Blue And The Wolf

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Every couple of days I take Blue out to the woods so he can run and hunt. I take him for little walks to the field/woods across the street, but he has to stay on a leash when we're in town. He can't be trusted with certain liberties, like freedom or short garbage cans.

He also can't be trusted when we go on our hunting runs, but there isn't as much traffic on the road there, and he usually runs in the same direction I walk.

I left him on his leash one day last week, because I was trying to get him further from the road before freeing him. As we crested the first knoll, I squinted at something down the field a little way. I had left my glasses in the car for some reason, but I could tell it was an animal and a pretty big one. I went a little bit closer because I thought it might be a farmers dog. There are many within a mile of there, so it's quite possible that they might be roaming around these fields. As I approached, it looked up at us and I could see that it was eating something, but I didn't know what. I could also see that it was a wolf.

Blue wouldn't stand a chance.(photo from
Blue wouldn't stand a chance.
(photo from

Luckily for me, Blue was snuffling around at the edge of the woods and didn't notice it, so I slowly turned around and started back up the field towards the car. I kept looking back, making sure it wasn't chasing us down. It wasn't, but it hadn't gone back to eating yet either. It just watched us walk away.

We got back to the car with me getting my adrenaline under control, and Blue seeming to sense something was wrong. There had been all kinds of sign throughout the summer and fall, but I always just figured they were coyotes and wouldn't bother with us. Oh well, it was time to go home anyway.

If you were to say that Blue and I have a bond, you would be grossly understating our relationship.

Gerri says that she's never seen a dog love someone as much as he loves me. I don't know if it's true, because I think that all true dog people have these connections with their pooches, but who can really gauge puppy love?

I tell you this to ramp up to our next run at the same place.

It had rained, so I parked the car on the side of the road, instead of in the field like I normally would. We started into the bush, because the field is slippery if it's wet, and I didn't want to be sliding down the hills. I let Blue off the leash and he skittered away in search of excitement and adventure. I saw some drier looking spots out in the clearing, so I trudged through the wet grass until I got into the open. I whistled a couple of times for Blue, but he didn't come. Big surprise there. He actually got pretty good at coming when we were in obedience class, but there weren't things to hunt there, so we didn't get to work on that distraction.
We must have been going to, or coming back from camping.
We must have been going to, or coming back, from camping.

I started to play Dope Wars to kill time while I waited for Blue to get tired, but then I heard him start barking. It wasn't his usual bark, like when he thinks he's hot on the trail of a squirrel or a coon. It was more of a distressed, but aggressive bark. I started walking that way when the barks turned to yelps and I could hear him fighting something. Now I was running as fast as my legs could take me. I came through a bunch of sumacs and pine trees to see the wolf shaking Blue by the back of his neck. He had to be at least twice as big as my poor little hound.

I don't even remember thinking anything, I just remember running and kicking his chest and feeling ribs crack. He was up faster than I could believe was possible and then leapt on top of me, knocking me back into the branches of a pine tree.I was scared shitless in an instant but didn't have time to think about it. He was snarling and snapping at my face on the way down, but luckily never connected. Foamy, pink spit was spraying all over, and I couldn't get my one arm out from under his heavy thrashing legs.

The smell was disgusting. It was like rotting meat mixed with burning hair. I heard a growl and he turned back to where Blue was viciously attacking him from behind and that gave me the time and space I needed to get my right arm free. As he turned back I shoved my thumb right inside his eye socket and he let out this awful shrieking howl with his jaws wide open. I tried to get him over so I could get on top, but the thrashing was too violent and then he got free and bolted into the woods.

Car rides are his second favourite.
Car rides are his second favourite.

I don't know how he didn't die instantly, because my thumb is probably two inches long to where I had buried it, but he didn't, and I wasn't about to go chasing him. I spun around to see Blue back on the ground with his neck bleeding really bad and his stomach torn open. I took my coat off and put him in it, trying to slow the flow of blood from his belly, because it seemed worse than his neck. I ran to the car with him in my arms, and I assume we would have made it to the vet clinic in time, had we needed to go.

We didn't, because the last part never really happened. It's one of the many visions I have on any given day. I call them scenarios, and I assumed that everyone had them. I thought that's what a daydream was. I wouldn't have even mentioned it, but Gerri has recently made me aware of the fact that she doesn't know of anyone that has them, and that she thinks it's kind of rare. I highly doubt that it is, but I thought I would explain it, and see if anyone else gets these same type of visions. Just to see if I'm crazy or not.

Hey, there might be some happy pills in my future. You never know.

I find it amazing that the mind can watch a "head movie" that is minutes, or sometimes hours long and vivid, but in reality, it's over in seconds. That's just how I've always seen things. Memories, dreams, and these scenarios. I find it odd that not everyone does. I guess it's just not something that comes up in conversation.

Anyhow, I'm going to try and make notes when they happen and maybe write them down to one day make a book or something out of them. I probably won't remember, because it's just the way it's always been, but I'll try. Maybe I can figure out how to control them, and it will help me to focus on things, instead of always being off in left field all the time.

So... what about you? Do you have scenarios playing in your head all the time? Ever? When you have a memory, is it video, photos, or is it just a feeling?

