Introducing Vornix - the hassle-free solution for WordPress hosting service

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Hello Steemians!

Vornix is officially in Beta today accepting subscriptions for our WordPress hosting plans!

Calling out to bloggers on the free platform

Are you one of the thousands of bloggers out there using the free version of Do you feel frustrated by the limitations of customization, WordPress advertisements, and lack of plugins? Do you wish to have more control over your WordPress installation? Do you want to make money by publishing onto the Steem blockchain?

We are here to help.

Starting today, @vornix is providing a free full-featured WordPress installation for you! You will have the ability to:

  • Have full control of your WordPress blog
  • Install any templates you want
  • Install any plugins you need
  • Put up google ads and start earning!

If you do not already have a Steem account, just head over to and register for one.

Calling out to Steemians who wish to try out WordPress blogging

Are you a quality content creator publishing on Are your posts reaching the number of audiences they deserved? Have you always been wanting to try out blogging on WordPress? Do you want to continue monetizing your contents after the Steemit 7 days payout period?

We are here to help.

By using our free fully featured WordPress, your quality content can now get a bigger exposure and reach more readers. Your WordPress site can be installed with Google Ads, and with proper SEO, your contents can continue to monetize forever!

Introducing @steempress-io


Steempress is the WordPress plug-in built and operated by @fredrikaa and @howo to allow automated posting from any WordPress blog to the STEEM blockchain! Steempress aims to help you monetize your content and reach new audiences with your content by displaying it on numerous front-ends.

With a new delegation of 1,000,000 steem power, @steempress-io is working to curate content published to the Steem blockchain using the SteemPress plugin for WordPress.

For more information on Steempress, please refer to these posts by @steempress-io


Vornix is a new initiative with the aim to support minnows by providing an affordable Wordpress hosting plan. Existing Steem users can create their blog posts and contents on the hosted Wordpress that we are providing and use Steempress plugin to publish onto Steem blockchain directly, earning an upvote from the @steempress-io team at the same time.

Some features of Vornix includes

  • Fully hosted Wordpress that is compatible to use with Steempress plugin
  • No complicated server, VPS or control panel knowledge required. Users are given the full Wordpress admin login and can start using Wordpress directly
  • Full access rights. The user can choose their own design, template, and even put in their own Google Ads to monetize
  • Uses subdomain of Eg, if user Steemit handle is @1lovesteem, his Wordpress site will be (drop us a message if you would like to get your own domain)
  • SSL cert for security and SEO ranking
  • Free service (we will keep it free for as long as possible)

Sounds good. How do I sign up?

We are now accepting subscriptions. Simply send any amount of Steem or SBD to @vornix with a memo “Wordpress” and we will create your WordPress site in the next 24 hours. The URL and login credentials will be sent to you in an encrypted memo.

Some points to take note

At @vornix, we

  • Take plagiarism very seriously. We will be working with @steempress-io and @steemcleaners very closely. Any users found to abuse our service will be dealt with, including suspension or termination of your WordPress site
  • Do not guarantee any upvote. Any steempress upvotes are entirely up to @steempress-io discretion and judging criteria
  • Try our best to ensure your WordPress data are safe, secure, and confidential
  • Are not affiliated with @steempress-io or the Steempress plugin at the moment.

Team members

For inquiries, please drop a comment or DM fr3eze#8617 and jrvacation#0719 over Discord for quicker response.

This is a great opportunity to own your personal WordPress blog at the same time supporting Steempress!

Posted from my blog with SteemPress :

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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can I move my site to your server? How much sbd do I have to send? good proyect


Sure you can. Just send any amount to @vornix with a memo "Wordpress" and we will create your wordpress site.

Wow this is impressive!
Thank you for that!


You are welcome, glad that you find it useful!

This is great news make a business out of it, Great job.

Exciting! I have been thinking about getting into blogging again. I repurchased my old url recently. Looking forward to doing this - hopefully more successfully this time.


Thank you @bluethread. Your wordpress site had been created.

This is great news for me because I've been on the free wordpress, which is also the reason why I have stopped using it.

Can I still use/move my old wordpress to the one in vornix? Or will it be a completely new one? I'm also interested in having my own domain :)


Hi @wanderlass,
Now is the time to start your wordpress blogging again!
You will own full admin access to the self-hosted wordpress. So yes, you can migrate from your existing wordpress to Vornix. There are many tutorials out there to help you on this.
Do you already own a domain name? If not, I would recommend you to try using vornix subdomain, which would be


Thank you for your response @vornix :) Can I also change it to my domain name later on, do you have that service too?

I would like to use wanderein, instead of wanderlass because I found that there's already an existing big blog named wanderlass. I just don't want to get in trouble with copyright in the future coz it looks like the owner of that blog uses the name in her every business.


Yes you can change it to your domain later. 1) You will need to purchase your own domain. 2) You will need to migrate the contents again, since each wordpress installation is tied to the domain/subdomain.

For the subdomain, it will always be the same as your steemit username. This is for proving your identity (we don't want some spammer to request for :) ), and to protect the availability of the name just in case the steemian decides to use our service.

Don't worry about copyright. It doesn't apply to us.


Thank you very much for your response :)

This is a great idea, would love to try this, quick question though, what about if I want to have my own domain name for the blog? Thanks for the answer.


Hi @rye05,
Yes, using your own customised domain is possible with a paid plan. Do you already own a domain name?


None for the moment, I just want to explore the possibilities of your service because I've been blogging with wordpress before and I want to know the ins and outs. I would try your free service first then we'll see how it goes until I go to the paid service. Thanks. :-)


thanks for the account, how much would it be for the paid plan with the domain name?


At the moment, we do not have such paid plans yet. We hope to introduce the free plan to as many steemians and wordpress bloggers.

Great news for blogger and web designer!


Yes indeed. Send us memo if you wish to start blogging on WP without all the hassle!

I have a question.

My wordpress blog did not have my steemit username as domain. Can I still use Steempress plugin?

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Is it possible to re-activate my site with my username from here Steemit (argenis2)?

Without knowing what I was doing, I changed my username and you know, I should not do that.

I already sent an amount of SBD with the WORPRESS memo 5 hours ago

Beforehand thank you very much

Is it possible to re-activate my site with my username from here Steemit (argenis2)?

Without knowing what I was doing, I changed my username and you know, I should not do that.

I already sent an amount of SBD with the WORPRESS memo 5 hours ago

Beforehand thank you very much

Waiting for mine.

Omg for real? Is this still good or did you have a deadline?

I'm only on btw. But how much is the plan? Or is it a one time fee when we send any amt?


This is real, very real : P.
Just send over 3 sbd/steem for one-time fee and the account will be created for you soon. Remember to add "Wordpress" as memo.