SteemPress ready to curate Steem-powered WordPress blogs with 1 million Steem Power

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Today we are excited to announce that @steempress-io has recently received a delegation of 1,000,000 Steem Power which will be used to curate content published to the Steem blockchain using the SteemPress plugin for wordpress!

If you are not already familiar with SteemPress, it is a WordPress plugin co-founded by @howo and @fredrikaa that allows posts made on any WordPress blogs to be automatically converted and posted to the Steem blockchain. Beyond making it convenient to share content published on a website also to without the need of added editing, we also provide many added features. These include post scheduling, SEO protection and much more. To download the plugin, or for more information, see the link below:

Growing our userbase and attracting new bloggers

We hope that with this announcement, we can encourage those of you who have a WordPress blog already to try our plugin. Perhaps some of you may have even considered creating your own website in the past, but never got that far, this could be a chance to revisit the idea. We also hope that the many of you who have friends or people in your network with a WordPress blog or website who you never managed to convince to start blogging on steemit, now feel incentivized to try publishing to Steem using SteemPress. Finally, we hope this delegation can help us onboard many new bloggers and creators of the 76 000 000 WordPress websites out there by providing a low barrier of entry to the Steem ecosystem where they can participate from the comfort of their own blogs.

SteemPress LOGO.jpeg

SteemPress is now ready to reward the best WordPress bloggers and creators and to help creators move from blog to blockchain!

How to receive a SteemPress upvote

Currently, we are working hard to improve our voting so that we can both efficiently and fairly reward good creators while avoiding enabling abuse. As we believe all Dapps and community projects should have a public curation policy paper detailing the guidelines and considerations for curating content, we will be publishing our own curation policy brief shortly. In the meantime, these are the three main pillars of our voting:

  • High votes on quality-curator trails
    For the past weeks we have worked closely with a selection of curators with a proven record of caring for quality and avoiding spam and plagiarized content to create a dedicated search tool for them to find content. By trailing their votes on posts made using SteemPress, we hope to both benefit from their experience and dedication to finding great content, while at the same time helping them increase their curation rewards through our trail.

  • New user voting pool
    All new SteemPress users with an existing blog exceeding a certain age will receive initial welcome upvotes once classified as non-spam original content. We hope this can give new users we onboard who have no previous experience with Steem, but who are quality creators, a good start.

  • Randomized votes
    Remaining Voting Power is spread randomly across users with a limit of 1 vote per day per user. To prevent rewarding spam, we have an internal blacklist based on our own records, as well as lists from other communities and anti-abuse projects. We also have an internal rating system of quality to ensure that low-quality posts making it through our initial filters do not receive upvotes of considerable weight. Creators with a proven record of quality, on the other hand, will see higher upvotes.

The SteemPress team is aware that while we are still a young project, the latter will continue to take up a larger portion of the votes. We would like to kindly ask for your patience as we work hard to obtain more quality writers and to improve our voting. In this process, we invite all community members to give feedback on how we can improve or report instances of where we have supported plagiarized content or obvious spam.

Connect with us on Discord!

All steemians eager to use SteemPress, who have questions they would like to ask about our plugin, or have comments they would like to make, are invited to our new Discord server:

We are very grateful for the kind and useful support we have received from the community and our early users in providing new ideas or reporting issues in the early weeks and months of SteemPress! We hope you will continue to be with us on this exciting journey and also provide ideas and suggestions now for how we can provide the best possible service to you as a user and also be of the best possible service to the Steem ecosystem at large!

Our vision is simple: to see bloggers everywhere become empowered by the Steem blockchain to reach new audiences and help monetize their content. We want to see the best WordPress content on Steem, and the best Steem features on every WordPress blog. We look forward to working to achieve this together!

SteemPress on!
@fredrikaa and @howo

To download the plugin, or for more information, see the link below:


SteemPress is the best DApp on the Steem Block chain! Rewarding users of the plugin is a massive bonus guys. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Thanks ! You were one of the early adopters and I can't thanks you enough for trusting us from our early days 'til today :)

I use it often. Good to see more initiatives from you. All the best.

Thanks for your support :)

i am really happy for you @howo and @fredrikaa and I am glad to see two such as yourselves get this opportunity. You both deserve it.

ok, I am going to give this a go...

good news. I think this is very useful for growing newly joined people in steemit.

