Entry: What today (March 22, 2021) means to me. 3.40

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Today is a sad, grey day.
At least it is till this moment. At the moment I wake up I feel fine especially if there was no pain keeping me awake. I stretch out a bit, my feet are no longer that cold and I wish I could stay in bed.
I don't because my bedroom is cold, too cold to sit and I can no longer lay on my side and write.
Out of the blue there's something inside of me. It's a feeling which I don't like. It always ends in the same way if it shows up. I breath in and out. I breathe it out. Once or twice is enough. I stay a bit longer in bed to be sure it's gone, I need to collect the courage to get out and face another day.
Once out I automatically put on the kettle, collect the mugs, wipe the carpet.
I removed my simcard from the phone I have for such a long time. I'll still use it but as soon as my credit is finished it's the end of T-mobile. It was Tele2 I started with and T-mobile took it over.

I spend my day with doing small house chorus and the rest is filled with struggling on the internet with a connection that hardly works.
Yesterday for example I tried over six hours to post on steemit.com. Six hour... how many of you are that motivated? I didn't manage to and used steempeak.com. it's one of the last days I can use it. Today is.

Light browsers do not exist, neither does a good connection for me. Even if I can load other sites steemit.com is too heavy for me. At times it loads enough I can read but not enough to answer and send.
It's frustrating there's no solution, no help for people like me. People willing to write, original writers. People willing to help. They are shut out. Shut out from the platform, the society, communities because no one cares about those at the end of the line.
Because your internet is great it doesn't mean other people's is too.
Today, no matter what people say, a good internet connection is a must and so are tools and sites that makes it easier for people to join.
Steemit never filled that hole neither did others. Most sites are way to heavy and apps aren't apps but hyperlinks directing to a site. With 12-21 kbps (indeed kb!) there isn't much action in internet life so today I feel as grey and miserable as the weather outside.
I don't know if I can still be there, I don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to check if I can publish. I am tired of this all.

Today I am just tired, tired and sad.


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Day-to-day problems ... There are times here when connections are fatal and all my work gets stuck. Hopefully they can solve the front-end and we can use something that is light and is easy to enter the platform.

I hope they will. If I have internet it's still slow which is a problem too. I could live with only a few days a week or few hours a day if it was fast. Everything they want you to do online. Banking included. Any idea how that works with a slow connection?
You receive the message you are spam,the password is wrong or they think I am a robot.

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Thanks for joining this contest.
I hope a better connection is possible and the community won't loose you.


Thank you. I appreciate it.

I am very sorry for the delays and problems, in Venezuela we meet them daily, I do not lose hope that everything will be solved and we can always see you @wakeupkitty

I meet them daily too. 12/21 kbps is slow and with slow I mean really slow.
The last time I had fast internet was around 1995. It was internet by phone.

It is frustrating and my children get bad notes because they can not follow the online classes, not download the tests, not do the online examns with a timer, cannot see the photos. 😔

If it was only me it wouldn't be such a big deal. Now it is stress.

I hope you are doing fine and you join the community contests again. ❤️

If it is distressing not being able to download the information for the studies, that is quite a delay for everyone. Sometimes I really want to write, but I think I lack time to meet everyone. I'm very sorry about your internet, yesterday here it was slow, it took me three hours to upload the photos of a post.

Take care a lot, I'm working halfway, I lack time. @wakeupkitty

Yes, it is sad that you are constantly living with the same problem, with no connection or bad connection. But you are perseverant and if you can't today you will surely make it another day.

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