Text Dividers for your posts. Easy to use! Just COPY and PASTE

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Text dividers.jpg

We all like to make our posts look good and easy on the eye. Here are some Text Dividers that you can use when you want to spice up your post a bit. Just COPY and PASTE the LINK and you are good to go! Check the bottom of the post for non image versions of text dividers.





























































For those of you who do not like the image versions of Text Dividers try these instead:

»»------(¯` ´¯)------»»

.•:¨¨:•. .•:¨¨:•.

.•:¨¨ ≈☆≈ ¨¨:•.

♥.•:¨ ¨:•.♥

.•:¨ ¨:•.

:::::♥ ♥:::::

•,¸,.•´ `•.,¸,•

`•.,¸,• •,¸,.•´

¨ðº°˜¨ ¨˜°ºð¨

•._ (¯•._ .•´¯).•´¯)

╬╬╬ ╬╬╬






☺☻ ☺☻ ☺☻ ☺☻ ☺




••.•´•.••YOUR TEXT••.•´•.••





☺☻ ☺☻ ☺☻ ☺☻ ☺




••.•´•.••YOUR TEXT••.•´•.••

♥.•:¨YOUR TEXT¨:•.♥





«•´•.(*•.¸(•.¸* ¸.•´)¸.•).•´`•»

°†° «[ ]» °†°

••.•´•.••• •••.•´•.••

••.••.•• ••.••.••

.....•• ••....





.:':. .:':.

.•:¨♡¨:•. .•:¨♡¨:•.

.•:* *:•.

.•:¨♡ ♡¨:•.

(¯`•._ _.•´¯)

Hope these are useful to some! Have a great day!

Test 2.png

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I'm ready to change the world now.

HAHAHAHA! Yes mate go change it! If you haven't seen the markdown guide yet, be ready to change the universe! =P

There is always more to learn in this cryptocurrency world we are moving into. I learn new things everyday. So far I am doing ok. My new post are having a hard time picking up steem but I still enjoy doing everything I'm doing on here. Will keep posting away. Glad you are taking the time learning more, instead of just pushing content end hoping for some good money.Smart move.

Thanks mate. Yeah it's hard to get some posts going. I was a bit bummed out at 1st getting so many votes but so little reward. Decided I am not going to let it get me down. I have followers and they follow me for some advice. I am no expert but like sharing what I learn. So yeah. As long as I am making something it's all good. Will get better with time

Awesome post. This will come in handy. Upvoted and resteemed

Thanks a lot mate! Appreciate the resteem and the upvote!

@ realcodysimon Mate, also check out this post just in case you missed the info. See you invested in quite a bit of steem. Don't want you to get crappy curation rewards with so much steem power


Ahh thanks that's another helpful article. I need to be more responsible with my votes, I kinda just throw them everywhere

Yeah it's hard to keep track of them. Upvote the big authors early on to make a good amount on curation.

Damn man, you're always so helpful, you're the best!

Ah thanks man. I try to be. Ley me know if there is something specific yoy need help with. I do t have all the answers, but I will try to answer.

Thank you, your posts always have helpful info. I've used some of the sites you've mentioned and will def use these dividers. You always got perfect timing.

He hasn't even got the hose pointed on the wheel... Pick up your game dog.

OMG This is the best ever. I've always wondered how they do that! Once again, too late to resteem this . Sigh. Bookmarked anyway :-)

Oh so amaz9ing!!!! I am very happy that I found these text dividers! That will make my texts more beautiful! Thank you!!!

how do you use the text dividers?

Dont know yet. I have to try it out. Just check the "Full Context"

Most welcome! I will make some more posts containing more useful editing tools. Check out my editing post. Super useful

Super Coolio post brother. Following and upvoted and resteeeemed

Thanks a lot dude! Glad you liked it, check out my Markdown editing post too if you are looking to really spice up your blogs =) thanks for the upvote, follow and resteem!

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That's so useful! Thanks <3

You are most welcome! Glad it helped!

resteemed this. thanks for sharing this.

Most welcome mate! Thank you so much for the resteem!

Useful collection of dividers, thank you for sharing!

You really made my life easier and my texts surely more beautiful. I will use ALL os them, believe me! Thank you for this post!

You are most welcome! I was surprised that so many needed these. I will make another one that has way more as well. Thanks!

I will look forward to this, thank you once again! =)

Wow!!!! C'est absolument fantastique!!!! Milles mercis pour ces trésors! Mes posts vont déjà être 100x plus beaux avec ta cheat sheet mais là on passe encore à un tout autre niveau!! Je suis une artiste et j'avais justement envie de mettre un petit quelque chose de plus dans mes posts mais sans savoir ni quoi ni comment faire... Voilà ma réponse!!! :-)

Wow !!!! It is absolutely fantastic !!!! Many thanks for these treasures! My posts will already be 100x more beautiful with your cheat sheet but here we go to another level! I am an artist and I just wanted to put a little something more in my posts but without knowing what or how to do ... That's my answer! :-)

Most welcome! I got some good feedback on this post so will make another one with even more and better dividers =) look forward to seeing more of your posts. Followed

Merci pour ton travail et ta présence! C'est grandement apprécié!
Thank you for your work and your presence! This is greatly appreciated!

