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Nice having you around for the second edition of the detailed guide for newbies from my one-month deep experience and study. If you are a newbie or you have been here for a while but you are yet to understand the platform. I will advise you read the first part before coming back for this second part. Click on the link below.

Special thanks to curator @mattclarke who featured this on the #Whaleshares curation show on Monday night and other curators that resteemed the post.
In this second edition, I will dwell on some tips to use on posting, what you need to know about reputation, what you need to know about what you can do and cant do within/ after 7 days of making a post and then finally, the usefulness of ginabot and how to set up your own on discord app.


Your reputation shows how active you have been on the platform and how well you have related to people and the level at which people upvote your post. When you first start, your reputation is placed at 25 and from that point, you begin to advance to a higher reputation.

How your reputation can easily increase and its benefits

Your reputation increment depends on the kind of people that upvotes; that is their power level on steemit. The more people with high voting power upvote your post, the more rapidly your reputation increases.
The advantage of having a high reputation is that you easily get more followers because they feel you are doing some good work on the platform and that your voting power must have increased.
Aside from that, some whales consider your reputation before they can give steem power delegation and also there are some contest you cant enter if your reputation is below a given number based on what the person running the contest decides.

Threat to your reputation:::: Flagging down

In the last post when I talked about comments, I made mention of the word flagging but didn’t explain what it means.
When you look beside a comment or on top of a post, you will see a small symbol that looks like a flag as seen in the pictures below.

That is used to report abuse, plagiarism, hate speech etc

When a person with a high voting power flags you down, your power level might be reading negative. So be extremely careful when dealing with people having high voting power and reputation.

The 7 Days Waiting Time: What you can do and cant do after 7 days

If you are a newbie, you should note that payment/ reward from your post are made every 7 days. Any upvote after 7 days is useless because you will not be paid for that upvote.
Also, you should note that your post can only be edited within 7 days, after 7 days you cant edit it again. Replies/comments can be edited after somebody has replied; but they can only be deleted entirely if nobody has commented yet.

Choosing the best rewards for your posting

I believe by now you should know that post-payout is shared this way; 75% for the author while the 25% is been shared among curators(those that voted your post), so stop wondering why your post-payout reduced that, the above is the reason for that. What you should bother yourself with now is how well to make your 75% really profitable to you.
At the extreme end of where you are to make your post as shown in the screenshot below, you will see rewards and if you click on it, three options will pop up.

I will explain what the three means and why you should go for 50/50.

100% power up

If you choose that option, your payout will only be in steem power but that option is best for whales and not you as a newbie (minnow).

Decline Payment

I have not used this before but from the frequently asked questions, it explained that, you don’t get a reward for that and I don’t know any newbie that will use that.

50/50 Payout and why you must use this

This means that out of the 75% that is given to you from a post, 50% of it gives you steem dollars and the remaining 50% gives you steem power. Now take a look at the screenshots below to see my reason why you need this option

Image 1

Image 2

From image 1, I had a total of $5.63 upvote and at the end, I was paid a total of $4.49 which I got 2.25sbd and 0.68 steem power because I used 50/50 reward choice.
If you look at the second screenshot, I got a total of $5.96 upvote and I was paid a total of $4.85 where I got 1.47 steem power.
The two reward for the author but What is the brain behind it?
If you go to the blockchain to exchange your sbd to steem power, you get more steem power than when you use 100% power as seen in the screenshot below.

I will talk about the marketplace in the last edition of this guide to avoid getting you tired of reading. Based on what I have explained, make your choice

Some good tips on postings and replies

In the first post, I talked about the need of good comment and replies, but good comment and reply is not all you need but been noticed also is an important point.
At times you visit a post and you see close to 500 comments, where I have noticed such huge number of comments are on
@surpassinggoogle and @jerrybanfield and you wonder how your own comments can be notice in such a large number of comments and you are seeing upvotes on those early comments. Well, what I do to get my own share of upvote 😉 is to give a reply to the first or second comment that is relevant to that the comment of that person either as a view, observation or an idea but ensure its eye catching and relevant.
What of a situation when you are the first to reply a post and you want your comment to be noticed? Try making your reply to be a bit long and still relevant and at the end upvote your own comment 😉 but I don’t do that always because I try to maintain my voting power to be between 85% to 100%. Ginabot plays an important role in this.

Still in the posting issue

If you are too busy to always post articles at given time intervals. You can decide to dedicate some time,write out your posts and schedule them according to the time you want them to be posted on steemit. Go to get registered by following the simple procedures there. When you are done, click on Schedule and write your article

Calculate the hour difference between when you post on steemauto and when you want it to be posted on steemit and choose that hour and you are good to go. You have 1 hour to 100 hours time schedule there to choose from.

But note this, don’t set your timing to fall between 2 pm to 6pm Nigeria time (12 UTC to 16 UTC) because of the issue of bandwidth limit that occurs normally within that period and I stated possible reasons for that in my previous post. It might not be posted because of your bandwidth limit issue.

The profit in using Ginabot

After the first guide, some people kept on asking me how they can set up their Ginabot, instead of stressing myself explaining to them individually, I told them to wait for this post.
As a newbie or someone that has long been on the platform for a while, you will agree with me that getting to see some posts of people you love could be at times difficult because you don’t know when they post and also with the crowded timeline that will show you different authors or when you won a competition and your name is mentioned, it will be difficult to get that So its needful you make use of Ginabot.

I will briefly explain how you can set up your ginabot, download your discord app from playstore by typing discord or collect from someone that has, it works for phone and computers. Download and register your account.

Steps to setting up Ginabot

After registering on discord, click on this link or any invitation link that can take you to Minnow -power server and join.
When you arrive that page, type. ..reg (your username without the bracket) in the registration room and reply. A response will be given to you. Copy out the memo that was given to you to pay 0.001 steem or Steem dollar.
Go back to your steem account, click on your wallet, then transfer as seen on the first image.

That brings you to the second message below.

To: the name given to you
Amount 0.001 sp or sbd
Memo: The memo you copied
After sending the required amount, you will receive a message that you have been registered and a message sent to you containing setting link on ginabot. With that link, you can always correct and add more info on your ginabot.
The images below are self explanatory but I will just do a summary of what you should do.

From the above image, tick yours too “notification active”, without ticking it, you not get notification.
Under basic, chose the information you want to be getting.

From extra, you see mention, resteem, follow, votes and others. Make the choice of whom you want to add to your mentions, it could be you or any other user, when you fill that space then click add for another blank space to open.

Under this image you can see its talking about post. If you want to follow a user to always get notification whenever they post then add them there just as you can see mine.

This one is talking about black listing a user or a tag so that when those users post or tag is used, you don’t get notification and words you want to be seeing, they could be sentence

After selecting all you want to set and you click save at the buttom, the above is the response you get.

With the above, you can be making some success while I prepare the final edition that will dwell on the marketplace, what you need to know about finances in general, understanding how to power up or down, some tools and sites that will be very needful to help you progress here.

If this tutorial was useful to you, resteem, upvote and leave your response on some point not clear to you.


I am @inspiredgideon1 and I am here to inspire you to success.

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Replies/comments can be edited after somebody has replied; but they can only be deleted entirely if nobody has commented yet.

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