You Can Play Steemmonsters Too! - The Best Beginner Tutorials Compiled

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Are you interested in playing @steemmonsters, but do you think it looks complicated? Are you afraid you won't understand? There's no need for that anymore!

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Cold Feet

Trust me, I know all about it. Before the games started, I had been panicking for weeks.
Since I have absolutely no background when it comes to these kinds of games, and coming up with strategies is not one of my strong points - to say the least, I was terrified I wouldn't succeed in getting even a basic understanding of the game.

I read a lot about @steemmonsters, but every post got me even more confused. How on earth would I ever be able to remember all the abilities of the different monsters: three sorts of attack, speed, shields, the order of play,..
My brain simply stopped working every time I tried to figure it out.

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And then there were all those other people, talking about the game like they were experts who had been playing for years. They were using words and terms I didn't even understand.

So I decided I would stay away from the game. I was interested, but also convinced I would never be able to understand how it worked. I was afraid I would fail...


Off To A Bad Start

I did have a starter pack, so I thought I could just as well give it a shot. From the moment I opened my account and started to check out the pack, I was completely lost. I tried to play a few games,, but I didn't have a clue what all those symbols meant, and once I had a (randomly chosen) line up and started the game, everything happened so fast... too fast for me to be able to follow.

It was a complete disaster! I felt like such a failure. I consider myself to be somewhat intelligent, and I couldn't understand why I wasn't able to understand a stupid game. I felt so frustrated at the time...

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I was ready to quit, to walk away and never look back when I stumbled upon some tutorials that were actually fairly easy to understand.

I reserved some time to go through them one by one, and step-by-step I got a basic understanding of the @steemmonsters game.

And you know what?
Once you get the basics, it's not all that complicated.

I'm not saying I'm an expert yet, but with the basic knowledge, you can start to try out a couple of things and see how they work out. Trial and error... that's how you learn to play.

Although I don't have a maxed deck, and still have a lot of questions, I managed to make it to the Champion 2 League last season.
(I forgot to take a screenshot - I only have one that shows I'm in the Diamond League, but it gives you an idea.)


And I can guarantee you, I had loads of fun getting there.

And all I did to achieve this was go through those tutorials, and battled. There were times I lost 15 games in a row and got a little frustrated, but sometimes I won 20 battles, one after each other. I'm unable to describe the feeling of triumph that comes with that.

Every day, I learn something new, but it all started with the basics.


You Can Do It Too!

Which brings me to the reason why I started writing this post.
During my SteemIt adventures, I run into quite a lot of people who are experiencing the same feeling I had in the beginning. They are attracted to the game but don't know where to start, and are afraid they will not understand.

Below, I will share the tutorials that helped me to get started. I recommend you go over them one by one - don't go through them all at once. Read one today, another one tomorrow and so on... Give your brain the time to process the information.

Of course, it helps if you have an account with a starter deck, so you can compare the information in the tutorials with your actual cards and try out a thing or two.

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Recommended Tutorials

The tutorials listed below helped me out a lot. You'll notice I've listed a written tutorial, and a video tutorial. They both cover more or less the same information. It helped me to first read the posts, and then watch the video - but I assume this is different for everyone.

1 - @davemccoy's Breakdown Tutorials

@davemccoy split up the basics in 3 different posts, which makes it all fairly easy to digest. Like I already said, it helps if you have a starter pack to compare with.

Steem Monster Rules - 101 (The Beginning)

In the first part of his tutorial, Dave explains what summoners are and which role they play. He also introduces you to the predetermined rules the fights are based on.

Read The Post Here

Steem Monster Rules - 101 (The Battle Rules)

In the second part, you can read about the three different ways to attack your opponent, and what the rules for every sort of attack are. He also reveals the importance of speed when choosing your line up.

Read The Post Here

Steem Monster Rules - 101 (Your Monster Levels Matter)

In the third tutorial, Dave Talks about leveling up your cards, and how this can give your monster more power and/or extra abilities.

