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RE: Seeking the tribe - where are all the active steemians in Britain?

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Good idea: shocked by the low numbers! Two more to add: : London
@justyy : Might have been Cambridge
@neopch : Birmingham
@nanzo-sccop and @stimp1024 : London


@meesterboom in Scotland
@raj808 Liverpool
@honeybee11 Midlands
@lolzwithlisa London

That's me!! Glasgow FTW!

Nay more from the land of the kilts?

None that are active now that I am aware of, they all went the way of the dodo when the price went down recently

Thanks for these extra people. We're getting there - edging towards 100...

Thank you! Yes, I am in Cambridgeshire, a village west to Cambridge city - called Fen Drayton.

Good to meet you @justyy.

Thank you for mention! Appreciate 😎👊

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Thanks for these Chris. London and the South-East beginning to pull ahead now 😃

Nice to see these people active... On my side, people who are not active for 5 to 6months I remove it.