Peace in My Mind in Front of the Temple, Gaesim-sa

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There are lots of historic temples in Choongcheongdo province where is located in the middle area in Korea. I’d like to introduce in this posting Gaesim-sa temple among them.
Gaesim means ‘open heart’ literally.
This temple is believed to be built in the early Choson dynasty.

It must be the one of the luckiest temple in Korea. Through tough history, this temple never have suffered the destroy or the fire. It could escape from the wars and the disasters.

I was curious how this temple could escape from those disasters.
The answer was the location. The mountain where this temple is located is not so famous.
This mountain is far from the main road. And it is not so famous for its beauty.

The ordinary seemed to protect this temple from the tough destiny other temple could not escape from.

Now this situation was changed a lot, I could ride to just the near of the temple along the road constructed along the long and bending mountain ridges and slopes.






When I got there, there was a pond in front of the temple. The temple on the top of the mountain was very impressive. It shows the water is sufficient for living. And there was a dried tree near the pond. That dried pond made the circumstance of the temple more historic.

The scenery around the pond was so wonderful, so I’d like to share this beauty with our friends in Steemit.

I felt the peace of my mind deeply entering into this temple. I might be the pond and the old trees made me peaceful.

Those pond and the trees seemed to help my mind opened.


Obviously that scenery is so stunning! With your photography I also feel the beauty around that location! Would like to see more photography about this temple! I wish lots of stunning nature you could photography there! Thank you!


beautiful photos, @slowwalker.

The reflecting pool enhances the peace and serenity of that mountain retreat, with the temple safely nestled among trees and far from the beaten path.

There's a virtue in dwelling in obscurity - in this case, it preserved the temple - in the case of the individual it allows one to grow as a person and reflect on the truths of life far from the glare of publicity.

There is much to be said for the hidden life and the day of small things, my friend.

Truly beautiful scenes of beautiful nature...The pictures of your nature are very beautiful.. Love your lovely friend @slowwalker

Very beautiful place and wonderful photography

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That looks so beautiful 😍 I wish I was there sooo bad. Korea must be a peaceful place Especially when you know where to look. The photography looks Professional! Good job 👏

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You are right with such a beautiful place where one would find peace by being able to enjoy the freshness of nature, they are very beautiful flowers!

The meaning of the temple is very beautiful, the temple is the heart of the mountain!
Thanks for sharing, wanting to see more of this nice place!

Muy bonito los alrededores del templo y vaya que historia tan interesante,me gusta leer sus post mientras los leo viajo mentalmente hasta ese sitio de Corea, lo felicito por su excelente trabajo muy buenas fotos saludos

i like the second picture it is like tarzan playstation 1 that i played since i kid

Hi @slowwalker you captured nature in your photos so nicely m good work

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@slowwalker, Glad to hear Gaesim-sa temple protected from every disasters; especially harder wars. Sure..this place wanna open heart. Expand our mind through there beauty and peaceful background. The pond so attractive with Lotus flowers. Huge trees gave shades to the planet. Brilliant photo clicks you shared with steemians with perfect explain.

That is indeed a lucky temple. And it looks beautiful. Love the way You took the first photo and the tree on the top :D

Beautiful photography

Thanks for sharing. Looks amazing !!! Very beautiful nature and scenery. I really liked it!!!

Beautiful pictures of water lilies and a tree stretching over water . That is exactly what Monet was reflecting in his painting. The stone wall makes everything even more interesting with its pattern. Wonderful place for relaxation and just to be distracted from everyday hectic life :)

Thanks again for sharing some great photos and bringing great content to the #Steem Blockchain.

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Have a great day.


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Peace in My Mind in Front of the Temple, Gaesim-sa. #STEEM #steemtalent #JoinSteemit #Steemit

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The scenery around the temple is beautiful. High energies around the place

This trees look very cool :)

And thank you that you maid time and look my photo also :)

That's so peaceful and serene i can feel the peaceful vibes just looking at that :)

Is not just how beautiful the place is but much credit goes to the cameraman, this is a pure work of esthetics I am in love😍😍😍

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It is just gorgeous and very peaceful. what a beautiful atmosphere and area, love the green colors, your pictures are still amazing, I absolutely love this place.
Beautiful picture of a lovely garden ❤ so much intense colour. love your style.

Great photography. I always enjoy your photography and articles. One flower from my side.


l love lotus flowers tnx for sharing this wonderful photos

The surrounding site of the pond is amazingly beautiful!
And the colors shown on these photos are astounding.

que linda representación de la naturaleza en tan lindas fotografí[email protected],saludos

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