@Art-Venture traditional Art contest: “Action character”. Win 60 Steem!

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Hello dear Steemians,







The Theme of the week: “Action character”




One of my favorite subject was, is and will be to draw action characters. We all believe i n heroes, good and sometimes bad. I remember in the past I did few drawings and painting dedicated to such topic. This time we would like you to show us who is your favorite character and why.




The Prizes:


Currently our Steem Power is not high enough to give you strong upvote but we decided to donate from our accounts Steem in the Prize Pot. It is 60 Steem in total and this is the distribution of it.


  • The First prize 20 Steem
  • The Second prize 15 Steem
  • The Third prize 13 Steem
  • 3 x 4 Steem




Rules of competition:

! please read these carefully and abide by the rules !

  • Upvote, Resteem this post
  • Title it: ArtVenture Contest: + your title
  • Take photo of step by step process (this is one of the most important criterion)
  • The works must be newly created and marked with your own names
  • Traditional Art medium only to be used.
  • You can submit up to 2 entries, and use #art-venture tag
  • Any attempt to steal other's work is considered a serious infraction, we will cancel his qualification permanently.
  • Post a link to your entry below the comment thread.

The contest starts on 16th of July 12 PM Central European Time (CET)


The deadline for submission is 30th of July 2019, 12 PM Central European Time (CET) and winners were announced on 01 of August 2019.





We are very grateful to our Sponsors for such contribution to the Contest Winning Pot!!!

If there will be more contributors to the Contest Sponsorship, then everything above 60 Steem will be automatically added to the next contest Winning Pot!




Please do pay attention to the rules and as example of “Action charachter” we would like to share the pencil drawing by @Stef1.


"Altered Carbon" - Joel Kinnaman


If you like the idea and want to try, do not loose time and just take part in the contest.

We wish you good luck!


Posted from my blog with SteemPress : http://artventure.club/art-venture-traditional-art-contest-action-character-win-20-steem

As you say, now STEEM price is low, so I always feel that my SP is not enough too. Nevertheless it is great that you hold a contest like this and give the prize. I hope that a lot of works gather :)

By the way, I was interested in the character you drew. "Altered Carbon", that looks very interesting TV show. The main character's name "Takeshi" ... it seems to be a Japanese name. I would like to watch it !!

Hi @ultraseven, nice to hear from you, you are right people got frustrated seeing low of Steem, but as everything in this life there is low but the same time we earn with posting not less even more, beacause there are not many posts therefore the pool is bigger, so we see when payout comes out. The times when the Steem was high then we earned less. I hope there will be more entries for this topic, there are many different interesting characters and heroes.

As to "Altered carbon" yes, you are right Takeshi sounds Japanese. I am pretty sure you will like it the idea and story is very good. I woud be interested to hear your opinion after you saw it :)

People forget that saving SP for the future is profitable
When Steem is low it is right as you say @stef1, it can be more from the reward pool for those who continue to post

Agree, I believe those ones who really interested in the matter of Crypto and research a bit will see that Steem is only Crypto that we can earn and influence ourselves and it is real so anyone can exchange for money. But who knows how long our regular currency will be used in future, as everything changes so quickly :)

Yes, times are changing and everything is becoming more and more digitized.

Great idea for a new contest! I have time to think about the choice of image for my hero :)) Thank you for the interesting initiative, @stef1

Yes, as promised we are there and hopefully it will bring many nice, interesting works. Thank you @madlenfox for sponsoring this contest. We really appreciate your contribution :)

Thank you for participation and your beautiful watercolor work :)

Happy to see a new contest!
It's good to give more time before the deadline, it gives us the opportunity to do more things without hurrying. I think there will be more participants, it's a theme that I think will interest a lot of people! :)
For my part, I will normally participate, I will take the time to think about what to draw! ;)

Thank you @pipoune and glad to hear your opinion. You are right now in summer when the time for being outdorrs and spend time with grilling, friends adn fammily it might be too tight to prepare somehting for a week, so we also glad to announce from begining on that this is a two-week contest.

As always if you will have any nice ideas and would like to participate we would be happy to see your work :)

Grandioso tema veremos que se me ocurre. éxito a los concursantes.

Yes, this time the subject is very vast and there might be different characters or heroes :)

wow this is really beautiful contest my friend. all the best..

Thank you @tussar11 for stopping by and I agree with you I hope to see many interesting creations :)

¡Me encanta la idea! Veré con qué dibujo participo, gracias :D

You are welcome and we would be happy to see your work too.

(google-translator) Usted es bienvenido y nos complacería ver su trabajo también.

Amazing, thanks a lot

Excellent initiative... and I see you have quite a good bunch of entries already! Very cool!

I'll give you a little help, by resteeming this.

Thank you @trinkowski for supporting this contest and grateful for re-steem :)

You're welcome, Steffi!

She looks a bit like Katy Perry. Beautiful watercolor work of Wonder Woman

Thank you for submission :)

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