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RE: SteemNews.Online Logo Contest Begins NOW!

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Hey! All fonts and designs are vector images and are able to be edited easily. I am able to include each requested size, color, etc - so that is no problem. I have included color options with each, but like I said, colors can be changed easily, as can fonts. I can also include Favicons or profile pictures if you desire them!
Entries 2, 3, 4, 5 and be made into negative space designs, meaning the white that you see can actually be "open". For example, if You laid the finished "negative space" design on a background, you would see the background through spaces that are now white. I can demonstrate to show how it would look, if you would may make more sense that way. haha

Entry 1:


Upvoted love the blue one !✌👍😉

I do enjoy that blue color! Thanks for voting @karenmckersie!

Thank you for your entries. The final vote is live.
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