One year anniversary = 8 months on Steem vs 4 months on Steemmonsters

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Hi, I'm WizarDave

1 year ago I wrote my first post

  • For 8 months, I tried to add to the chemistry of this platform
    • By sharing me.
      • My ideas
      • My views
      • My photography
      • My garden
      • ...
  • I turned a free account into an account worth a few hundred dollars.
    Then the value of Steem took a bit of a tumble...
    • I invested a teeny bit
      • At this time I have 436.806 Steem Power worth about $141.
        Still struggling to reach 500 SP (Minnow status...)
      • My vote is worth about 1 penny.

4 months ago, my Steem journey took an abrupt turn.

  • I discovered #Steemmonsters

    • I invested a teeny bit more and started playing a very fun game.
      • At this time my Steemmonsters are worth about $1400 USD.
        If I sold my monsters for Steem, I would get about 5100 Steem
        That's enough to make me a dolphin in that world...

We are 4 days into the new Steemmonster season and here's what I've earned...

  • 180 reward cards valued at $11.59
    $2.90 / day.
    • If I stopped playing now, I would receive 182 reward cards at the end of the season.
      We can assume they will be valued at about the same.
      • So in 4 days, I've earned about $23 total.

What am I doing?

  • I have 8 sets of teams that I am playing.
    • I play a basic team of all level 1 monsters.
      Right now, it is valued at $13.50.
      Currently ranked at #1226 with this team.
    • My best team has level 7 or 8 summoners.
      Only 1 legendary above level 3. (Lord Arianthus, a reward card maxed at level 4)
      This team is valued at around $1000.
      I'm currently ranked #69 with this team.
      Total battles = 5659
      Total wins = 2649
    • 1 team has level 5 summoners.
      Valued around $140.
      Ranked 431
    • 1 team has level 4 summoners.
      Valued at $55.
      Ranked 607
    • The others are low level with a mix of level 1-3 summoners.

So far this season, I've won 57.21% of my games.
All teams doing at least the daily quest...

We interrupt this post

I was just notified, I sold another card.
Let's take a look...

$1.59... 5.47 Steem...
Probably more than I will make on this post... :D

Back to the post...

The reason I shared the numbers above, is so you can see a bit of the dynamics of the game.
Yes, the better deck you have, the more you can earn.

  • Right now there are daily quests where you can earn up to 20 reward cards.
    Average value is 17 cents each.
    Some can be worth a few hundred USD.
  • Then there are end of season rewards where you can earn up to 150 cards.
    Seasons are currently 3 weeks...
    The top 50 players will also earn $2 booster packs. Sorry, I can't find the info, but I think it may be 10 packs for 25-50 (so I'll work hard to be at least #50) up to maybe 100 packs for #1.
  • There are also tournaments you can enter.
    I've won a few payouts from tourneys...
    Of course, the better cards you have, the better you are likely to do in the tourneys.

It used to take about $2500 to have a max deck. It may be higher now with some of the new reward cards and legendary summoners just released...

A contest for those who are actually reading this post...

Leave a comment of

  • your steemmonster account name
  • your favorite splinter
    • excluding dragon
    • including neutral

I will send you a reward card...

Don't know Steemmonsters?

Wait... You mean to tell me you don't Steemmonster?


In half the time I spent "doing Steem," (4 months vs. 8 months),
I've created something worth 10 times as much. ($1400 USD vs $140),
playing a game that I really enjoy!


Full disclosure: I probably made 1/2 that by dabbling in the Steemmonster market...

  • You know, buy low, sell high...
    • Always on the lookout for opportunity.
      • For example, as the price of Steem was plummeting, I bought Steemmonster cards as fast as I could get my hands on Steem. They held their value, while Steem didn't.
      • If you play the market correctly, you can earn regardless of what the current value of Steem is...


You notice I didn't comment on the current Steem state of affairs you all probably know about?
I'm investing my time and money in Steemmonsters.
Maybe you should too?

  • You can get started for as little as $10...
    (Paypal, credit or debit cards or your favorite crypto...)

Just click this image...


Who I am


That is pretty good money. I wish I played more. I try to do the daily every now and then. Need to spend more time playing.

We've had some good, fun battles!
Too bad there isn't chat, so we could say Hi when we play...

It would be cool to get to chat while we were playing. I guess that is what discord is for.

Nice work!!

Hi pretty good team and I have also invested penny bit and today my account has gained value day by day .
Well my favourite is water splinter and I want a spineback turtle of level 4 and this is my wish to get that , it will be best team of mine till now.

Your turtle is going to have thorns!!!

  • That additional 2 points of damage each time it is attacked can really make the difference in a battle...

