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RE: Join SteemPact! Empowering Change Together

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Welcome guys! =)

Those are some powerful ideas! I'll get them resteemed if you add the tag "coagorism" to your posts.

Also, if you want to spread your activism and organize with others, you can announce such posts in the Activism_practiced channel on


great idea thanks for sharing

The tag has been updated to #cooperative-agorism and the activism channel is now found at =)

I'm intrigued what the coagorism tag means? Can you elaborate? :)

The short version is in this post I made.

It really is something most people can get behind. The idea is to use technology and networking to make government more ethical and society more hospital for everyone. Bitcoin, blockchains, cooperatives, as well as many libertarian (capitalist or socialist) ideals can fit in this category =)

Hi @the-ego-is-you!

Even though I personally like the basic idea of cooperatives and am interested privately in your "coagorism" tag and "Activism_practiced" channel I would prefer to hold @steempact free from any political classifications. Not every steemer who wants to support @steempact may identify with or want to support the ideas behind "coagorism" too. I think we should keep @steempact open to any steemer, independently of his personal political views.

Furthermore I think we should not begin with this kind of "dealing" ;)

That's perfectly understandable. Just remember which social media platform you're posting on ;)

I hope your project does well and I might start to resteem it anyhow :thumbsup:

Of course I do ;) Thanks for your understanding & support! @robofox is following you looking forward to find out what "coagorism" is :)

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