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RE: @Art-Venture traditional Art contest: “Action character”. Win 60 Steem!

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As you say, now STEEM price is low, so I always feel that my SP is not enough too. Nevertheless it is great that you hold a contest like this and give the prize. I hope that a lot of works gather :)

By the way, I was interested in the character you drew. "Altered Carbon", that looks very interesting TV show. The main character's name "Takeshi" ... it seems to be a Japanese name. I would like to watch it !!


Hi @ultraseven, nice to hear from you, you are right people got frustrated seeing low of Steem, but as everything in this life there is low but the same time we earn with posting not less even more, beacause there are not many posts therefore the pool is bigger, so we see when payout comes out. The times when the Steem was high then we earned less. I hope there will be more entries for this topic, there are many different interesting characters and heroes.

As to "Altered carbon" yes, you are right Takeshi sounds Japanese. I am pretty sure you will like it the idea and story is very good. I woud be interested to hear your opinion after you saw it :)

People forget that saving SP for the future is profitable
When Steem is low it is right as you say @stef1, it can be more from the reward pool for those who continue to post

Agree, I believe those ones who really interested in the matter of Crypto and research a bit will see that Steem is only Crypto that we can earn and influence ourselves and it is real so anyone can exchange for money. But who knows how long our regular currency will be used in future, as everything changes so quickly :)

Yes, times are changing and everything is becoming more and more digitized.

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