Tokenbb Registrations Now Open - Calling all Forum Owners!

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I am pleased to announce that we have had a lot of recent developments on the Tokenbb Steem Powered Forums project, as can be seen by the recent posts and resteems on the @tokenbb blog.

Project manager @cryptoctopus had a brilliant use case idea to use the forums to incentivise users to test our product and receive upvotes from the public facing team for good suggestions and bugs found and reported by creating a new forum topic for each bug or suggestion.

It is great for gaming communities as well and will have a test forum soon, the Steem Monsters forum is in the works and a US based Non Profit Organisation has expressed interest in using Tokenbb as well.

Incentivised forums are a perfect way for forum owners to create a niche following around their product and creates the demand for buying STEEM and powering up to have enough voting power to reward their users on the feedback they receive. Leasing STEEM POWER is another option that creates demand for Steem based payments, especially if the forum owner does not have enough funds to power up 100K in SP to make rewarding users worthwhile; this can be done at competitive weekly rates on the Minnow Booster Delegation Leasing Market if required.

Upvote bots have no effect on visibility within the Tokenbb forums, so it will be a more organic, interpersonal experience. Communication is really fast too and almost feels like realtime engagement is happening.

Registrations are now open!

If you would like a forum of your own, please have a look at our demo at and see if this product will work for you, bear in mind it is still in alpha stage and not very pretty, there are lots of bugs to be found and reported and you may earn some nice upvotes by giving us feedback.

Once you have seen the demo and decided this is for you, then head over to our registrations page on and pre-order a forum, then please be patient and give us a few days to set it up.

We have assigned a nominal value of 10 STEEM to be paid to the pay.buildteam Steem account on registration, to discourage spam forum creation.

Beneficiary reward structure

We plan to offer forum owners beneficiary rewards on all topics and comments that occur within their forum and of course Tokenbb will need to earn revenue to maintain its servers and continue development, so Tokenbb would need to earn a share of the beneficiary rewards as well. If this topic is of interest to you and you have suggestions, please leave comments on our forum via this link. The topic is pinned so if you go direct to you will easily see it there.

Premium monthly fees are also planned if forum owners don't want Tokenbb to share in rewards or if they want to adjust their rewards percentage up or down within the allowed max range.

Open Source editor component for all Steem apps

Another great thing that has come of this project is an Open Source markdown editor for Steem apps, please have a look at @reggaemuffin's latest post:

The idea is that we can lower the barrier of entry for new Steem apps if a modular editor is available so the wheel does not have to be re-invented each time.

If any devs want to contribute to it, please feel free to get the Github details on the aforementioned post and help make an awesome Steem editor. Please contact @reggaemuffin for more details if needed.

Steem-Engine integration

By now you may have heard of, a platform invented by @aggroed, @yabapmatt and @harpagon to facilitate your own token creation on a Steem sidechain with smart contract functionality.

We have a vision to incorporate Steem-Engine tokens so that forum owners can reward their users with both Steem upvotes and with custom tokens. Ideally, we would create a way that tokens can be distributed in tandem with upvotes in Proof-of-Brain (PoB) fashion.

This is probably some time away from implementation, we still have a lot to fix and improve on our alpha, but stay tuned for future updates...

What are you waiting for!

Alright, if you like what you read here, then head over to our registrations page and order your own forum for your project or community today!

If you want to offer suggestions or engage in current discussions, then please visit

Lastly, if you have any business related or partnership enquiries regarding the Tokenbb project, please contact myself, @thecryptodrive or our Project Manager, @cryptoctopus.


Ricardo Ferreira
BuildTeam CEO and Steem consensus witness

Vote for thecryptodrive with this vote link:

Or use the quick SteemConnect link:


A big fan of @tokenbb as I believe I noted in the panel I hosted with @cryptoctopus at SteemFest 3 (seen below).

