Redfish Rockets Delegation Evaluation

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After I hosted my last Redfish Rockets Contest, I delegated a bit of my Steem Power to some Redfish who were struggling with their RC balance. 6 weeks have passed, and the end of the delegation period is approaching rapidly. Time for an evaluation.


Redfish Rockets evaluation



After SteemIt's Hard Fork 20, Resource Credits (RC) were introduced. These RC credits represent the transactions made on the Steem blockchain. The amount of RC an account has depends on how many Steem Power is owned.

An entire generation of new users was locked out, because of their lack of SP. Having to grow your account when you can only make 1 post and 5 comments a day is almost impossible. So I decided to help out where I could and ran a contest. Afterward, I selected 15 people who would receive a delegation to bring their Steem Power up to 50 or 100 and get them out of the problem zone.

I sent chucks of my SP to 13 of them, while my fellow Steemian @chekohler showed his generosity to sponsor 2 people too.

Below, you can find the names of all delegatees.


@zanetaviz @mow @talhatariq
@vliet @obsesija @celinavisaez
@aurodivys @cendrinemedia @paramimd
@shadown99 @georgipraskov @vimukti-ananda
@ernesto-guzman @bhagwatigaur @muhammadnuman786




Due to my busy schedule, I wasn't able to offer them the personal support I offered to my previous Redfish Rockets. However, I did follow up on them regularly.

As I had expected, some took this opportunity with both hands, others didn't.

I realize I should have sent out personal messages to the people who were underachieving, so I could try to motivate them to step up their game, but I have been so busy these last couple of weeks that I never came to that.



I had set a couple of requirements to get and keep the delegation:

  • You post regularly – at least 4 times a week should be doable.
  • You actively engage with other people in the community through voting, commenting and replying to comments.
  • You power up as much as you can.
Although I would like to say that everyone has been in line with these requirements for the last 6 weeks, I can't.



End Of Delegation Period

I originally planned to leave the delegations in place for 6 weeks. This would mean I would be taking back all Steem Power by the end of this week.

But seeing some of the selected Redfish work so hard to make the most out of the delegation, while the result of their effort was so small (mainly because the big SteemIt price drop), made me change my mind.

I'm now looking at these last 6 weeks as a trial period, during which all delegatees had the chance to prove themselves and to show me whether they were determined enough to keep going or not.


Instead of taking back all delegations, I decided to evaluate everyone personally. As a result, there is more than one possible outcome:

  • Some people will get to keep their delegation. However, if their total SP is over 100, I will take back what they have extra.
  • Some people managed to reach 100SP on their own. Since 100SP is enough to stay out of trouble, I will retract my delegations.
  • Some people simply disappeared. Their delegation has already been retracted.
  • Some people will lose their delegation, because they didn't meet the requirements.


Difficult Decisions

I must admit that in some cases I find it pretty difficult to take away the delegations, because it will limit those people again. I started to consider some of them as my friends...
But a deal is a deal, and since I'm already working on a new project that requires delegations to others, I simply can't keep delegating to people who aren't serious enough about SteemIt to make the most out of it.

So, if you end up in the last category, I am sorry. I really am... And it is definitely nothing personal.

The requirements to keep the delegation were made clear right from the start, so everyone knew what the minimum expectations were.





Thursday Is D-Day

I won't make any changes to the delegations until Thursday.

I'm also not going to announce publicly who gets to keep a chunk of my Steem Power and who doesn't. I assume most of the delegatees are smart and honest enough to figure out for themselves whether they have met the requirement or not.
In case any of you has questions, you know how to reach me: just send me a DM on Discord. My username is simplymike#5957


And in case you lose your delegation while you actually still need it, you might want to keep an eye out for my posts later this week. I'll be announcing a new project and I will need help to make it work. I'll be offering new delegations to people who are willing to put in an effort to help me to turn this project into a success.

I'll be revealing more about this new project later this week.




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Hey Mike

You'll get used to removing the delegations :)

If they don't meet your criteria, which can be whatever you want as it' your SP (that you are losing influence and curation rewards on by delegating) and so you can can decide what the rules are.

4 posts sounds reasonable to me, but maybe that one could be loosened - as long as the commentating is there.

Thanks for this project, we need more people like you here :)

Thanks for the kind words, @abh12345. It means a lot to me, especially when coming from you.

I do agree with the arguments people gave about the 4 posts requirement being too strict. We should encourage quality instead of quantity.

Dear @simplymike, I'm sincerely grateful for your kind help and support (inf form of your delegation). I understand everything you explained here. although I agree with what @crypto.piotr said (about 4 posts per week and other things). also just today I've got another comment by different person:

Also don't obsess with posting everyday. Two or three times a week might be an easier way of guaranteeing quality content.

which is exactly how I feel about it and as I remember I've already discussed with you about it recently.

but anyway ... I perfectly realize that since you are the one who provides the Delegation, then you make your own conditions. because only yourself knows better how to manage your resources. and I am still grateful for your extended Delegation as I can see. thanks a lot! :)

Things are different now than they were 6 weeks ago. With the price of Steem being this low, it's an opportunity to get visibility. Many aren't posting at all, so there are less people to 'fight' with over views and votes.

But I agree: it's better to publish 2 or 3 quality posts a week than to post crap every day. The fact that I said 4 was just to put a number on it. I didn't go counting everyone's posts before I made my decisions. I didn't even consider quality (more or less), because quality is subjective. Engagement and commitment to the Steem blockchain were the main factors in my decisions.

