Last day for the AIRDROP!

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In this post we announced new legendary summoners and also an airdrop for them!

If you have purchased beta booster packs you're eligible for airdrop. Essentially there's a chance on any pack you purchased that you could have picked one of these summoners up or even better their gold foil variant.

There's still time, but it's really only 24 hours left. Are you going to miss out?

If you purchase booster packs from Steem Monsters you'll get a chance to get one of these cards. It's as if some of the packs you had purchased prior to the airdrop have a small percentage chance to have 6 cards in them instead of 5.

Anyway, after the airdrop these cards will be available in the booster packs and on the market. So, you'll be able to get them, but it's certainly cheaper to try to snag them now than 24 hours from now!

Only 500k Packs Left!

Well, interesting to note there are only 500k beta booster packs left after today. Chippin' away at the total supply!

Thank You for your continued support!

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I can't wait for the airdrop and its great seeing the amount of packs purchased over that past few days. I think its a positive we have 500,000 packs left as we want enough left to get the next wave of players to dip their toe into the beta pack supply.

This could be a really dumb question, but it still counts if I bought them on Peak Monsters, right? I've bought some packs directly through the Steem Monsters site, but I've bought almost 300 packs on Peak Monsters too.

Would be great to get one of these by airdrop. but can't buy any packs at the moment. so I'll muss this airdrop!!

Good luck everyone!!!

I think there is a bug in season reset system. I ended last season in Champion 3 which should of placed me with 2400 points in Gold 2, but instead I ended with 1400 points in Silver 2. Also I was fighting people who had Gold lvl summoners in Silver league. Something is definitely broken.


I am experiencing this same issue. It’s letting me use higher level cards also which shouldn’t be possible in the league I’m in. Very strange.🤔

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It's fixed now. Just saw it confirmed on Discord and I went from Silver 2 back to Gold 2




Same bug rewards in daily quest were adjusted to lower tier, looks fixed now for me though although I lost the daily cards for the proper tier.
(Reason was that it made you open the season rewards twice, then couldn't proceed forward unless you clicked it then you got the you already claimed this reward message with the downed rank u.u such troll bait)

I think season achievements would be a cool thing.

For example:
Win 50 games with life (5 extra reward cards)
Win a game against a higher league player (1 extra reward cards)
Win 20 games using only melee cards (2 extra reward cards)

I think bounties like these would make use of more cards.


That's a great idea!! Plus it gives you a challenge to play.....makes it more interesting!!

Have they talked about these achievements?


Not that i am aware but it could be incorporated into steemit board. Just like xbox achievements or ps trophies. If it was across new games aswell that would be amazing.


This is a cool idea!

If i start play today and buy a booster i can have chance too?

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Yes, you can buy booster packs today and have a chance to receive a card in the airdrop. Or you can buy booster packs later and have a chance to receive one of the new legendary summoners. The choice is up to you! You can make purchases on Steem Monsters <-FYI, that was an affiliate link.

Remember that you need summoner to call your monsters. Summoners can only call monsters in the same splinter and the neutral splinter (gray). Each splinter is a different color. There is 1 exception. Dragon summoners can call any splinter.

The starter pack is designed so that you can start playing right away. Sorry if this is too much information but just want to make sure you can make a good decision.


i bought a starter pack of $10, 2 hours ago, but i still didn't receive my cards.


Sorry to hear. I do not work for the Steem Monsters project so I can not help with this, but I recommend that you go to their discord channel ( There is an official channel called #Tech-Support. You should explain what happened there.


Everything was solved. Probably my mistake. I though it was appear in the Open tab, then i had to click for open. But they gone direct to Collection tab. Thanks for the support.

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What a way to create FOMO. The truth is tomorrow you'll have the same chance to flip a new summoner card and i suspect if you buy your boosters tomorrow you'll probably get them quicker, as they are supposed to be in the Beta packs going forward.

thanks @zaxan for the nice graphic!

whats the % chance of drop?

Monsters have been rampaging for a long time and often fight between one and the other, from the first the moster appearance is increasingly fierce and increasingly challenging.

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Valnamor looks awesome! :)

hope the universe be with me.

I'm looking forward to the airdrop and release of these new summoners. I've been thinking about investing in the 500 pack perchance, since I thinking that I can make my money back. Good luck to everyone during the airdrop! :)

I am rolling the Steem Monsters magic dice today! Come on, Daddy needs (a few) new legendary summoner :)

good luck yall !
I hope I get one of these legendaries

w00t w00t I hope we get some! :D

Time to try my luck;-)

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Just Bought One more Pack to Give me another Chance at the AIRDROP, Thank You @steemmonsters

This is cool, upped and resteemed to share with others!🙋😋❤
QUESTION: Why is it cheaper to buy the booster packs now, then 24 hours from now, will the price be going up @aggroed !?


I get the impression there's a higher "drop rate" in the airdrop than the standard drop rate for legendary cards in packs. It'll be even harder to crack a legendary of a specific type, statistically speaking, with another 5 in the fold. So if you want a particularly legendary summoner, you'd be fishing for "lucky tickets" among all the other existing beta legendaries, Frost Giants, Hydras, Angels of Lights, and so on.


Aha, ok , well that actually makes sense, lol thanks for your awesome reply @holozOr , I would love to have any one of them ! 👍👍👍

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look forward to the air drop :D Picked up another 575 just the other day when it was first announced.

It would be really great to get one of them by Airdrop... I'm at the Airdrop and wish us all luck.


I just got my airdropped card. Looks great. Thanks @steemmonsters.

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 10.50.29 PM.png.

Thanks for sharing, upvoted you!

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I purchased booster packs prior the the airdrop and I dont recall receiving anything.

Those are just insane!