Enjoy @cryptobychirag :D

not bad money on steemmonsters, to be honest I didnt get into it myself. I just dont have the time. As for minnow status, well from the redfish power up league I see you really dont have far to go. as for your contest, well I will decline cos I never got into the game :-) but nice work on running it

Gaining bit by bit on minnow. I do keep an eye on your league... :D

Please help me to start playing this game. Is initial investment necessary or I can play free of cost. How much should I pay if I pay by crypto.

It takes $10 USD to purchase a starter pack.
To make it more fun I would plan on spending more. Maybe another $10...
It can be quite a struggle with just the starter pack.
Of course, you can earn a daily card, it may just take you longer. When you get 2 of 1, you can sell that and maybe purchase additional key cards.

To learn more, join us in discord...
There's usually several around that will help get you started off quickly.

I've joined the discord and even created my SM account.

Very cool!
What splinter do you like so far?
Did you get a whole new account? What user name?

I just bought the starters pack. I dont mind any splinter for now. I am just new to the game. Will need your help on playing it better.
My account name is same as steemit account.

I'll help you out with each splinter.

  • Fire = Cerberus = Self heals. Sometimes a better tank than Pit Ogre. During super sneak, use him as your last monster and he heals. :D
  • Water = Medusa = What's a water team without magic? :D
  • Earth = Earth Elemental = You needed a ranged attacker.
  • Life = Divine Healer = Healing your tank is divine :D
  • Death = Twisted Jester = +2 Ranged snipe attack.
  • Neutral = Goblin Mech = Use as a tank with high mana games.

That should make these early games easier for you.

Advice tidbit = Play the daily quests, earn cards, sell any doubles you get, save up to buy more cards to fill in your decks.

Stop in any time on discord if you have questions or need advice.
There's usually someone there who can help out...


You gave me the goblin mech right. I almost use it in each battle. It hardly dies. Its like optimus prime for me in these early days.

BTW your numbers are remarkable. That's great progress on the game.

Thanks. If you get an account let me know and I'll send you a card...

Congratulations for your success in SM! My username is massimoc23 and I prefer the Water Splinter, just because that's my strongest team

I checked your collection out.
This should level your Daria, giving you more options.
She's great to use with water, since she adds +1 melee!
With level 2 Daria you can use level 3 commons and rares, level 2 epics and level 1 legendaries...
She does use 4 mana...


Hi, @wizardave!

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Hey, @wizardave.

I wondered where you were, since it has been a while as far as posts go. Now I see you've been on STEEM Monsters, and doing rather well. Good for you. Everyone needs to find their place.

Mine, for a couple of months, was Musing. Did pretty well (not as well as you have in four months), but Musing has pretty much stopped upvoting on user content it was curating, so most people are gone or doing quite a bit less than they were before. I like to still answer questions, but with few of those to answer, finding one to give my two cents worth is getting harder.

Since it sounds like you're content with what you're doing, and things as they stand makes it much more lucrative, I'll just say don't make yourself a stranger, and hopefully you'll be able to cash in on all those amounts (or more) that you cite.

Hi Glen, I just got lucky for a change and got in on the ground floor. Well, I missed it by a bit, but have been playing since they opened it to the public.

Getting ready to start some seedlings, so plan on posting about my garden. That is, if the weather will cooperate this year!

Guess I missed out on the whole Musing thing...
I heard Stinc. dropped some of their delegations (among other things :rolling eyes:), so that may have had something to do with it...

Good to see you!

Losing the delegation had everything to do with Musing halting curation, in my opinion. However, it sounds like the founder of Musing was already arriving at the conclusion that with or without the delegation, the business model of solely relying on curation was not feasible. So, maybe it was a blessing in disguise for him, since he said he was paying out of pocket to pay curators.

They had the delegation from nearly the end of October through January 12, so it didn't last very long, so I feel very fortunate to have been a part of that run for basically the whole of it. Obviously, now, I wish I would have done more with it, but I don't see how I could have.

Seedlings, eh? Wow. That would be pretty early for us to start anything like that, I think, so let's hope your weather cooperates! You folks got the polar vortex weather last week, right? Seems like the midwest was pretty much hit on the way down.

We got some snow that was gone before nightfall yesterday, and supposedly, we've got three days of it coming up (that never happens, so I'll believe it when I see it). Otherwise, it's been a fairly pleasant and uneventful winter meteorologically speaking. :)

I need to plant cauliflower now if I figured my calendar correctly...
Nothing else until the 25th. Peppers and it says radish in the garden. hmm not sure about that!!!

Yes, we set a record low. -19 Previoius record was -9. -3 for the high the next day! whew
Right now we have freezing rain. Supposed to get 1/4" of ice. Maybe snow in next few days. whew!