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RE: TokenBB - Pre-Registration Is Now Open!

Was waiting for this after hearing little about it from the BuildTeam discord. As always great work. 👍

Going to take an in depth look little later. Got 3 young kids its been madness in my house everyone caught the flu. Haven’t gotten any time to do much of late.

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I hear ya, can be a handful being a dad sometimes but is worth it. Look forward to when you have time to test it out.

Definitely is. BuildTeam always does great work, I took a look into it lil bit and love the idea. Creating communities through forums great stuff.
I featured the project on SteemHunt, you guys should use it to announce upcoming projects. Not sure if your familiar with SteemHunt or not.

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Yeah I want to use SteemHunt and ProductHunt more, but time is a problem. If you want to manage such things and help us do promotional content in general we are always hiring. :)

Id love to help out. I got some free time on my hands. I can’t code but definitely could help out with marketing and other tasks. My discord is californiacrypto#7019

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We are a bit thin on the marketing and content creation side so that would be awesome, will contact you in DM soon.

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