๐ŸŽ… Ho Ho Ho ๐ŸŽ… Look out Steemmonster players ๐ŸŽ… Grandson Quincy got his Christmas gift early ๐ŸŽ…

in #steemmonsters โ€ข 3 years ago

My brother is back for a visit from New Jersey. He was up visiting Mom and picked up my grandson. I was working today, so only had a few hours in between tests to see them. We met at the farm (my house) for pizza lunch.


My brother Rick is the tall one.
I'm the handsome wizard looking guy.
And that young man is Grandson Quincy.

I probably won't get to meet up with him again until after Christmas, so I gave him his gift early.
His account is @qta

I gave him a complete set of beta level 1 monsters including legendaries, but less the dragons and promo cards.

I had the how to play page up on my desktop.

  • I told him I found a new game I really like and wanted him to check it out.
    • He's played a little bit of YouGooey or whatever that game is... :D
      • He was reading through that and we discussed quite a bit of it.
  • I said, let me show you a few games.
    • He thought it was pretty neat.
  • I had his account up on the laptop hidden by the screensaver.
    • I moved the mouse and it opened up to show monsters.
      We scrolled down and I told him some allbout some of my favorite cards.
      • He finally noticed the top right said qta (his initials).
        Grandpa, why does that say qta up there?
        Ho Ho Ho I got you setup with your own account to play this game.
        All those monsters are yours
  • smile
    • really?
  • smile
    • all those are mine?
  • smile
    • eyes really big
      • WOW
        He probably said something like "sweet"
        I heard "cool!" haha

Now, Quincy, you need to understand, this is not just a fun game to play...
You can win cards you can sell for money, or trade for cards you want to level up.
(We had already ran into some teams that were levels above him. His fire team did beat a level 3 water team! woohoo)
We went over leveling up cards.

  • it take 3 to make a level 2
    • then 2 more or 5 total to make a level 3
      • and so on

About the daily quest.

  • I had played his team and got it into the Silver League, so he earns 5 cards for his dailies.
    • And 20 cards at the end of the season.
      He's already got that up to 25. :D

I guessed each card was worth around 10 cents.

  • Sure enough, he finished his daily and got 42 cents worth of cards.
    • I explained to him the first card you have to level up is the summoners.
      Also that at low levels the Death team seems to be the strongest.
      • So he wanted a Zintar Moralis.
        I sent that to him and put the other 11 cents on his tab.

He liked the game just from the gameplay.

  • Then he got pretty excited he coud actually earn something from playing it.
    • We ran the numbers.
      • Say you average 50 cents a day, that's $15 a month.
        Quite good for a 10 year old. :D
        $180 to be earned in a year.
        and then you have to add in the end of season rewards...
  • He was pretty wide eyed and smiling big talking about this.

We played some more games.

  • It was getting close to me having to head back to work, so I dropped the big one on him.
    • A small percentage of the cards you receive are gold cards.
      Valued at quite a bit more than regular cards.
      • We looked at the gold reward cards and the legendary Lord Arianthus' cheapest price on the market earlier this afternoon was $350.
  • Even wider eyes
    even bigger smile
    • You mean I could win that?
      • Could I cash it out and get a mini bike?
        Yup, or you could level up your cards, so you will earn even more cards per day and at season's end.
        For $350, you could easily be earning 15 cards a day, probably 20. and over 50 cards at the end of the season.
        That's what I want to do Grandpa!!!


If you have kids, or grandkids that you spend $30-50 on for Christmas,
you should Go to steemmonsters website

  • Sign them up for a new account.
    • Purchase some additional cards through the market
      or purchase additional game packs.
      • and then when you give them their gift
        and explain about the rewards
        you can expect to see some wide eyed open mouthed smiling going on.

And I still have tournaments and referrals to tell him about.

  • With referrals, if he signs up his friends, he will earn 5% of anything they ever spend on steemmonsters...
    • we still don't have details for the tournaments, but they will be using a portion of all pack sales to fund free daily tournaments.
      • I didn't even mention Steemit to him. Next time he comes over, I'll teach him how to post and earn crypto from that. (Steemmonsters has a generous upvote bot you can use daily 40-50 cents upvote for free.)

Another really cool thing about giving the gift of SteemMonsters?

  • You will never have to wonder what to get them next year for birthdays or Christmas!
    • More gift packs or cards from the market...
      • How simple is that ?!?!?!?!?!?

Bottom line - He loves the game.
I get to talk with him about money, delayed gratification, investing, the free market, working for things you want, ...
all the things that are typically hard to bring up in normal Grandpa Grandson chatting.

๐ŸŽ… If anyone has spare steemmonster cards ๐ŸŽ…
๐ŸŽ… feel free to gift the grandson... @qta ๐ŸŽ…

Get in the game!


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And for us not have english as a native language this is perfect way to practise english. My son is 8 year old and has an own steemitaccount and steemmonsters.

That's cool. Where are you from?

Sweden. We start learn english in school from 8 years old but very little in the first years

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way cool, I gave my son an account and steemmonsters too. Hope he loves it.

Nice picture by the way, 3 handsome men

It's a great way to teach them about life.

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