✈🌴Travel Diaries BORACAY Island Series: Under The Sea!!

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Exploring Boracay....Under Water Edition!


This is a continuation of my travel diaries Boracay Island Series!

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We were staying at Hennan Regency Boracay Resort. This hotel is a waterfront property right on White Beach in Station 2. If you walk down station 2 towards station 1 (Boracay white beach is separated into 3 stations), you will see Free Willy's Diving past D-Mall. We love being in the water so we decided to partake in another water activity, except this time, we would be under the sea! This was one of our favorite adventures we did in Boracay!

It is one of the more pricier activities you can do on the island. There are different price levels. Since it was our last day in Boracay when we discovered Free Willy's, we couldn't do any of the multi day scuba packages where we could actually get our scuba certification. We were limited to the "Discover Scuba"package where they take you out on a more introductory Scuba course. There was a guide that held on to us most of the time underwater for safety precautions. At the time it was 3,000 Pesos about $60 USD per person. It was worth every penny! We loved Boracay above sea level, but we were taken to another world exploring Boracay below sea level.

We started our excursion by watching a safety video at the Free Willy's Dive Center and filling out paperwork. After we watched the video and filled out the paperwork, they gave us our wetsuits and equipment.

Free Willys.png

Their first priority is safety. So before they took us out in the open water, we went into the ocean from the beach about waist level. Then our instructor put the equipment on us and we submerged ourselves underwater to test out the equipment. We practiced our hand signals, which is what is used to communicate while we are underwater....since of course we wouldn't be able to use our words. Lol. Once we felt comfortable, we headed back to the dive center to wait for the ship to sail!

Then after a short wait we were ready to go. We boarded the boat with a group of people who were taking the multi day scuba lessons to get their certifications. Oh how I wish we were joining them. They were diving down further than us at another dive location. During our drive out into the open waters, we had chance to talk to the owner of the dive center, Willy. He is an outgoing and friendly Frenchman who moved to Boracay to open up his business. He kept us entertained talking about US politics and his life in Boracay among other things. Once we dropped off that group, my husband and I and our two guides were dropped off at our dive location.


Then our adventure began. We dove backwards into the water and slowly submerged in the ocean. I felt safe every step of the way! We took some fun pictures before exploring underwater.




After our fun little photoshoot, we were ready to explore! There were creatures we have never seen in books, tv, movies, or the internet. It was like discovering a whole new world. Everything was so vibrant and colorful. There were species of fish I have never encountered.

We didn't have to really tend to much since it was an intro course. The guides checked on our levels and equipment the entire time. All we had to do was enjoy the ride and take in the views.





Time definitely flew by because before we knew it, our adventure was over! I could have stayed down there for hours!


Next time we are going to get our scuba certifications! Thanks Free Willy's Diving center!

Taken with GoPro Hero 4 and Samsung Note 4!

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Thats looks really cool, I didnt see that many fish around, I wonder why? Thanks for your post!

They were around. But the photographer focused on taking our picture not the sea life. If you look closely in some of the coral, you can see little fish swimming around. Lol.

Hey man, that experience seems to have been awesome.

It wouldn't be for me however, I would be too scared to do it. Heck I'm scared to even dive at high sea, let alone go deep with a Scuba Gear on my back, not knowing if the gas composition was right and all that xD.

Yeah, I think of everything, which is bad.

Anyways, lovely pictures. Glad you enjoyed it. Upvoted


Thanks! It was a little scary... Well the anticipation was scarier than the actual activity. Once you're in the water the thrill outweighs the anxiety! Thanks for the upvote!

Thanks! It was a little scary... Well the anticipation was scarier than the actual activity. Once you're in the water the thrill outweighs the anxiety! Thanks for the upvote!