Bhut Jolokia

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Greetings Steemians,

I checked my bhut jolokia (ghost pepper) plant today, and it has sprouted a pepper.

Bhut Jolokia Wikipedia


I purchased this plant about a month ago at the farmers market, brought it home, and promptly transplanted it into a larger container. (outside gardening is not an option for me.)

I re-use coffee containers as planters.


For the past month the plant wasn't doing very well. I think it encumbered some pretty severe shock from the transplant and environment change, but it has bounced back. I'm confident the plant is doing well, or this healthy looking pepper would not have sprouted.


I have never grown a pepper plant before, and I have done very little in terms of catering to this plant. I trusted my intuition to just "leave it alone", and let it absorb rain water outside of one of my apartment windows. This was the correct choice I think.

I decided to remove a little of the bottom foliage after taking these photos, the first time since obtaining the plant, as to lessen the competition for nutrients during this critical stage of the plant's life.

I'll be sure to upload more photos when the pepper plant is ready for harvest.


Photographs captured with ZTE Android Smartphone.

Thank you for visiting!

Much love,

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It looks great! A big healthy plant. Nice job with it. I am surprised how fast that pepper is growing. That is awesome! The last picture is my fave. :p <3

Thank you sweetheart. You liked the last one the best? Was it because of the lighting on the leaves? That was a pretty cool effect I must admit.

No, I liked it because you were in the picture. XD It looks like you are in pure awe of your ghost pepper plant. :P Or, are you just teasing me now and you know exactly why I liked the last picture best? :P


Hello @futuremind, how are you doing? I saw your ghost pepper plants . It looks very fertile. In my area cayenne pepper is planted outdoors directly on the ground. Usually here ghost pepper plants can grow on their own when ripe ghost pepper falls to the ground and grows into a new plant. Our land is very fertile. but because the Indonesian people are generally lovers of spicy flavors, ghost pepper is cultivated to produce a lot of production. Have a nice day, sir.

Hi @elianaelisma,

Thank you for this information about ghost peppers in Indonesia. I was unaware of how popular this plant is in your region.
When the plant is harvested I will make another post, and maybe you can tell me if I did it correctly when it's finished.
I appreciate the kind words and information.
I'm doing pretty good, and I hope you are also doing well.
Have a great day miss.

Have you ever ate a ghost pepper? Ive had some sauces but never the actual pepper. Awesome job bro. I love the phase "bounced back". Ive been saving the coffee containers lol. What coffee is that 😄, i have maxwell Colombian lol. Nice pepper plant.

Hey bro!

Yeah, I ate the dried one's, but honestly they were not as hot as they should have been. I was easily able to eat one without even drinking anything, so I realized I must try a fresh one. This is why I got the plant.
If I get some mature peppers I'm going to record myself eating them. I'll try that ghost pepper challenge. It's been something I've wanted to do for a while now.
Thanks for stopping by man, it's always nice to see you.

Lol that will be awesome! Ive seen some funny pepper challenges before. Ill keep my eye out for your challenge lol. That would be a good one to share on @foodfightfriday. ✌

I am sure that is all it was - the 'shock' of a new environment. I guess the plant adjusted to the new environment and is thriving under your tender loving care. Isn't it a great feeling to see your plant thriving and bearing fruit? 😊

It's a great feeling indeed Vince! I just hope it makes it to harvest with no issues 😄

Oooo enjoy! Have A drink ready 😋

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If this all works out, I'll record myself doing a ghost pepper challenge. This is what motivated me to obtain this plant.
I tried the challenge with the dry peppers and it was a joke, so I need them fresh!

Thank you for stopping by!

Awesome I look forward to the video☺i can't eat peppers that hot 🤣 best of luck on the challenge😍

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Does the plant have any drainage holes in the bottom of the container?

It sure does! :)

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