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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Milky Way Above Sagehen Meadows 3
Bonsai Rock Sunset 7
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.jpgMilky Way Above Sagehen Meadows 3.jpgBonsai Rock Sunset 7.jpg
34 SBD
56 SBD
42.5 SBD

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four star Its very usefull. I luv the way @cardboard its always there to help u with any question. It's the bot with highly delegation daily pay i have used until now. The only problem i have seen its that i can't delegate SP 2 time with the same account.. i have to un delegate and then delegate all again. The bid bot service gives u 1.8 times of what u invested its not very good but the chance of getting some extra cash with the basic income sbd. CONCLUSION : the best project its the delegation service but i think both service complement each other.

five star
Hello everyone @tipu,
you guys are the best.
you are one of the few people who say and do as you say. i am so impressed.
i would do a lot of free publicity for you.
you deserve it.
your service is the best.
i hope you will be able to sustain the volume of demands coming your way.
i am overwhelmed by your transparency and accountability.
you give hope to minnows.
you make steemit worthwhile.

four star
Great upvote service.

@steemreviews you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

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four star

this is gr8