Travel Diaries BORACAY Island Series: FlyBoarding Adventure!

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Boracay Island, Philippines. A true Paradise on Earth!

I want to fly like an eagle, to the sea
Fly like an eagle
Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly....into the future!
-Steve Miller Band (2).jpg

I grew up in America but I still have a lot of family in the Philippines. I didn't get to visit the Philippines much as a kid into early adulthood, but more recently I was able to travel to the Philippines with my husband and some friends. We absolutely fell in LOVE with Boracay. My family always said, when you come to the Philippines you MUST visit Boracay and Palawan. So when we visited the Philippines, we did. My husband and I love to try new experiences and we found an adventure that we just HAD to do.... Flyboarding! It was the closest thing to flying like a super hero we have ever experienced!

We were staying at Hennan Regency Boracay Resort. This hotel is a waterfront property right on White Beach in Station 2. Needless to say there are A LOT of vendors on White Beach so every time we stepped outside of the hotel property, a ton of vendors would approach us to sell us things or sell us on adventures. We met this one vendor we liked so any time we wanted an adventure we would go to him because we trusted him. We already booked a few activities and day trips with him throughout our week there so he booked this adventure for us.

It is one of the more pricier activities you can do on the island. At the time it was $80 USD per person. If you are an adventure seeker or adrenaline junkie, you shouldn't let that stop you. It's one you can cross off the bucket list.

We had to meet our guide at the beach where all the boats dock for tours, day trips, etc. We had a little trouble with our transportation because the coast guard wouldn't allow us as foreigners to ride on the boat that the company provided due to safety issues. Once they found a workaround, we were on our way.



I don't know the technical name for it, but we were taken to a small floating wooden structure off the coast where the flyboard equipment was stored. We were briefed on safety precautions and signed paperwork before we started. We were shown how the equipment worked and the proper way to "fly" from the floating position. They even gave us an impressive show before we started where the instructors flew high above us and performed some aerial tricks. Then we suited up and got in the water!


The flyboard is attached (by a long hose) and powered by a jet ski. We as the flyer control where we wanted to go in the air, and the jet ski follows. To start "flying" we had to get our feet underneath us and flex to stabilize the flyboard underneath us. Needless to say it takes a little bit of athleticism and a lot of balance! I have to brag a little and say that I was able to get up on my first try. The instructors said that not a lot of people are successful their very first time. They mentioned that it takes a few tries before people can actually get out of the water.




In order to move or turn while flying, it took some skill and A LOT of balance. We leaned in the direction where we wanted to go. If we leaned too much, it can throw off our momentum so this is where the balance and body position awareness came into play.


P8090038_20700 - Copy.jpg

We were out in the water for about half an hour. By the end of our session, we were flying higher and my husband was even trying tricks of his own! He tried the "dolphin" a few times where he was in the air and dove in the water and came right back out of the water simulating a dolphins movement.


The staff were so accommodating and safety was their number one concern. They made sure that we knew the equipment and the proper way to use the equipment. We had an absolute blast during our adventure! We can cross this one off of the bucket list and we will more than likely be doing this again when we come back to visit. This is a MUST DO when you visit Boracay especially for all the thrill seekers out there!

Taken with GoPro Hero 4 and Samsung Note 4!

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amazing travel. I like this very much

Oh thank you for taking the time to view!

You are welcome my friend, I have a new post, do not forget to visit ya, let me add the spirit in steemit.

Super cool! Would love to do this some time..and with the Philipines so close to where I'm at....:)

You should visit. We fell in love with Boracay. It's an amazing little island!