Yes this is the happy news for me as new steemian

welcome to join friend steemit

Hey there. Not sure if you know, but I started the @omniloquent page which posts general finance/crypto articles. We're planning on publishing around 200 articles per month and turning it into a massive online publication. We've also started using your plugin to post content from there to Steemit.

I have plenty of content and other niches and would like to create similar websites in different niches. Dating, business, fitness, etc.

If you're game, I'd like to work out some kind of partnership with you. While I have plenty of content and don't "need" any writers, I'd like to be able to offer Steemit users the chance to actually make semi-dependable income from writing articles. I tried to get a delegation for @omniloquent but it didn't work out.

It would look like this:

Authors contribute to @omniloquent
Steempress upvotes the post
40% of the SBD payout goes to the author
40% goes to the editor
20% goes to marketing partners
The SP stays in the account

This way the author is compensated, the Steemit account grows (which upvotes its own posts to help reward authors), and your plugin gets more exposure.

That's the general idea. If that seems like something you'd be interested in helping with, you can find me on Discord at yallapapi#1970 or email me at [email protected]

I'm all ears for how SteemPress can support projects like these to create a win-win situation.

I am especially a fan of the way in which you may bring numerous authors together and let them do what they do best (write) whilst helping them have a proper well functioning platform.

My main question would be what you are doing, and expect to do going forward, to bring attention and engagement to the posts that you will be making whether it is on or on the website it posts from?

I'll send you a DM on discord and leaving this comment here for the records.

How do you sign people up though? Through steemit or some other faucet? Who funds the accounts in other words?

This is a great opportunity to onboard numerous content creators and curators yet if the onboarding process is problematic it might never reach liftoff speed, even so congratulations on the delegation and I can't wait to hear more about this.

The signup of new users is still through a link to We hope HF20 will make it easier for us to quickly onboard people who we reach with our own marketing material for SteemPress and a quick signup process would indeed help improve our conversion rate there.

100% agree. The growth of Steemit and anything related to it all hinges on new people being able to sign up without a waiting period.

This signing up is now just disgustingly bad. All my friends gave up just because of this. 10 people tried and just gave up...
With only a couple hundred of people signing up per day it will never become big. It needs to have a minimum of 10.000 people per day and even than it takes years to get the world on steemit.

The new accounts need Steem to fund for the bandwidth required to interact with the blockchain, so if people are willing to put up with the long wait times and verification process for a free account on the bank of Steemit then they are in, but otherwise they have to fund the account themselves through anonsteem. Steem is big and will continue to get bigger simply because the search engines are slurping up so much content that really soon we will dwarf any and all other content publishing platforms, at least that's what I think.

I agree. I tried to set up a different account awhile back and I still have not been approved and that was 3 months ago.

I think this is a way to force people to pay for registration so that Steemit can profit off of the new account registration. Before it took me a week to get this account and I was ready to be a Steemian!

Growth can happen in a complete vacuum of new users simply because of the content being published, for everyone to see. The problem of onboarding more content creators is hard to overcome without verification because of the cost on the network of Steem required to transact with the network for each account and that Steem being locked into spam accounts or accounts people hardly care about/lost passwords and/or outright taken out powered down.

@howo This is insane! Good news <3 I will try to promote it to some influencers I know in the near future once I get the SNDBOX project rolling.

That would be awesome ruben :D

Well done guys! Great work😊 I have already shared with some folk might appreciate it 😉 and I'll give it a lil resteem on here 👊🏽😎 keep the fire burning😎

Thanks for the kind words and also for sharing it :) Right now our main focus is to make sure that all the people out there who can benefit from using SteemPress, so any help in sharing it with people is very much appreciated! Thank you! :D

No worries man 😉 keep on Steeming 😁👊🏽

i want to build a blog using steempress. is it possible to build blog in other languages using steempress?. for example: Russian or other languages @howo @fredrikaa

Any language is ok :)

Congrats with the delegation! I hope this will attract some new Wordpress users to try out the plug-in and get involved with the Steem community. I don't really have any active Wordpress blog myself anymore unfortunately, but this makes me tempted to pick up on some old projects again ;)

Best regards from @valth

It's already happening :D we see quite a lot of new steem users that came because of steempress

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