we will be here meaning while the service of those arriving before me has empowered me to be here, it is unknown out of any of us who will continue serving going forward because life is full of unexpected challenges. Each of us will be here as long as we are supposed to be and our contribution is not limited to how long we serve. While I hope to be here indefinitely, I am serving where I am most needed every day as are all the rest of us.

Does not each of us have the challenge with whether we are doing this for personal profit or the greater good of the community? Can anyone truly separate their motives out enough to say honestly that it is all one or the other? I know for me both exist.

I feel hurt and defensive after doing my best to bring the most value I can to Steemit and then it is not enough because some judge that I did not do it exactly the right way. I am not responding to enough comments, spending enough time in the witness channel, not asking for votes in the right way, not promoting Steemit correctly in the ads, not technical enough to be a witness, shouldn't be selling a video course about becoming a witness, not making enough posts, making too many posts, or making posts about the wrong topic. Naturally the voice in my head is careful to reinforce all these points.

If we want to make a great community, love and tolerance must be our code. When we condemn others for taking a different approach than we do, we are condemning ourselves as well. If it is fair to suggest sending a tip to ask for votes is wrong, it is also fair to suggest hanging out in the chat all day and private messaging for votes is wrong because not everyone is time for that. It is fair to say that witnesses in the top voting each other up is wrong and witnesses with apps that ask for witness votes are wrong because not everyone can do that.

Your comment I hope will be helpful for me in accepting that I am doing enough for the community, have enough witness votes, and can find the most effective ways of collaborating here. After reading this I feel that I maybe would be better off trying to cut into comments and ask for votes there or send direct messages on the instead of giving a tip.

The problem is I wrote this post instead of hanging out with my family for the last forty minutes and I feel like shit about that now. Maybe I am doing too much for Steemit and need to slow down.


keep going sir we are with you

That is the value we get when jerry is doing crypto business full time.

Very interesting post. After reading all the contents of your post, so much knowledge I got about the witness. And see some of the activities you do for Steemit. Then I sure give my vote to you @jerrybanfield. And I will invite some friends to choose you as a witness.Hopefully through success and do not forget us.

Thank you very much for voting for me especially because I see you had to make room in your list which already had 30 witnesses!

I know that I have selected 30 witnesses and have exceeded the limits of the witnesses I should choose. Because my internet connection while on the move is not sufficiently supportive to evaluate the witnesses I selected, I can not give you space as my new witness. And from now on you @jerrybanfield as my witness.

Thanks Jerry what is a witness, is it a special type of steemian of some sorts?

Thanks for sharing!

That is a super compelling list/appeal you put together, also I commend you for highlighting the fact that Steemians have a say in the direction the platform will take going forward!!!

You are the most committed person I've seen on steemit within the last 2 months. Massive Action = Witness :)

Thank you very much stackin! I am honored to be on your witness vote list today!

No Problem, You really deserve it! You just do too much for this steemit community. Supporter For Life 😎

Hey Jerry, Ive watched many of your videos even before I found you on steemit! You are one of my favorites here on steemit. You have so much passion for steemit and cryptos in general, I believe in you!!! I will vote for you for sure! :)) Resteemed

Thank you very much for voting for me as a witness and commenting here!

I have plenty of space on my list, so i vote for you. No suggestions what needs to be done as from your post i see you understand everything even better then most does. Good luck and i hope changes to the better. @jerrybanfield upvoted as a witness.

@deividas thank you very much for voting on me as a witness!

I have voted for you as a witness @jerrybanfield and thank you for posting this. As I am new, what does it mean exactly to be a "witness" are there a lot of special benefits to being a "witness" if so is there a post I should have read before this one? Thanks again!

Welcome to Steemit Joe very happy to have you here and impressed you voted so fast on witnesses because it took me a month to get any interest or vote on witnesses! Would you read my first post about what Steem witnesses are at because it provides the answer?


Yes thank you for this article! I am going to read through it now and thank you again for making me aware of everything Steemit has to offer! I am planning on making my introduction post early this week! I will keep you posted :)

I voted for you but now I don't know what to do with my other 29 votes!

Thank you very much for voting for me and it looks like now you have voted for 10 others which is great!

Good luck witnessing. :) You got my vote for sure. Peace

Thank you very much for voting for me!

Me too I voted for you, can you thank me ?

Yes thank you very much for voting me up as a witness @clixmoney

Very interesting [email protected] Your ideology made it convincing enough to vote you as witness

@outhori5ed thank you very much for voting me up as a witness!

Thanks for the post Jerry.

