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Few thoughts about Comments Vs Posts

Recently I was contemplating the difference between making entirely new posts and commenting on other people posts. From one side making comments is easier, faster and doesn't require a lot of time. In this regard it is possible to make much more comments on other peoples' posts rather than my one's own personal posts. Besides, from the point of Authorship and rewards for that, Comments (and / or replies to others' comments to our posts) are counted same as full Posts. There is no separate count on the profile page: the number of Posts showing there is Total number of ALL posts, that is including Comments and Replies too. As well as, again, rewards from authoring Comments and Replies to others' comments - are given at same rate as for full one's own post.

sifting content

From other hand, actual Posts have big advantage : they get much more Exposure than Comments! Tags make them Eligible for Search (done through Google, but still...) and fall into certain Category (since each Tag is also a Category on Steemit, not just a Keyword). While Title - which is a Link in itself, appearing in the List of 'Newly Created' Posts - regularly scanned by all those who hunt for new posts aka "Content Discovery" - unlike Comments and Replies! Which as I know are neither Searchable nor Exposed in those New / Trending / Hot / Promoted or any other Feeds. In other words, Comments are pretty much INVISIBLE for .... System itself first of all? (not sure though, just guessing) and for all those "Upvote" gangs (aka "Curation Trails") and Bid-Bots and whoever else, those who do not bother to Click to Open posts which they "Upvote", but merely Click on that "Upvote" button ONLY. Therefore, ALL those people - can NOT Possibly even SEE all those Comments! Accordingly to Upvote them. That's by itself is quite an interesting subject - which perhaps requires later.

curating content

From the point of Curation rewards though - that's another matter, it depends. At present state of affairs, with all the "votes farming", bots-bidding, etc. - often participating in some active discussions may be more rewarding than merely making one's own posts. Besides, by actively engaging with other people - we make friends, get to know others as well as others get to know us. That way we are able to build new connections and fellowships, joins various groups by interests or sort of "niches" (of articular subjects). Ultimately it helps to improve the overall attitudes towards the Curation from "automated" (or bot-like, aka "content indifferent") towards the real actual "Manual Curation" or "organic votes". Although again, Curation itself is also another broad subject requiring detailed elaboration.

I would appreciate if some other more experienced people would share their own opinions and thoughts about all this.

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I'd recommend doing both... just try to ensure both 'add value'.

If you comment well you're more likely to attract people to yer posts...

Also don't obsess with posting everyday. Two or three times a week might be an easier way of guaranteeing quality content.

Oh, and powering up helps - money follows money.

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thanks for commenting! :)

yes, I agree that better to do both. although to me personally making comments is somewhat easier, faster and more productive sort of. in the sense that I can do it more spontaneously and don't have to do a lot of research, then format the text, add pics, etc. also main thing is, comments are easier to make shorter (one of my personal main problem: tendency for a lengthy posts :))

yes, I certainly do not obsess with posting everyday. although from another side, I have to keep up with such a regularity in posting as a major condition to keep my delegation. :)

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