We've really underutilized two of the key value propositions of Steem so far in my eyes. One being the immutability aspect to give answers to questions and contributions that are of timeless value (Steemit and popular front-ends usually only focus user attention on recent content that can still be curated. Aka less than 7 days old), but as we build a blockchain and product brick by brick, or block by block, this model where we continuously forget what was stated weeks ago only to focus on the present discussion leaves out the opportunity to build... Second, using curation to incentivise people to do exactly that, rather than flocking to whatever is the new and hot topic.

I think @tokenbb and the work you guys are doing here can be a best practice example for many dApps and Steem-based businesses to follow, and I have given serious thought today of adding such a forum to our coming updated website for @steempress. Why direct all new users to a Discord (which does not look that serious to most outsiders) when you can have a forum on your website that demonstrates the power of Steem that you are trying to convince people of in the landing page anyways.

Again, thanks for the work guys!

@fredrikaa I had the pleasure of watching your Steemfest presentation on livestream, thanks for the great work you guys do for Steem. We are honoured that you would consider using our Tokenbb forum app to create a niche discussion bulletin board for your customers and incentivise feedback and suggestions with Steem based rewards. We have just integrated @steempress into our own WordPress site as well.

The registration form is on the site when you are ready, we can get you setup in a day or two.

Thanks for the well wishes and we wish @steempress all the best of success and hope to forge an alliance between @steempress and @buildteam going forward.

It is glad to hear your words. What will it look like. If we write a comment it will also appear in our website. Can steempress plugin use for the wordpress forum software like phpbb or mybb.

This is fabulous! Congrats on bringing back this project bigger and better.

Would it work on this scale?

@kus-knee, appreciate the encouragement old friend. TokenBB is in Alpha right now but I don't see why it wouldn't scale to that, I will add the link to our task manager for reference. You just gave me an idea for a potential board :).

Certainly sounds interesting.
As actifit dapp, we will be looking into this. I can think of at least one useful use case for us but will need to explore it further.

@mcfarhat, thanks for your feedback we would be happy to have @actifit create a forum on @tokenbb for the benefit of its users, I think there can be great discussion happening on an @actifit forum. Is your project?

yes it is! i will look more into that in the coming few days.
Btw was chatting to reggae and we will have the new steem-editor as part of as well, just working out few glitches together before we do.

Oh sweet glad you are using Steem Editor, we should chat sometime on Discord and identify synergies between BuildTeam and Actifit.

Certainly! Ill add you on discord and we can coordinate some time to chat.

The day I've been waiting for!
Looking forward to piecing together a few forums with all this. Thank you, thank you for all the hardwork!

The wait is over, go ahead and have fun!

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Thanks so much @pennsif you are awesome as usual!

Wow - great news!
Will we be able to run closed / private groups (forums) this way? I see that all the post from the test forum appear here publicly on Steemit. Is this just the nature of the open blockchain or will their be a way to run private groups in the future?

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Hi @connecteconomy, Steem is a public blockchain so the only way to operate private forums would be in an off-chain database or create a specific purpose permissioned sidechain, which is not on our scope for 2019 at least. TokenBB is a native Steem project and thus private forums would not be a focus in the short term, but I will add it for consideration to our long term roadmap.

Amazing! I’m depressed I haven’t had a chance to even explore and test TokenBB yet personally. I’ll need to rectify that soon. I really enjoyed ChainBB and dabbled with a forum before it shut down, I’ll be looking to do so again!

Look forward to seeing your posted topics on :) your experience with ChainBB will be valuable.

What was ChainBB?

A forums project on Steem that was abandoned.

  1. Please announce these major things in BT discord so its harder to miss them.
  2. Been wondering if you would be doing anything with the BT tokens you made on the Steem engine? Similar to the BT tokens on bitshares.

1.) sure good idea
2.) The BT tokens on Steem-engine are placeholders until we build a Bitshares bridge between the two and figure out how we want to issue them, there is no marketplace yet on Steem-engine for price discovery.

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Cool not just one hug but three :) very generous.

Wow great to hear that Steemmonsters and Drugwars are going to utilize your Forum service. Sounds very interesting and exciting to me, good work!

Yeah, we are proud to have them as pilot forum examples, glad you are as excited as we are!

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