Steem Monsters Starter Set Giveaway and Fan Project Announcement

Starter Set Giveaway

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Have you not yet gotten into the wonderful world of Steem Monsters? Well now is your chance, one lucky steemian will be walking away with a free starter set. Allowing you to buy booster packs and farm out free reward cards in the daily quests. The winner will also recieve a few extra cards and enough help to get off on a strong foot.

To enter, please follow this account and resteem this post. An interesting comment should also be left. This can be anything, but should be something that will capture my attention. I am sure there will be a few top notch comments, so your posting quality will also become a deciding factor.

Winner will be announced in 72 hours. I have more give aways planned, a bunch of gold cards and probably another starter set. So keep your eyes peeled.

Tabletop RPG


I am currently working on a table top rpg for Steem Monsters. If you are unfamilar with these types of games, it is the same genre as games like DnD and Pathfinder. Keeping with the spirit of the card game, this will be a simpler version than the big players in this type of game.

An abundance of complex rules have always been a large berrier for entry into these games. Players get excited about playing a game of imagination, only to be presented with a 30 page book of rules and stats. I plan for this game to be different. Enough to keep the game structured, but simple enough that anyone can pick up and play.

As we learn more about the splinterlands, the game will surely grow more unique. As a consequence this will also make it more complex. I hope to keep the design philosophy of simplicity in mind however. If the game takes off, a more advanced release is certainly possible for those who enjoy stats as much as story.


I would like to win this starter pack very much. I registered for steemmonsters and bought Cards for the live splinter in market (because my quest was to win 5 ranked battels) but then I could not start ranked fight because I don't bought starter pack. Ok I just played one practice and won this, but it's more interested to can Play ranked, so I would be very gratful if I win.

Thanks for participating, and sorry to hear about that. It does suck that you can't play with out the starter set. Luckily I think it's only for the Alpha and the Beta.

So you think after BETA the starter pack will not be neccesary to Play ranked ?
Did you know when the BETA Ends ?

That is my understanding anyway. At a certain point I believe they are planning to stop the rewards cards and then there is little reason for them to prevent bots.

You are the winner of the contest btw! Hit me up with a place I can send you the gift code. Like discord or steem chat.

Thanks for your opinion.
I just don't know about this question.
What I read they also take 5% if People deal this Card in their market, so it could be interested from them to animate People to trade Cards - or you don't think so ?
I'm now in this discord.

You are the winner btw, can I get a way to contact you in private? Discord or steem chat perhaps?

I try to get their in, because I don't used this until now. If I'm ready I will just reply again in this message or try to contact you directly if I can. What discord you use ? I think their are more than one discord or how this work ?

Here's the SM discord, click the link in the thread. You will have to register if this is your first time using discord. Then comment here with your username

I think I'm in and online - schachoberhessen like here

Is your name their also "teller-of-tales" ? Because I cannot found you their.
I'm in fight room if this is neccesary, but I think for Chat it's not important, isn't it ?

Sorry, been having some issues with resource credits. My name is nomadic-maverick in the discord. Not sure if you are in the right server though, I can't find you.

Make an account on steem chat. That will probably be easier with only one server. Or an email would work. Steemit just doesn't have private messages, and I dont want the code getting scooped before you use it if I sent it out in the open.

ok I am now on steem Chat under my name

Awesome, I found you on there and sent the code over.

OK I think I now in this discord.
What channel I should use their ?

The earth is flat, is a fact

Lol not sure about that, but you got my attention. Love your illustrations by the way.

Believe me brother, I stole this photo of the earth that was in NASA's possession, my life is now in danger for showing it.

pd: Thanks! by the way :D

Wow, so this is the first non cgi picture of earth. That's crazy man.

Teller of tales
Bringer of war troop
Unclad thy army's veils
And lead them to coup

Make of me thy worthy recipient
Show me a kindness unknown
As of a Knight's valour spent
And a kings bravery blown

My lyrics my songs
My poem to you belongs
To please you beyond quarters
For your grace, some steem monsters.

Peace and Love💞,

Posted using Partiko Android

I really loved your song
Great poet thinkermyles
The entry was most strong
Flows better then the Nile

Good luck in this contest
When over, lets play a game
Of table top conquest
Our hero's taking name

I knew learning how to roll 20s would be useful.

Posted using Partiko iOS

The real trick is being able to stack them.

I used to collect silver coin puzzles until I discovered Steem Monsters. 👹

Posted using Partiko Android

Wow I didnt even know those were a thing. Super cool!

Yeah, I wish I was talented enough to create one. The more pieces, the more it costs.

Posted using Partiko Android

I bet. I know a guy who carves hobo nickels and I doubt even he could work a coin with that much finesse.

Hi! I almost have no experience in board games
Please, may you enlighten me about some - does this games have such consiquences?
Or you can evade such (like it more easier in the PC games seems to me - playing anywhere and with/(against!) anybody (else)

Lol, good pic. The answer is both a yes and no. Tabletop RPGs are different then board games, partly because there is no board, but also because there is rarely a player winning the game. Instead of beating the other players, the goal of the game is to simply craft an epic tale.

Though grudges are certainly possible. I have a friend who killed another friends donkey when they rolled a 1 (critical fail) and fell out of a tree hoping to get the jump on an approaching band of orcs. Good times were not had that night. There have also been occasions where players turn completely against eachother, but that is pretty rare.

If your interested in learning more about these types of games, then check out some videos or read about DnD and Pathfinder. I should be releasing the character sheets today, and rules tomorrow if I can finish prettying them up. This will be much simpler then other games in the genre so you should be able to quickly pick it up if it interests you. And since there is no board, you can play where ever you wish.

Wow, thanks for so detailed answer, as I can see
I was not only to capture my attention, but let you reminisce some good times.

As for the games - I'm prefer the computer gameplaying.
So that's the first the reason why I'm here.

Wish you luck with your game-creation/publication!)

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One day a wise man told me: "You can not win the lottery if you do not buy a ticket".
Here I am, buying my ticket.

Good luck with the role play! Maybe it's your ticket in the lottery of life ;D

Thank you for participating! Sorry for the delay in replying. Life got a little a head of me so I am a bit off beat. Winner will be announced in an hour or so.

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Very intereted action. I joined steemit just two days ago after I waited more than 7 weeks for account opening. I also want to play this exciting game steemmonster from whom I listen much, so would be great to win starter pack in this giveaway-contest. Let's say I'm chess player and I think that steem monster also is strategic game and not jump and run, so I would really like to try out this game. If you pick me I just they thank you in progress.

Welcome to steemit! Sorry to hear it took so long to join. Unfortunately you didn't win this contest, but I do have atleast one more starter set to give away sometime this week.

I hope you feel like home here on steemit, it is really a great community.

thank you very much, than I will just try again next time.

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