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Time for some new steempearls! :) The steempearls are a report about the last 5 topics, that I liked the most and I want to sum up for you. Please have a visit on these accounts and enjoy the content like I did. All Thanks goes to these fabulous writers out there. ღ

The first steempearl / ART

goes to @romanskv for his geniale art like
Sentimental tear. / Good picture.
I love the colours, the style, just everything of the artwork of this artist! Go and have a look. He is doing just amazing paintings! Definetely worth a follow and some upvotes, guys!

The second steempearl / TRAVEL

goes to @olisan for Medieval village #1 : Perouges - France
What a beautiful restaurated medieval village Perouges is! I never heard about it - and now I am happy, that I read on steemit about it, because we sometimes pass the way there anyway, so we need to make a trip to this amazing village. The restaurateurs have done a great work! It just looks like almoste real medieval is there! Very nice work - thank you for introducing Perouges to the community!

The third steempearl / FOOD

goes to @raluca for Guacamole bruschetta recipe for when you're feeling lazy - gluten free
Erm, yes, sometimes it has to be quick and healthy too. And for this guacamole is just perfect! Very healthy, fast and yummy! Try it out, if you didn't yet. Everybody should know guacamole. Thank you for the short explanation @raluca

The fourth steempearl / BOOKS

goes to @trendo for Why is it important to read books ?
Yes, a good book is just unbeatable! It is definetely something different than watching a film. I like to dive in a story of another culture, time - to have another view of things.
And yes, I am always shivering a little inside, when I see a household without books. It is a little creepy for me :D

The fifth steempearl / MUSIC

goes to @williamdreamer for
The Amazing Power of Music and How it Affects the Brain
Another science / brain-theme :) Like reading books, music is changing something in your brain! @williamdeamer has sum up some of the affections and profits of listening or/and playing music. It is just awesome that nowadays we know such things and we can benefit from this knowledge. Now you know, why everyone is listening music and what the profits are. Thank you for your work @williamdeamer

If you enjoyed the steempearls, feel free to make your own steempearls article and post it under the hasthag #steempearls ;) Have a great day and steem on ♠

If you want to see all the steempearls ever written by anybody, just follow the account @steempearls .

These amazing dividers are from @scrooger ! There are several more - Check it out at Text Dividers for your posts. Easy to use! Just COPY and PASTE


Great work. Thank you)

Thank you @romanskv :)

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Tolle Idee mit den Steempearls und, wie ich finde, eine Top-Auswahl getroffen!

Herzlichen Dank @pipurilla

Just awesome pics. Need to go through all of them!

Thank you @sumsum
Yes, there are some really really good autors / photographer / artists among the mentioned accounts. Definitely worth a view.

How are u ?
That's it , it's my turn to check your blog and upvote ;)
I'll do my best to figure in your next selection :p ahahahaha
Big love from Paris ;)

Thank you for your visit @geemo-from-paris
Sur, write nice content and you'll get a place on steempearls :)

yes @tabea ;)
i already work on my next post ;)
thanks a lot

Hi @tabea , thanks for this effort. I am not mentioned here but commenting to appreciate the work. I think I might well be part of the next #steempearls episode.

If you please have a look at these 9 Things to Do with Steemit Earnings!, I will be very grateful. Thank you for all the support and best of luck!

Thank you for the words and the link @ilyastarar
I will check that out!!

Hello @tabea this is a great initiative to help quality content get noticed and voted. I do write a lot of poems and positive ( read motivational/inspirational) articles. Do check out my profile.

Thank you @positivesteem I'll check your profile out :)

Thank you so much. Hope you like what you see.

Hi Tabea, thank you so much for including me in this Steempearls post. I will make sure to check out the other authors on this list :)

Super! Thank you @williamdeamer

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