Headless Stone Buddha in Iksan City

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When they excavated this stone Buddha, the head was removed. It seemed that Japanese soldiers cut off the head of stone buddha.

As having posted several times before, the Buddhist temple in Korea was very unique in its role for national security. In the case of the provocation from outside, the Buddhist temple did a role of the army.

So the destruction of the temple was inevitable during the foreign invasion.

When they discovered the body, people made the head and put it on the body.

The sculpture in Baekje Dynasty was very excellent, but in this case there was an unbalance in the sculpture.


The sculpture was consist of two parts. The background of the sculpture was a relief. The flame and the buddhas were carved there. This background relief looked like a typical example of Baekje kingdom's Buddhist art.

P8240126.JPG P8240129.JPG P8240130.JPG

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Excavation of statues with stones is a very difficult task.!

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The temple not only have spirit value but also have traditinal and history value. It's so lucky when the made new the head to let us know about the stone Buddha. Thank you for your post!

I am just thinking if this sculpture of Buddha had it's original head! Great photography!


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Great historical stuff to see and know about thanks for sharing

I like your pics.
Too bad that the original head isn't there anymore.

Sehr schöne Bilder und eine tolle Geschichte dazu

  • Very nice pictures and a great story about it -

Grüße aus dem Saarland - Greetings from the Saarland

//1,2,3, gute Laune //

That's why the color of the head and the body look different.
Anyway all but head look beautiful.

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