I'm posting this because it's relevant to a project I'm planning to do on Steemit and I think I will be doing it through Change The Topic and the SteemPress plugin. I'm just trying to figure things out right now, so please bear with me.

Photos are my own unless otherwise credited.

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I'm always saying to Brian that I can't watch NCIS or shows like that because I forever have a movie playing in my head about it. He doesn't get it either, but I'm guessing like you, it's very real...the movie going on in our heads and the fact that they seem very "real" too!

Have you seen Blue yet? In real life I mean. Believe it or not, but I was dreaming that we were all out camping last night in our 5th wheel, but a huge bush fire broke out, and then I woke up to having a "real life" hot flash haha

We have Blue. It's Dover that is MIA.

I feel pretty sick about it. Literally. I walked around in the rain and yelling for him so much I got a chest infection or something. I think it was from lack of sleep and poor camping diet as well, but the sickness sure caught up with me.

Whatever has happened to him, I hope he's not scared.

I'm sorry, I typed that wrong.

I'm so sad for you guys. My words can't really express how I'm feeling about it all, and I know that whatever you're feeling is a whole lot worse. xx

Don't be sorry, and don't feel bad. The way I see it is he did what he wanted to do. He had a good life with us, as good as an emotionally damaged dog can have, I guess. We also learned a lot about patience and compassion from him. He also gained a bond with Blue and the cats, kind of. He just couldn't get over the food obsession. It was always there. Before he could show love and trust, and before he could accept them.

It's just who he is. If we never see him again, or if he comes back tomorrow, I don't think he'll ever change.

Thank you though. For all of the good vibes and kind words. It means a lot.

Thank you for that! One time (not in band camp), but when we were about to move from Kamloops to Vancouver, I watched my dog get hit by a car, get up and run away, obviously freaked out and confused. We'd already packed up the house and were staying at my sister-in-law's place, so I think he got lost then too. I spent hours in the hills, calling for her but nothing. Anyway, hours later, someone thankfully called into a local radio station to say that the dog was in her back yard.

I've just been remembering how that all felt. You have a very healthy take on it all!

All I could think of when reading this was something my husband told me about his Jack Russell, Chance, when he was a teenager. A German Shepherd from across the road grabbed her, shook her and threw her. Thinking it had killed her he waded in and started kicking the GS before it went for her again. The owner came out, having missed what had transpired and of course wanted to know why he was attacking his dog. The owner apologised once he realised and thankfully Chance was physically unharmed, but in shock.

It makes you realise the extent you'll go to, to protect those you love. Hubby was only a slip of a lad back then.

That's funny, only because I used to have a chocolate lab named Chance and a Jack Russell named Jack. Jack would attack any other animal, completely unprovoked, so when he got beat up, it was definitely his fault. A horse kicked him when he went after it in the stall and broke his hip. Once he was healed up he went after it for revenge and almost got it again.

A few years ago our neighbour's German Shepherd attacked her son's dog, A yellow lab named Chance and put several puncture wounds in his neck and chest.

Just coincidences, but when I read your comments, I sort of drifted into the possibility that "A Dog's Life" might be true and your husband's dog might have instigated the attack subliminally to have your husband do the dirty work.

I sort of drifted into the possibility that "A Dog's Life" might be true and your husband's dog might have instigated the attack subliminally to have your husband do the dirty work.

Lol! Had he not seen the entire event I wouldn't have put it past her! When I was first introduced to her I put my hand down to stroke her and she, snapped, yelped like I'd hurt her and gave hubby puppy eyes! He thought it was hilarious. She would never have hurt me, but she always got jealous of new people getting his attention. It took months, before she'd let me touch her.

I have the same thing happen to me. In fact, I think in pictures, not in words and numbers as most people seem to do. In conversation with a group of people, I am often slower to respond because I have to translate my mental-images into words so I can speak them. And frequently, the conversation has moved on to another topic before I get a chance to talk, so people perceive me as being "quiet" and "withdrawn." Most people seem mystified about my thinking via pictures and abstract thoughts, but it seems a normal process to me as it has always been the way my mind works.

So, your "head movie" sounds personally normal to me, and it definitely sounds like what I would call a "daydream." Like you, I also assumed that everyone had them. I wonder what it is like inside the heads of those who think in a different manner than in pictures, or who do not have daydreams? Has Gerri ever described it to you, how her thought processes work?

Blue is a beautiful pooch! He has such a sweet face and looks like a friendly fellow! I am sorry that Dover is missing, and I do hope he turns up safe and sound soon.

It's funny you should post this because Gerri's thoughts are much the same as yours. It's why she didn't understand my visions. She also couldn't understand how they could happen so fast. We could be walking and talking and then I would explain the vision I just had. She would say that it had only been a few seconds, but in my mind, a ten-minute scene had just played out.

Thanks for chiming in. I love getting feedback.

Most dogs have 18 or more muscles to tilt, rotate, and move their ears.

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WOW!!! You had me....I thought you'd actually experienced this. Thank God you didn't! I can't say I have "daydreams" like this but I do have dreams like that. Happy pills may not be so bad...LOL!!! Just kidding. I think it shows you have a very creative mind......

I tried the happy pills once before. They were more like numb pills. I'll stick with depression and my wonderful support team. It did feel real when it happened.

Thanks for reading and for commenting. It's greatly appreciated.