New SteemMonster Reward Cards - Earned some, played them and won the match

in #steemmonsters3 years ago

I completed a daily quest on my wife's account and won 5 of the new reward cards.
I transferred them to my main account, battle with 2 of them and won the match!


You can see the entire match here...

Mushroom Seer

Splinter = Earth
Mana = 5
Rare Monster

As you can see, the Mushroom Seer took away 1 from all the magic attack monsters on opposing team.

  • Essentially Special Ability countered Alric Stormbringer's Special Ability of adding 1 to all his team's magic attackers.


It has a decent attack of 2 magic.

  • Leveling up does this...
    • Level 2 = +1 speed
    • Level 3 = +1 health
    • Level 4 = +1 speed for it's max of 3 speed
    • Level 5 = add poison special ability
      • Poison is a very good special ability.
        Every attack has a chance of poisoning the attackee.
        If poisoned, at the start of every round they receive health damage right away.
        I've won matches from poisoning the opponent.
    • Level 6 = +1 magic attack for it's max of 3
    • Level 7 = +1 health
    • Level 8 = +1 health

This appears to be a very useful card, making the earth teams better.

News alert

We interupt this post to share with you a totally bizarre piece of news I just received...
Alt accounts list of @themarkymark


How bizarre is that?!?!?!?!

and now back to our regularly scheduled program... er um post...

Highland Archer

Common monster
Splinter = neutral

  • Can be used with any splinter.

Mana = 3
Ranged attack (1 to 3)
No special abilities.

He got 1 shot in, doing 1 health damage to Medusa, helping take her out.


It levels up fairly nice.

  • Level 2 = speed raised to 2
  • Level 3 = health raised to 3
  • Level 4 = attack raised to 2 ranged
  • Level 5 = speed raised to 3
  • Level 6 = health raised to 4
  • Level 7 = speed raised to the max of 4
  • Level 8 = health raised to the max of 5
  • Level 9 = attack raised to the max of 3,
    health drops to 4
  • Level 10 = health raised back up to 5

The only other ranged neutral attacker is Cyclops.

  • He costs 6 mana to use.
    • He has better health and some special abilities.
  • There is also Centaur, but he's a sniper.
    • Useful, but not if you are wanting to attack the tank.
      • Unless it's Back to Basics which takes away the snipe attack.

Random notes about the battle

It shows the weakness of Frozen Soldier.

  • Magi of the Forest took it out with 1 +4 magic attack.
    • It would have done better against a ranged and melee attacks, since it does have 6 shield.
  • It did reflect magic for a 2 health damage, but that was the only attack it got.


I look forward to playing some of these cards once I earn enough to level them up.

  • Like all other cards, they each have their unique place on you teams.
    The key is finding each card's strengths and weaknesses...

Get in the game!


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