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RE: Bhut Jolokia

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Have you ever ate a ghost pepper? Ive had some sauces but never the actual pepper. Awesome job bro. I love the phase "bounced back". Ive been saving the coffee containers lol. What coffee is that 😄, i have maxwell Colombian lol. Nice pepper plant.


Hey bro!

Yeah, I ate the dried one's, but honestly they were not as hot as they should have been. I was easily able to eat one without even drinking anything, so I realized I must try a fresh one. This is why I got the plant.
If I get some mature peppers I'm going to record myself eating them. I'll try that ghost pepper challenge. It's been something I've wanted to do for a while now.
Thanks for stopping by man, it's always nice to see you.

Lol that will be awesome! Ive seen some funny pepper challenges before. Ill keep my eye out for your challenge lol. That would be a good one to share on @foodfightfriday. ✌