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SteemReviews is a community driven reviewing service, it’s designed for anyone to use/participate.

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Welcome to SteemReviews!

Our mission is to bring people together and what better way to do that than to share our experiences? 😊 This way we can collectively learn about amazing findings and make more informed decisions about how we spend our earnings. This will be especially useful for project creators to social proof their initiatives. Having a review system available will also help drive conversation and increase community engagement which is always nice.

Submit the markdown to us and we will create the post with @steemreviews on your behalf. You can then leave a review and/or collect reviews in the comments section. You may resteem and/or link to the post for your needs. By linking to the review post, you could collect reviews in the comments section for eternity even after 7 days when the post pays out and becomes immutable.

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**Contact Info:**


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**Brief Description:**
**Year Founded:**
**Contact Info:**


<center>![MOVIE IMAGE](URL)</center>


**Brief Description:**
**Rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17):**


<center>![GAME IMAGE](URL)</center>


**Brief Description:**
**Initial Release Date:**
**Rating (EC, E, E10+, T, M, AO):**


<center>![BOOK IMAGE](URL)</center>


**Brief Description:**
**Originally Published:**
**Page Count:**


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**Brief Description:**
**Contact Info:**

@TheShop Seller

<center><h1>@TheShop Seller:** @USERNAME</h1></center>
<center>![PROFILE PIC](URL)</center>


**Brief Description:**
**Contact Info:**

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five star
@steemreviews can be so useful for product/@theshop seller reviews.

But here's one clever way for all steemians to go beyond simple product reviews and actually start verifying reputation of every steemit user here! Way ahead of the recently announced #GPT (good people token)

I created an "extension" to @hyperfundit's idea called @ReviewMe - anyone can now create their own "reputation" page where people can rank you as a person on the steem blockchain:

@ReviewMe is different in that it is to be used to set up your reputation profile page once and for all and start earning credibility stars! - to establish yourself as a reputable steemian as decided by the community.

Your "profile" page will forever stay on and users can keep adding reviews about you years after the seven day payout period!

How cool is that!?

With that being said, take a look at my example. I will be upvoting profile pages of anyone who sets one up and gets at least 5 stars from at least 10 people! Here's my @ReviewMe profile page:


hi dear @kaliju
i am new in steemit
please help me

This is a great idea! Hope I can write up a few soon!

In a sense, this is kind of fascinating to me, in part from a historical perspective. The very FIRST "pay for content" site on the web — epinions — was launched in 1999 and it was a "reviews" site. It's pretty cool to see a reviews initiative getting started on Steemit... I'll certainly be checking this out some more!

Much success to you!

Cool thanks for the kind support! I'll look into epinions and see what I can learn from the past :D

Not sure what's there, anymore.

What's interesting is that the site kept paying royalties to the original reviewers until about 2014. However, the company was bought by eBay, at which point user-generated content was no longer accepted. eBay held the site for a couple of years and then transferred the domain to their subsidiary.

If you check pre-2005 captures on the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine) it'll give you at least a superficial idea of what it looked like. People wrote reviews; other people voted on the reviews, and they were also evaluated by community curators. The community curators were also tasked with "burying" spammy or plagiarized reviews.

The biggest challenge seemed to be keeping "stale" reviews from being featured too much. They would have lots of VOTES because they were "senior," but newer reviews would be more relevant and timely... always an issue when you're dealing with time sensitive content.

hi dear @denmarkguy
i am new in steemit
please help me

hi dear @steemreviews
i am new in steemit
please help me

thank man good topic

unique concept. wish you a success

It's a great for us to being

I think rewarding authors for review is a wonderful idea! This community needs such initiatives to keep the new users stay in here for long!

This is an interesting topic, Excellent, THANKS @steemreviews for sharing!

This post has received a 69.22 % upvote from @boomerang.

Eagerly waiting

Good to see a review of everything

Thank you for sharing about this nice Idea! Thumbs up

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Super content waiting for next posts, great to read and watching greetings

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Awesome idea, thanks for taking the initiative!

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hello there!!!
great idea!!! i wish a great success!!

have a great day!!!!

It is a good information for all of people.
And review is best and unique.
I love @steemreviews

wow that's such a good idea
wish you luck

Brilliant idea! Helps to weed out the bad posts.

This is fantastic. If anyone wants to earn an extra upvote. @soundlegion is putting out Volume 5 of Steemit Artists Music compilation on june 22nd. All those interested in reviewing the artists tracks on the volumes and us the tag #soundlegion alongside this incredible project will get @soundlegion upvote and resteem support. Great innitative.

4 Volumes already released featuring over 100 artists and there original songs here on steemit.

good article. very informative and so interesting.

Very cool! Has anyone done a review of individual bots on Steemit?

I will reach out to the individual bot owners to do so :)

You got a 19.76% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @steemreviews!

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Amazing initiative, thank you for sharing this with us!

Hello, Im very new to steemit and I would love to do reviews! This is a very good pattern post for me, but i have a question, How do I resteem this post from here so my other followers can see also. Thanks! :)

After you submit the completed template to our discord, we'll post it for you and you'll be able to resteem and/or link to it for your needs :)


well, I @steemreviews. Looking forward to your great contribution. Keep up the good work. Just upvoted, resteemed and followed steemreviews.


Wow!I am coming!

I just started with the letseat dapp yesterday. Have you seen @alphasteem review of it yet?

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From #Venezuela supporting your work men .... I am ready to do whatever you need ... Greetings from #Venezuela ..

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