Just gave you my vote for witness, keep it up!

Henrik thank you very much for voting for me as a witness!

wow, Jerry. So much time and money you invested into Steemit. You deserve to be the "Steemit Man" my friend

I appreciate your kind feedback and am honored to have the opportunity to invest the time because of all of the support I already have received online!

I have this two questions :

  1. Why we need to be witness ?
  2. How to ask people to upvote you, I mean people from steemvp.

What is steemvp

it's a website that shows your statistics on steemit : go to and entre your name and click entre and you will see.

Is it like steemd?

With the witnesses we have, in theory no one else needs to be a witness but it is good to give our network more strength in the case of a challenge. I try to ask in comments first but most of those upvoting me have not made a comment recently to reply to!

Three things Steem needs to do to increase our pay.

  1. Get rid of the bots.
  2. Limit the posts to 1-2 per day. Quality over quantity.
  3. Categorize the site. Vacation, Gaming, Market, etc.

You are one of the witnesses I have voted for.

Beau thank you very much for voting me up as a witness!

Absolutely, you are doing amazing work for the community and being very encouraging to the wide spread of members and our diversity. You listen to what people say with an open and analytical mind. Therefore I feel you're an ideal candidate to help shape the future of Steemit.

I like toast 🍞

@jerrybanfield please also make post that
how can we collect donations on steemit

Would you take my Steemit course free at because it has several videos on how to do crowdfunding and donations? Donations can be accepted in the wallet or from post rewards.

Hey Jerry, I already voted for you as a Witness when you posted the first or second time that you wanted to become a witness. I checked on my list for witnesses right now and your name is there. Thanks for all the helpful information

I like toast 🍞

W/ Jelly?

I like toast 🍞

Thank you very much for voting for me as a witness!

Always welcome @jerrybanfield, biggest thanks goes to you for being one of the person who introduced me to steemit and helping alot of us learn on how to use it. Cheers 👍

Very good post Jerry. I will send you my vote but at least you have to respond to my comment and guide me. You write good posts but you rarely respond to all comments or on other posts. However you seem to be a nice guy and will gain my vote

Hi @charles1 how does it work can anyone apply to be a witness?

Read the post and follow the link for full info

Thank you Charles for commenting here! You are right I already have overwhelmed my ability to respond to all the comments and I try to keep up. Maybe it would be worth prioritizing more comment responses and less posts?

I think so. I am almost 1 Month here and take it as a responsibility and respect to respond all those who commented on my post even if the comment is weird (I only avoid some that write follow for follow or vote for vote). However in your case, fame has turn to a bit problem because you have tons of comments to respond to. Note this: following up in business world leads to more sales and feeling of recognition . @sweetsssj post once a day in order to respond to all here comments and to post very good content . In fact , she responds and follow up and finish the responding plus follow up side before writing another day. She even go to my post and show me some love in order to reciprocate my voting and commenting on her posts. This example makes all her posts to be in trending page and people ready to extend support to her whenever she calls for one. I indicated in your former post when you asked for advise on post frequency see link here I indicated that you should post at least 1 or max 2 posts a day in order not to overwhelm your readers / followers and to have time to relate with them via response. Too much posts a day for followers is like geting 10 sex a day from a beautiful lady.. which will surely lead to collapse of the man or him escaping for his life.

I am one of your best fans and want you to succeed. I will be glad to vote for you my buddy. Where is your direct link?
I will also add you on in order to send you my support, always.

You're right which I have now learned the hard way and will be limiting a second post to days where I am able to respond to comments!

Great, I like people who learn fast and act. You will surely see the gains. Pls stay in touch with me.

Jerry you are not even in the top 50 Witnesses and I have to type your name before it showed. I voted for you however check if it worked. I also added you on my steemvoter highest voting group..pls reciprocate the love.

If you mean to vote for me as a witness the direct link is

Great I will. I just added you on my steem voters . More success

Thank you jerry everyday i learn a new thing from you, keep steem ♥ thanks again and i voted for you

Thank you very much for voting for me Angie!

Your welcome, wish you all the best :)

@jerryybanfield Very informative post! I have a witness and YOU gave me a VOTE and I really appreciate it! I also voted for you. I only have 4.86m vests right now, but 95% of that was me purchasing Steem on Bittrex for $2.25 . I am also purchasing more everyday at these low prices right now.

So I know what it's like to personally invest your own money into Steemit. Just like you have.

I also agree that witness's should be very active in the community and listen to what they want.

I believe you have done a great service in helping newbies here, and I commend you on your efforts sir.

