SteemNews.Online Logo Contest Begins NOW!

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Prize = Minimum 200 Steem & 500 TRAIL!

Today’s the day! The clock starts now.

You read correctly! The prize for the best logo has been increased to 200 Steem and 500 of the new TRAIL token!

Here are some refreshers to make sure we’re all on the same page.

What We’re Looking For

In some ways, we really don’t know. Something easily identifiable, iconic and logically presented for a news site would obviously be goals.

With that in mind, we do not want to restrict anyone's creativity. The logo just needs to be original. It could be in symbolic-form, text-form, or both!

For clarity, we do not directly represent or work for Steemit Inc. So our branding does not have to represent them either.

Submission, Judging, and Contest Prize

  • Submit entries here as a comment/reply. If you need to post additional content for your entry, please reply to your comment.
  • All entries will need to be submitted prior to first payout.
  • You may submit as many designs as you like, but each one needs to be in a separate reply/comment to the OP.
  • The top 10 designs by amount of votes (not comment payout value) at the first payout will be selected.
  • We suggest that you post your entry in your own blog as well, for your followers, with a link to this post so they can vote on your submission (if they like it, that is :o) ).
  • Steemit News editors will choose their favorite designs over the next week.
  • These designs will be posted at this time next week for community voting. Whichever design gets the most votes before initial payout wins!!


  • Make sure designs are original.
  • Steemit News editors reserve the right to forfeit submissions that are misleading.
  • Winning designs will be announced a week from today.
  • Community voting will determine the Top 10 designs!
  • Logos which are only available in low-res raster, or non-editable format will be disqualified.
This is a winner takes all contest. The winner will receive all liquid payouts from all Steemit News posts up to and including the final announcement. As of today that is guaranteed to be at least 200 Steem. In addition, the winning entry will receive 500 TRAIL.

Name, Slogan, Icon and Colors

NAME: As you can see in our profile, we have the name. We’re SteemNews.Online (not SteemNews or Steem News). All our branding to this point has included the full name, so please take that into consideration. Of course, there might be clever ways to use the initials (SNO) in an iconic way. We look forward to your creativity.
SLOGAN: This is negotiable. We came up with one that’s fitting for our goal (One Agenda - The Truth Without Bias), but perhaps you can come up with something better. While it may be risky to propose a new one, it might also set your entry apart. We reserve the right to accept the entry excluding a changed slogan. If we really like your slogan but your entry doesn’t win, we may ask for permission to use your slogan with the winning entry.
ICON: We have nothing here. This is totally in your hands. You may want to submit (or promise to provide) distinct icons for the favicon, avatar and other uses.
COLORS: This is also up in the air. Since Steem is in the name, it seemed appropriate to approximate the Steemit colors initially, or make the log central to the design. However, this is a distinct brand, so it’s not necessary at all. We can say that pastels or loud colors probably won’t fly for this sort of project. Let’s face it, it’s a news site, not a dating hub. But maybe you’ll come up with the right blend to really make it pop and sway us to something we wouldn't have considered.

What the Media Kit Should Include

These are the minimum requirements. Please feel free to include additional files. All logos and icons should include 200, 500 and 1500 sizes. Each should also include transparent, black and white backgrounds. Other backgrounds may be included if the designer deems it preferable. These do not have to be submitted here, but will have to be provided as a condition of payment.

  • Color codes (primary and secondary)
  • Font/s
  • Icon
  • Black & White logo
  • Color Logo
  • Design Files
Thank you for your interest in and support of SteemNews.Online. If you have any questions or comments about the contest, please post here or find us in Discord.

We look forward to your awesomeness and NEWSworthy work.

Your editors,

Steemit News


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This is fucking amazing. Forgive the profanity. But, the word amazing alone seemed an inadequate representation of how taken I am with this. It looks very professional and easily recognisable. Great job, @rigaronib. Scratch that. Fucking great job, @rigaronib!

Aw, man! This is the best comment of the day - I'm glad you liked it so much. Thanks for the vote! :D

This is really cool. It reminds me of a slick version of sportscenter. I mean that in a VERY good way.

The more I look at them, the more I am liking this one the most out of my entries. Thanks for the upvote, @hanshotfirst! :)

Wow! This is so awesome! Thanks so much, just let me know what color and how you want to receive th files. I'm on under the same handle. :)


Hey! All fonts and designs are vector images and are able to be edited easily. I am able to include each requested size, color, etc - so that is no problem. I have included color options with each, but like I said, colors can be changed easily, as can fonts. I can also include Favicons or profile pictures if you desire them!
Entries 2, 3, 4, 5 and be made into negative space designs, meaning the white that you see can actually be "open". For example, if You laid the finished "negative space" design on a background, you would see the background through spaces that are now white. I can demonstrate to show how it would look, if you would may make more sense that way. haha

Entry 1:

Upvoted love the blue one !✌👍😉

I do enjoy that blue color! Thanks for voting @karenmckersie!

Thank you for your entries. The final vote is live.
SteemNews.Online Logo Contest Top Contenders

This is my personal favorite!

Excellent job!

Thanks for voting @papa-pepper! I like this one alot, too! Very news-y. Haha

They were all great, we will just have to see what the team thinks!

Agreed! I look forward to their decision.

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I do like my design projects, but as there is already some amazing entries, and I don't feel I can spare the time to contribute anything worthy of the competition, I shall sit this one out.

If you don't mind, I'd still like to share a potential slogan, though I obviously don't expect to be eligible for any prizes even if it is selected. I just thought of this and guessed you may want to consider using it if nothing better turns up.

Where censorship is censored.

It's a bit of a paradoxical and self-contradicting statement, yet catchy and easily understandable, nonetheless. I look forward to the official launch of the project.

Thank you! I wish we could have seen your designs. The more the merrier. :)

Catchy slogan!

Dude....fantastic. There is no way that that could be improved.

That's a sharp design too. Thanks for sharing. :)

MY ENTRY. It's too hard for me,because I'm not a professional designer.

You made the cutoff. Thank you @yadamaniart!

It's hard for us too. That's why we had a contest!! ;)

Thank you for your entries. The final vote is live.
SteemNews.Online Logo Contest Top Contenders