I noticed you had 200sp, as a result of another delegation. You had 10 of your own, so I figured I l'd leave 40 as a failsafe, so you wouldn't get into big trouble again if the other delegation would be retracted.

I love discussions and brainstorming like the one we just did guys :)

I'm so glad to have a chance to get to know @vimukti-ananda and you @simplymike

hi @simplymike

I love your initiative. Myself Im just delegating 1200 SP to support "minnows" here on Steemit (you can have a look at my latest post and support it if you have a moment :)

Hope you dont mind my comment, but I kind of wonder if your requirements are not to strict and difficult to meet.

"You post regularly – at least 4 times a week should be doable."

4 posts a week? That would require huge amount of time, plus it would definetly fire back at those who are trying to achieve that goals.

To be able to create 4 interesting posts every week and then to be able to engage with those who comment - it's hardly possible. Steemit is not like instagram. Those who are posting that often most of the time will not get to far. We cannot expect that our followers will give us that much attention and their time.

To post once a week is completly enough. We should encourage beginners to create engagement, instead of focusing on only creating content.

Of course that is only my own opinion. I really cannot imagine being able to come up with 4 interesting topics every week and then write 4 engaging posts and on top of that to be able to reply to each comment. It would take me several hours a week. At least.

Most likely that would also means, that created content will be low quality or simply not interesting at all

All the best

You are right. 4 times a week is a lot. I often forget that I'm in a luxoury position: I don't have to go to work, I have no kids, I'm still recovering from the surgeries I had earlier this year, so there is not a lot I can do but spend my time here.

These last couple of weeks, I have experienced first hand that the pressure to get a post up almost daily has a terrible influence on the quality of the posts you make. If I want proof for that, all I need to do is look at my own blog... :0(

And putting in the effort of posting that often, makes little sense if you don't have an audience.So I can only agree engaging and networking is a lot more important. But engagement is more difficult to track since HF20. Before, I selected my candidates based on how they performed in @abh12345's engagement league, but since the smaller accounts don't have enough RC to engage enough to make it to the list, that's not an option anymore.

I must say that it motivated some people to step up their game, and they are now picking the fruit of their labor.

Ylu will probably be glad to hear that I did not take the number of posts into consideration when I decided to keep the delegations in place or not. Well.. that's not entirely true: when someone's last post was a 1 month old, I did take it into consideration, especially if the engagement was very low too.

I may have set rules that are pretty strict or difficult to meet, but that has multiple reasons. The people that read them and still apply, are motivated people. People who are willing to put effort in it. So there's a smaller chance your SP will just sit there and be useless.
Another reason is that I am self-aware enough to know I'm a softie. I could never take back the delegation from someone who posts only 2 times a week if it will get him into RC trouble again.

The original deal was that they would get the delegation for 6 weeks, which is of course not long enough to make a difference. When I decided that it would be for 6 weeks only, I was naive enough to believe a lot more people would take the initiative to delegate gheir SP. All my previous Redfish Rockets got other delegations almost immediately after I retracted mine. But it seems like fewer people are willing to delegate.

So - being the softie that I am - after re-evaluating, I decided to keep the delegation in place for 12 out of 13 people. @checkoler is responsible for the other two - I have no idea how he's handling it. From some, I took little chunks back because they were settled above the 100 sp limited, either through other delegations, or because they invested something. With 100sp you can get around without running out of RC, so I thought I could put that SP to better use and help out some other people who are struggling to survive. Because there are plenty.

If I was allowed to.make just one wish, it would be that I would have the resources to help all of them. The reasoning behind keeping such a lot for myself instead of delegating everything away is that by growin my own account, I can help more people evefy time.

But your comment has searved its purpose. The next Redfish Rockets contest will be set up with other requirements

Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate comments like yours, because I get the chance to learn from my mistake ,:0)

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Hey It was nice of you to even do this so I understand the bummer when someone doesn't follow up and keep working on their side. Once again thanks for doing this.

I really like helping out others. And seeing how some of them worked really hard makes me so happy. But I do understand that both the low price of Steem and Steemmonsters are taking their toll. I mean... there are a few of which I know that they spend a lot of time playing SM and write less - lol, I'm one of them - but some of them seem to be just gone...
I should have taken action a lot sooner, I should have tried to contact them about it instead of letting the SP just site there, while other people could have put it to good use...

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I love that you are doing this, and yes, the decisions are difficult, but you've helped them advance and didn't ask anything in return :-) Good luck on the 'next plan'! :D

Thanks, I'm voing to need it, because it's kind of a shot in the dark :0)

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Gracias por la información @simplymike, siempre estaré, agradecida, con los SP que me delegaste, hay que entender que fue, un préstamo, ahora los necesitas para tus proyectos, hay que regresártelos, mi cuenta es pequeña, cuenta conmigo, en lo que te pueda ayudar, muchos besos con cariño.

@celinavisaez, you've been working so hard. You post very often and in spite of the language barrier, you are very engaged in the community.
I'm very proud of you. That's why I decided you can keep the delegation until you can go on on your own. :0)

¡Gracias @simplymike! Tu generosidad, y tu hermoso comentario, me conmueven, cariños y besos cuidate mucho.

Hello, I will be watching your news and to try to participate in the new project, because I really want to have more freedom of movement to publish and make comments steemit.
Greetings and thanks for the help you give to other users to grow on the platform ;-)

Awesome! I'll try to get the post up tomorrow or the day after. It will probably be published on the @newbiegames account instead of my personal account, but I'll surely resteem it on my own blog to reach more people

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Great! !
Thank you.

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