My ArtVenture: Acrylic painting in Monet style „Pond at Gaesim-sa temple“

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Hello dear Steemians,



On weekend we had a discussion about different Art style and of course as always Impressionism was one of the popular so we were discussing different Artists and their distinct features. My favorite among in Claude Monet, who is one of the founder of French Impressionism and famous for his landscape and nature painting.



Monet style „Pond at Gaesim-sa temple“ by @Stef1

When I thought about Monet and his famous water lilies I thought to do the painting with pond and water lilies. As a reference I thought to use once again one of the photographs that was done by @slowwalker, that was captured in my mind due to its composition and beauty and also when I saw it first time about 3 months ago I already knew that this is the topic that I wanted to do. The place is Gaesim-sa temple, that is translated as “open heart”, I could imagine seeing that beauty nobody can stay untouched, people may find their peace.

Once again, I would like to thank @slowwalker for being able to use his photographs as a reference for my painting.



My step-by-step process:








Finished painting


Acrylic painting in Monet style „Pond at Gaesim-sa temple“ by Stef1



Photo source


Peace in My Mind in Front of the Temple, Gaesim-sa​ - by @slowwalker



I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)


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Lovely painting Stef. I think you captured the lushness of the scenery. It looks so free and airy :).

Thank you @scrawly for your lovely comment, and appreciate for stopping by :)

Thank you for your wonderful painting. Today it was very cold in Tokyo, so now I'm very happy to see such a painting full of warm light. I always feel that you are very good at drawing water surface and light :)

Thank you for nice comment, I am glad that my painting cheered you up. I felt myself that we need a bit of warmth and spirit of spring. As you noticed correctly, water reflection is something that I fell in love immediately from the first moment I did it. Contrast like subject and reflection, light and shadow those things make the painting lively.

I love your painting work

Thank you for nice words :)

That is so lovely! A perfect recreation of the scene in a impressionist Style.

Thank you for your nice comment and I am pleased you like this painting :)

You got a 1.26% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @theia7!

I like your painting so much. It looks like very real. It has very details and it give very pleasant feeling. I think this is a paper flower.

Thank you for nice words :)

Looks like a very nice place to chill and listen to some music...

Great drawing, Steffi!

You are right, for me it is like a nice sunny day in part, may be I just missed warmth so decided to create warm painting in winter :)

You definitely are capturing that French impressionism feeling, @stef1 :) Such a beautiful and lovely picture ! The colours are wonderful and rich <3 I also appreciate your step by step presentation, as usual :) Very lovely post <3

Thank you for such artistic description and your nice, supportive words :)

Как же я люблю такую яркую и сочную живопись в стиле импресионизма! Потрясающая работа!

Спасибо, я так и думала что Вам понравится и очень приятно слышать Ваше мнение как специалиста. Я тоже обажаю яркие тона, а также Ваши работы :)

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