I've been needing this and was going to do a post about it and now you saved me the trouble. Fround you by way of @enjar

Yeah I remember you. Was one of my faster posts that made. Still more to come so stick around. Thanks =)

PERFECT. This is exactly what i needed. Thankx a ton mate. Much apreciated

Thanks for sharing

You are welcome! Hope it helps!

This is amazing thank you!

My pleasure! Enjoy them!

Love it! I need a keyboard like that!

this is also good bro hope to be this in my keyboard

Nice! Thats a great collection. Thanks

Glad you liked them. I'll do a follow up with better and more dividers after this one pays out. =)


I have seen some of these before in other posts. Finally I have found the root of this beautiful work. I will use some of them.

On another matter: Most awesome Steemit name ever. I love Scrooge, especially his Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck by Don Rosa.

Ah thanks! Appreciate it! I will make another poat with more dividers in the future
Stick around. Also, your little thank you mouse is awesome!

Thank you, some people have already hired me here to create animated gifs for them because of it. :D

And because of my coin puppet:

Haha! Love it! I'm going to follow you and if I need some work done I'll let you know. =)

Your deviders have made my post sooo much more beautiful. I used two of them for different porpuses. What do you think about that? I hope that I have found my first design template for future articles:


Thanks a lot for all this stuff, it will be very helpfull to me.

You are most welcome. Glad it is helping. Will make a post with even more in the future

Thanks for the share

You are very welcome. Hope they come in handy. Will make make a poat with some more later on.

these are awesome thank you so much for sharing @scrooger

Sure thing mate! Now go spice up your post and make it look awesome! =)

@scrooger... Thank You... Have a Great Weekend !!

This is amazing. This is something I was looking for a long time. Thank you , thank you :)

Thank you very much! That awesome! Resteem!

You are welcome! Thanks for the resteem!

Thank you so much. I can't wait to try them. There are so many too. What a great selection! Upvoted and resteemed (already follow you :))

Whoohoo! Try them all! Hehe. Thanks for the resteem!

Upvoted and resteemed!!!

@alao Wow, thanks mate for the vote and the resteem! Much appreciated!

Always good to find tools to help others.

Amazing, excellent work as always!

Thanks mate!

How do I save this post so I can keep coming back to it???

Oh hell yeah! Thank you so much for providing these, very much needed :-)

Sure thing! Love the reply! Hehe. I'll make another post with some more fure sure! Thanks =)

I literally just put one to work here: scaredycatguide-saw-the-price-of-steem-take-a-free-ride. Thanks again!

Cool post! Checked it out and saw that you used the text divider. Awesome! I'll make better ones for the future =) thanks a lot and keep making those awesome posts!

Yep - thanks again!

Always welcome mate!

I have been digging everywhere for these, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

You are most welcome! =)

@scrooger. Nice work here. there is definitely a market on steemit for nice banners, dividers, etc.. Hopefully this post picks up some steem.

Upvoted, following, and re-steemed for you...

Much appreciated! Thanks mate! Yeah let's hope this one picks up a bit. =)

@scrooger you are the best. Thanks so much for sharing. Dankie

Always a pleasure! How ate yoy coming along? Getting the hang of it all?

@scrooger I'm getting there and I'm not so frustrated anymore. At the moment I'm reading posts more and commenting because I need to increase my knowledge about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, ICO's, trading etc. I can't believe that we can only use Luno and another exchange here in South Africa. I need to investigate it but that means changing currency and trading would be more restrictive for us, doesn't it?
I'm really fascinated by these technologies and the promises they hold. And how are you doing on the platform?

@yvonnebraaf Luno is a great exchange. I still use them from time to time even though I am here in South Korea.

There is always more to learn in this cryptocurrency world we are moving into. I learn new things everyday. So far I am doing ok. My new post are having a hard time picking up steem but I still enjoy doing everything I'm doing on here. Will keep posting away. Hope you are studying hard and learning a lot just keep going at it! It will pay off in time.

@scrooger in the beginning I was excited about the income potential of steemit. However, by now the learning benefits outweigh that by far for me. I can't wait for your next post, it's always enriching

Glad you are taking the time learning more, instead of just pushing content end hoping for some good money. Smart move. Knowledge is power!

Oh, really. Do you need editing help at all? Next post I'm working on is about that.

@scrooger Exactly, I like to talk about things that I know. Your posts so far have helped me tremendously. I am sure that your editing post will be just as useful! Dankie

Alright cool. I'm working on it. Should be up tonight or tomorrow. @yvonnebraaf plesier en laat weet as ek nog kan help iewers. Ekt ni al die antwoorde ni maar ek probeer graag help

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Wow! This is so great. Thanks. 😆

Most welcome! I will post some more in the near future

Wow! This is really great. I need these! 😊
Thank you

Most welcome! Hope they serve you well!

