Announcing the Kickstarter Legendary Summoners!

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You may remember that our Kickstarter campaign launched back in September included a "YOU ARE LEGENDARY" reward tier that allowed up to 5 backers to design their own Legendary Summoner card to be included in the game.

It took some time, but we are excited to announce that the 5 new Legendary Summoners, one for each of the 5 primary Splinters, have been designed and are ready to release into the game!

In this post we announced that if less than half of the Beta edition booster packs were sold (450,000) by the time that the new Summoner cards were ready, we will air drop them to players based on the number of Beta edition booster packs they have purchased and then include them in new packs purchased going forward.

Since currently less than half of the Beta edition booster packs have been sold, that's what we're going to do! More details below.

Shut Up and Show Us the Cards!

Without further ado, here are the new Summoner cards:

As you can see they all cost 5 mana and have some pretty significant stat buffs for friendly Monsters and/or debuffs for enemy Monsters. Our hope is that these new additions feel "Legendary" through their strong stats while still being balanced due to the higher mana cost. Ideally, in mid-range mana cap battles, it will be a very tough decision whether to use a new 5-mana summoner or one of the older 2 or 3 mana summoners and have some extra mana to use for the Monsters.

Airdrop Details

All Beta edition pack purchases made prior to block number 30,000,000 (which should occur around 11 AM ET, Saturday, February 2nd) will be eligible for the air drop, and the hash of that block and the previous block will be used to seed the random number generator for the air drop.

The airdrop is based on what would have happened had these summoners been included in the set since the beginning. So, for each pack that was purchased since the beginning of Beta, we will do a random roll (based on the block id of block #30,000,000) to see if you would have gotten one of these cards. If you would have, then you will receive one in the airdrop. It also has the same 2% chance of being gold foil just like normal.

If you'd like to get in on the air drop, make sure you purchase packs over the next week before block 30,000,000! Please note that after the airdrop these cards will be added to the Beta edition set so they have a chance to be found in any new Beta edition packs purchased from that point forward just like any other card in the set.

It will take some time after that block passes to actually award the air dropped cards due mostly to limitations around custom JSON operations on the blockchain, but once it's done you can log into and you will see a gift notification if you received any of the new Summoners!

Thank You to Our Legendary Supporters!

We want to take this opportunity to give a huge shout-out to our "Legendary" supporters who worked with us to design these awesome new cards:

Each of them will be receiving both a regular and gold foil version of the card they designed as part of the Kickstarter reward.

Thank you for your continued support!

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Cool to see summoners with multiple buffs. These are definitely a welcome addition.

With the current summoner buffs, they always do something positive for the player who uses them. It would be interesting to have summoner buffs or monsters abilities that did something negative in return for a reduced mana cost. For example, reduce friendly monsters health by one but for a 0 mana cost.

Compared to summoners like Neb Seni which cost 4 mana and give only +1 speed, those summoners are soo OP. For only 1 extra mana they get 2 additional very important buffs. Their bad balancing will be very visible in game modes like “back to basics” where if you don’t use one of the new summoners you’re dead...

Neb Seni also gives access to the Dragon Splinter cards which these don't, and also these cards are Legendary vs Neb Seni who is rare (I know that doesn't really apply to Neb Seni since he was a KS exclusive card, but nevertheless higher rarity cards are supposed to be more powerful).

Also it doesn't make sense to look at things from the perspective of just one ruleset. The point is to balance the game overall meaning that some cards are over-powered in some rulesets and under-powered in others. For example, while these cards will be amazing in "Back to Basics", they will be useless in "Silenced Summoners".

Really really looking forward to them... and of course the white splinter one.
There's a lot of spoken worry about the stats which may or may not be too powerful.

I think it just would have been way more fun for the game for them have them do interesting things instead of just playing around with the same ol' stats... so yeah I'm a bit bummed they went with stat changes instead of cool abilities like the kickstarter creators were hoping for. Oh well.

They May end up being strong cards but they're also not going to be very exciting for game play which is too bad. I'd rather have a fun and interesting card even if niche.

But i'm looking forward to Feb2

As am I, cool unique abilities would have been great, but I'm still plenty happy with what we got. I understand there's only so much the SM team can do, and with automated tournaments taking longer than anticipated I suppose plans had to be scaled back a bit elsewhere to avoid pushing the roadmap back too much.

These are still going to make for some very interesting choices in high mana battles. Greatly looking forward to Feb. 2!

OMG these Summoners rock, hard!
Can't wait to play with some.

Very awesome! I've been waiting a long time to see these unveiled and it was worth the wait. Fantastic art and suitably powerful stat buffs. Can't wait to do battle with Crypt Mancer leading my team!

I can't wait to do battle with you leading my team either! :-P

You've made the Steemit Minute for today! Congrats!

Check out the Video Here:

Seems overpowered :P

Amazing, but they make Selenia seem under-powered

Selenia is the most OP card in the game right now. She is still 2 mana less than these cards and has access to the dragons + any splinter. I don't think she's going anywhere :-)

Yeah, I get that. But does dragons + 2 mana = 2 or 3 buffs?

Obviously, I'm just speculating on how these will work in games right now, but it seems like 1 extra buff would be more balanced.

But does dragons + 2 mana = 2 or 3 buffs?

As far as I can tell from my balancing spreadsheet, play testing, and general intuition - yes, it does.

That being said, obviously we don't always get things 100% right all of the time, and we'll be keeping a close eye on win rates and usage of cards as we always do and make changes if necessary, but to the best of my ability I do think this will be pretty well balanced overall while also allowing the cards to feel "Legendary" and exciting to get and play in battles.

It will definitely be exciting!

Hehe. Matt you probably shouldnt be calling any of the game cards overpowered as the dev. :D
When you say that, it means you are aware of the inbalance but arent doing anything about it. haha.
Imo Selenia is just fine as is.. No major complaints there.

I really meant that Selenia Sky is one of the best, and most used cards in the game, not that she is over powered or needs to be nerfed. It was a misuse of the term "OP".

I know. Was "trolling" a bit. ;)

true...but you can definitely say first when they appear on the market and players agree on their price value

Nice work.

Can someone just update me on what block number we are at? And any coders design a countdown for block 30+?

Woot!! So happy to see this. One of the best Kickstarter programs I have been a part of.

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