TokenBB - Pre-Registration Is Now Open!

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What Is TokenBB?

TokenBB (@tokenbb) is a free, remotely hosted, blockchain powered message board (forum) service that helps people create their own online communities.

State Of The Project

TokenBB is constantly being improved by BuildTeam. Features are being rolled out as quickly as possible to make it commercially viable for budding community leaders. The features that we currently have in our pipelines are:

  • Edit features
  • Quoting features
  • Notification/toasts for errors and updates
  • Beneficiary settings for forum owners
  • Custom title and logo for each forum

Pre-Registration Is Now Open!

Do you want to be a pioneer and launch your own blockchain powered forum? The time has come! Take a look at our demo here.

If you are ready to launch your forum, go directly to and pre-order a forum!

NOTE: Please be patient and give us a few days to set it up. We have assigned a nominal value of 10 STEEM to be paid to the pay.buildteam Steem account on registration, to discourage spam and domain squatting. Bear in mind, the software is still in alpha and many wrinkles have to be ironed.

Beneficiary Reward Structure

We want forum owners to be able to monetize the engagement occurring in their community! We are currently brainstorming about the best way to go about this since TokenBB also plans on getting a beneficiary reward. If this topic is of interest to you and you have suggestions, please leave comments on our forum via this link. The topic is pinned so if you go direct to you will easily see it there.

Premium monthly fees are also planned if forum owners don't want TokenBB to share in rewards or if they want to adjust their rewards percentage up or down within the allowed max range.

Open Sourcing - Steem Editor & TokenBB Front-End

Steem Editor

On behalf of @buildteam We would like to introduce you to SteemEditor, the new Vue Markdown Editor Component build for the Steem Blockchain. The editor we are developing comes with a MIT license to do almost whatever you want and encourages forks and change. It is used in real projects and will be ready for Steem markdown out of the box. Important security features have to be implemented once and automatically work for all frontends using it. And everyone can contribute to it, powered by @utopian-io.

Learn more about the SteemEditor here

TokenBB Front-End

We open sourced the Tokenbb frontend, so you can now have a development environment when creating a design:


Alright, if you like what you read here, then head over to our pre-registration page and order your own forum for your project or community today! If you want to offer suggestions or engage in current discussions, then please visit

Lastly, if you have any business related or partnership inquiries regarding the TokenBB project, please contact @thecryptodrive or our Project Manager, @cryptoctopus on Discord(Discord Invite Link).

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Awesome work!

Repeating what I wrote as a comment on @thecryptodrive's post I think we've really underutilized two of the key value propositions of Steem so far, and I believe you guys are providing exactly what's needed to fix that.

The first being the immutability, and how that enables giving answers to questions, or making contributions, that are of timeless value (Steemit and popular front-ends usually only focus user attention on recent content that can still be curated. Aka less than 7 days old). As we build a blockchain and product brick by brick, or block by block, this model where we continuously forget what was stated weeks ago only to focus on the present discussion leaves out the opportunity to build on the past conversations. Second, using curation to incentivize people to do exactly that, rather than flocking to whatever is the new and hot topic.

I think the work you guys are doing here can be a best practice example for many dApps and Steem-based businesses to follow, and I have given serious thought today of adding such a forum to our coming updated website for @steempress. Why direct all new users to a Discord (which does not look that serious to most outsiders) when you can have a forum on your website that demonstrates the power of Steem that you are trying to convince people of in the landing page anyways.

Again, thanks for the work guys!

Thanks! Yes exactly. By having the last commented post jump to the top, we have another way to parse content that is centered around "relevant" conversations that can have a much longer lifespan. If people start upvoting great replies and comments more than new topics...we can really build something cool.

We would love to collaborate with you and we hope to be able to create a product up to the standard a business like yours would be happy to use.

Also, we can't wait to enable the ability for each project/game/dapp to distribute their own tokens!

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Was waiting for this after hearing little about it from the BuildTeam discord. As always great work. 👍

Going to take an in depth look little later. Got 3 young kids its been madness in my house everyone caught the flu. Haven’t gotten any time to do much of late.

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I hear ya, can be a handful being a dad sometimes but is worth it. Look forward to when you have time to test it out.

Definitely is. BuildTeam always does great work, I took a look into it lil bit and love the idea. Creating communities through forums great stuff.
I featured the project on SteemHunt, you guys should use it to announce upcoming projects. Not sure if your familiar with SteemHunt or not.

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Yeah I want to use SteemHunt and ProductHunt more, but time is a problem. If you want to manage such things and help us do promotional content in general we are always hiring. :)

Id love to help out. I got some free time on my hands. I can’t code but definitely could help out with marketing and other tasks. My discord is californiacrypto#7019

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We are a bit thin on the marketing and content creation side so that would be awesome, will contact you in DM soon.

MUY INTERESANTE !! Este servicio es una de los mejores en cuanto a comunidades, valioso la verdad, lo que hay es que tener dedicación

Obrigado amigo :) !

great news. I think you need to give us further information especially on how it works

Hey, please join our demo here basically a forum where you can create topics and comment on discussions and upvote same as on but in forum format for better community engagement on niche topics.

What forms of rewards are generated. I mean what coins will be shared?

What forms of rewards
Are generated. I mean
What coins will be shared?

                 - uyobong

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Great to seen steemit forum front ends again.

They will be awesome!!

Awesome, pre-registered! Thanks

Congrats on bringing this project back to life and making it better. This has a chance to be HUGE!

If we can get some existing forums to migrate over wow!

Something like this:

Hi @tokenbb!

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Let's attract some big forums ;)

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I just pre-registered "WriteandEarn" with @tokenbb. I believe in the future of Steem and its related project such as Tokenbb.

I hope the application will be approved soonest.

Thanks @Buildteam for this awesome project together with @ginabot services which I have patronized over time.

Да уж точно полезная инфо. я вообще недумал что есть еще что то на подобной платформе. теперь знаю. И попробую там посмотреть что и как. Жаль что такой инфы мало,для работы нужно знать все а если что то упустить то потеря времени. Будем надеятся что этот пост прочитают все кто работает в стиме и не знает все инфы. Лайкаем пост репостим.

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Again Good opportunity for everybody. Thanks for this post.

This post has been included in the latest edition of SoS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

Bear in mind, the software is still in alpha and many wrinkles have to be ironed.

Oh wadda bummer! Then, I kind of like I'm going to wait for Stinc to finally put into service their Communities/Groups/Tribes/Clans/Huddles/Brothels/Intercourses and SMTs features for free in steemit thru Hivemind or something.

After 'barely' three (3) years waiting for them to make these tools available for our ecosystem. I have no doubt whatsoever all those tools & features MUST already be around the corner. };)

I have seen many forums pages but this is certainly really eye-catching and interesting.

it's an initiative that I have to try thank you for your hard work

Great idea. I think a forum is a perfect tool to link up with the blockchain...

If I ever start-up a group that would have me as a member I'll hit you guys up for it..

This is good if this can be used on gaming like discord.

I will have to check it out 😀

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I like your post. Thank you very much for informing us all about the post. Let's get more posts from you in the future. Thank you

have a good performance, trying like her many interested prospects and then also built a pretty nice feature

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