Nice work. Goes to my bookmarks

Glad you like them! Have fun with them!

Thank you for posting this! Figuring out where to get these and how to include them in my posts was actually on my to-do list for the weekend. You just saved me a ton of time.

You are most welcome! =) Will do another post with even more in the future!

Very helpful and I'll use these! Thanks so much for sharing.

My pleasure! Have fun and go make some awesome posts! Keep on steemin!

Thank you so much! Your guides are so easy to follow and I am following you for more.

Thanks! Check out some of the older ones and watch out for the new ones! =)

Have a lovely day!

I will definitely be poking around on your port @scrooger and picking your brain.

Amazing! Definitely saving this post for future use!!! thanks :-)

Most welcome!

Great help for my posts thanks 😎

Most welcome! Enjoy!

Hey there @scrooger, I hope you've been well.
I've been making extensive use of your dividers, even created a couple of my own.
Couple of questions though.
A. Is there any way to change the color of the dividers, by changing something in the code string?
B. Where is this one? (this is from the image at the top of this post)

Hey there! Thank you for using the dividers!

  1. There is no way to change the colors of the dividers.
  2. I had to remove that one, had an error on it.

Would you like some more? I would always make another post with some more dividers! =)

I was able to remove the erroneous markings, and am now using this one.
It is small but useful for things like this.
I've been flipping some of yours also, to make them work in this manner.
I haven't used any in my last two writings, but I'm always open for more.
Some of your dividers are tan and black, so why can't color be added to or changed in others? I'm just curious.
Glad to hear from you.

Thank you my friend
I appreciate the
comment and support

Wow, that actually looks really nice! They are simple images, so to change them you can't change the link or code. You will have to change the actual image.

I think you will be able to make your own, looks like you know how to edit and screenshot quite well. =) Google dividers and then find the ones who are free to use (meaning no copyright issues).

I am still more than happy to do another post with loads of dividers if you want. =)

Check out my latest post, might have some interesting edit tools for you if you would like to use them. =)

Here's one of yours I just dabbled some color on

Hey @scrooger (good morning)
I would like to talk with you;
are you in any of these private message
places, like PAL/Discord?
Please let me know my friend,
And when would it be

Hey @jerrytsuseer long time no see! Wondered when I would hear from you with this post. Was secretly expecting you. Hehe. I am on discord and steemi.chat

Not always online, mostly during the week. But when/if you leave a message I will always get back to you. =)

I searched for @scrooger in Discord, and all it came back with was your opponent in the Pres race.
I also looked for you in Steemit chat, ( is that different from steemi.chat? or was that a typo?)
Discord said it needed to know your 4 digit id to know which one was you.

Ah, my bad! Meant to say Steemit.chat

Should see me on there quite easily. On Dicord the last for digits are 6295... Anyway, I can always send you a message, what is your nickname on Discord/Steemit.chat?

Discord I am tsuseer, as far as i know I'm jerrytsuseer in Steemit chat.

Sent you a friend request in discord, it says you are being escorted by "the most elite Samurai"
ha ha ha

Got your request! Apparantly I am a Samurai in Discord's eyes! Little do they know I can't spell... Hehe

You should check out the video I just
Recorded and posted here.

Ooh thats pretty neat! Good night! Where you from? It's afternoon here in South Korea

I'm originally from a small town in South Georgia, US
I now live in Atlanta, about a 3 hr drive from my Hometown.
Here, it is now 12:07 am, I should have already gone to bed,
But I started a scan on my computer, using Roguekiller.
I have ESET NOD32 running all the time, but once a
Week, I run either Roguekiller or Malwarebytes.
So I'm still up waiting for that to finish, and
Decided to check in before leaving for
The Night. I'll go check those msgs.
I had already sent you one in
Discord. Good Night

Interesting! You take so much time with your comments. =) They are really nice though! =) Yep, internet security is extremely Important. I use Trend Micro. Cool, hope my message finds you well and hope to hear from you on Discord then. =)

This is something i was looking for...good job . :-)

Your welcome! Glad it's useful to you!

Nice Text dividers. i will use them in my posts in future.

Nice post :)

reminds me of a question I've asked myself (but keep forgetting to check XS):
How much HTML/CSS actually works in the posts ? Could I potentially design my own website integrated into post, or is there a limited set of instructions useable.

Tested, some elements are "illegal", so there is a limit.

But what is the limit... that's the question XD

Dude that's a cool question. I don't know that much about coding. Only what I read online. Tried a few different things, most of the time it's pretty basic. Wish we could do more, but maybe it would turn into a bit of a circus then... Still. Would be interesring. Play around with it and make a post about it. I'll read it.

Permiteme usar algunos en mi blog.
Mil gracias!!!

Thanks, I'll be using them! I recently did my first Steemit article on equity release. It's a great platform and I'm enjoying the diversity of content.

Very interesting article. Thanks.

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