Flame Imp Level 5 - Did I win because of him or in spite of him?

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Flame Imp
Level 5


I finally earned enough Flame Imps to level him up to Level 5.
This takes 21 cards.

  • At level 5 he gives your team +1 Speed.
    • Note: Fire is already a pretty fast team.
      • Each card's speed rating determines the order of attacks.

Here's my first battle with the speed special ability.

  • You tell me...
    • Did I win because of the Level 5 Flame Imp?
      • Or in spite of him?

Waiting to rumble...

NOTE: At first glance it appears I may be outclassed.
My highest level is 5, theeir's is 7.

After special abilities applied

NOTE: Swamp Thing slowed my team.
Flame Imp returned my team's speed to normal.

Round 1

NOTES: The rule set was weak magic, so Flame Imp damaged Stone Golem's shield instead of health like normal.

  • But that meant Fire Demon's attack was to Stone Golem's health.
    • Normally it would have taken out the shield.
      • End result was 1 extra health damage.
  • Magi of the Forest's +4 magic attack only took out Serpent of the Flame's +2 shield.
    • Normally it would have done 4 health damage.
    • But this allowed Earth Elemental to attack health by -3.
      • I had 1 less health + shield damage because of the Weak Magic rule set.
  • Stone Golem misses with his attack.
    • Would he have missed without Flame Imp returning my speed to normal?
      • Maybe.
        Maybe not...

End of Round 1

Round 2


  • Serpent of the Flame poisons Stone Golem!
    • It doesn't matter, because Flame Imp and Fire Demon took him out.
      • Thanks to Fire Demon's blast the new tank (Magi of the Forest) is down to only 1 health!
  • I thought I was done for when they took out my Serpent of the Flame.
    • Flame Imp only has 1 health.
      • Take him out and Fire Demon can't attack from the tank position. (Ranged)
  • Swamp Thing missed!
    What luck!!!
    • Was it because Flame Imp flys or because of his speed?
      • Maybe a combination of both?

End of Round 2
I thought I would lose for sure...

Round 3


  • Flame Imp takes out Magi of the Forest.
    • Swamp Thing can no longer attack. (Ranged in tank position)
  • Earth Elemental heals itself of damage from Fire Demon's blast.
  • Another miss!!!
    What luck!!!
    • Was it because Flame Imp flys or because of his speed?
      • Maybe a combination of both?

End of Round 3

Swamp Thing is killed setting up the win.

Earth Elemental cannot attack from the tank position.

  • The only thing it can do is postpone the inevitable a bit by healing itself.
    • He dies in Round 6.



I cannot tell if I won this battle because of the Flame Imp, or in spite of him.

What do you think?

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