Thank you very much for voting for me as a witness and for continuing to buy with us as the price goes down!

I found the #8 particularly annoying. I am among those people that won't use this method and totally dismiss anything like that.

My way might not be the best, cost effective wise, but it is closer to my goal on Steemit:
1- Interact with comments and posts so that people know you
2- Ask for votes

I haven't gotten so much votes, but I am not here for the money (if it can pay for the server that would be awesome but it's fine anyway). So for those remaining here despite the price crash, I would like to be an awesome witness.

That is a very good point cryptohazard! How do you interact when many upvoters never comment especially those with a lot of Steem Power? I tried step 8 because I noticed the majority of my top upvoters had no made a comment recently that I could respond to. I responded to all the comments I could beforehand.

I just don't do anything.

You know, since I didn't have much money I could in Steem, I decide to invest my time over my money. I might have taken your path if I had invested money. Overall I was pretty successful.

I remember some whales saying they won't reply to such solicitation. Rich people problems one might say. But you have a reason why people would listen to you.

Btw I really liked your video on EOS ;-).

Thank you and I appreciate your investment in time here because this is one of my biggest limitations! The challenge I see is to make it okay for everyone to work within their limitations and to accept that there are different ways of accomplishing the same result.

Good post Jerry

have an upvoat Jerry


I'm an eternity away from that, but it is very encouraging to hear about the journey you have taken towards it. And what you say about needing a lot of backup witnesses is spot on. Thx.

Thank you Jerry! Another great post!

Thanks Jerry!

Very interesting post jerry . I upvoted many posts related to you.

Another amazing post. Thanks for sharing.😗😗😗

As a minnow I don't think I have a chance of becoming a witness anytime soon, but best of luck to you Jerry. That SteemMVP site is pretty cool though

Hi Jerry I m new to Steemit. What's a witness? Why does it matter to b a witness? How to be a witness?

Thanks for this post @jerrybanfield. As small as Steemit feels sometimes, it's hard to believe that I have not crossed your path before. I just launched my witness a week ago, and will be using some of your suggestions to increase my visibility. I work closely with the Minnow Support Project and currently have over 50% of my SP delegated to various projects for other minnows to help them get their footing.
Using this tool by @netuoso, I noticed that you have a couple of dead witnesses that you are voting on. I would be honored if you would switch one of the dead witnesses to swelker101 which would help me get above many of the dead witnesses on the list and strengthen the verifications. Thank you.

You are right man! keep rocking and don't forget to upvote back your loyal followers :D

Good post
Please follow back an vote my post..😍😍😍💪👍👍👍🙏🏻

Thank you Jerry for this post.. Following you is the best choice for any Newbie

great info, thanks

Thanks for the detailed info! Really helps!

As a minnow, I've not hear of this. Thank you for helping out. Little by little I'm getting the hang of this. Lots more fun than FB.

Jerry, thank you for your quality content that just keeps coming. Very informative for those getting started. I like your strategy! Resteemed.

Please follow and up-vote i will do the same for you

Keeping calm and being consistent is the way to win the game.

Many thanks, good information!!!

What is a steem witness? I have heard about it, do you have to get chosen to be one?

i m very new in steemit. i dont know anything. i just saw jerry s video in youtube. And jumped here. . .can anyone tell me how to see my voting power. . . . . . . . . And about curie

Hi jerry sir your post is special and you are very special . you are great steemian .

Very long read but good content.

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Interesting post, thanks...

man even struggling with normal things..and you are talking about witness .. its far away for me :(

anyway thanks for this informative post

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Thank you jerry everyday i learn a new thing from you, keep steem ♥ thanks again and i voted for you

Jerry, I will support you as a witness. I believe you are someone I can trust

Thanks for sharing. Good information that I did not understand until now. Voted for you!

Thank you so much for this info I will be directing people I know and also posting this link to your blog on my social media to spread the word!

Thanks for nice information!

amazing post! i like what you do, keeping going..

@jerrybanfield you got my vote buddy. Go get 'em and make Steemit the best it can be!

Nice article, resteeming asap

My mind is blown.

Thank you for your faithfulness in guiding me, for me as a beginner in steemit very grateful to the knowledge of you

Great jerry, it would be help to me. Thanks for sharing

Hey @jerrybanfield , I support your work and you have my witness vote. Cheers :-)

Very good info thanks i saw you on youtube then came here to check it out. keep up the great work world needs more people like yourself in it.
one day i hope to give back to those that helped me a long the way... Dibs256