Read The Post Here

These tutorials are really very basic. Still, I had to read them a couple of times while looking at my starter deck to find out what it all meant. So don't give up if it doesn't make any sense the first time you read it, because it will... eventually.


2 - @thecryptodwarf Video Tutorials

@flauwy created some fun to watch video tutorials that cover the basics of the game. Later on, he also created animated videos in which he explains how the tournaments and the daily quests work.
You can find the entire series on the @cryptodwarf account.

The two videos below introduce you to the @steemmonster basics:

Steem Monsters Introduction For Beginners (Animation)

Since you already know about @steemmonsters, the first half of the video might cover topics that are no mystery anymore. In the second half is explained what splinters and sumoners are, and what the different symbols on the card represent. You are also introduced to special abilities and what it means to level up your cards.

Watch The Video Here

Steem Monsters Battle Guide For Beginners

The second video tutorial covers the rules of the game, and shows you how to create your first team.

You can see the three different ways t attack in action, and you get more information about the extra abilities a monster can have.

Watch The Video Here

These tutorials are really made with the beginner in mind. The animation makes all the information a lot easier to digest.


3 - @steemmonsters' Cheat Sheet

Once you've gone through the previous tutorials, you should be able to start playing. Don't worry if you lose a lot in the beginning, even experienced users often lose more battles than they win.

The game requires you to process a whole lot of information. The best way to do this is by playing. The more you play, the more the rules come 'natural' to you.

I must admit, I often forget what an ability stands for, or how to make sure my monsters attack both the front and the back of my opponent's team.

That's where this cheat sheet comes in.

steemmonsters gameplay mechanics.jpg
Link To Post

@steemmonsters' Steem Monsters Gameplay Mechanics Revealed! provides you with an overview of all the basic information.

Teams, stats, abilities, summoners, levels, team ordering, attack ordering,... everything you've seen in the previous tutorials has been collected on this one page.

Personally, I think this post is a little complicated if you don't have any knowledge yet, but once you've gone through the other tutorials, it's a great way to look up something you need to know.


More Tutorials

There are plenty of @steemmonsters tutorials on SteemIt. The ones I presented above are the ones I used to get started. Thanks to these tutorials and some help from my friends, I'm having loads of fun playing @steemmonsters - a game of which I never thought I would understand how it worked.

So, if you are interested in the game, don't hold back because it looks like it is so complicated from the outside. Once you are playing, you'll pick up the rules in no time. Got questions? Ask around. Half of the community is playing, I bet your friends are too!

And maybe the most important of all:

You don't have to be a @steemmonsters master to have fun!

If you don't have a @steemmonsters account yet, but you want to join the fun, you can create your account by clicking the banner below.

DISCLAIMER: You'll be signing up through my affiliate link


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Great summary post. I've been looking for this.

I hope it can help you out a little

@pretty.dorkey!!! Glad to see you back in action in the background :0)\nThanks for the vote

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My new strategy is to Not Play...
Only play thoose days the conflictrules is perfect for my cards. Not so fun but effectiv

I might have an idea to allow you to play more and learn more about the game.
I'll be out all day today, but I'll get back to you tomorrow. Leave a short comment on this, so I'll remember

Excited to see. Todays strategy at many accounts is to play one-card. To level down.

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Can't seem to find you on Discord, although I'm pretty sure I have seen you there before. Can you send me a DM on Discord? (simpymike#5957)

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Just did it. ONe minute ago

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Hello old friend:-)
This was a great and helpful post. I don’t have the time to go through all this now but I will set a side time to visit all the tutorials so I learn more about the game. Hopefully someone also will write a new one when the new season starts. As I understand the gameplay will change where you need to match your opponent in each battle.
I managed to get into the diamond league as the highest performance so far, I joined a telegram group where I get a lot of help with learning the gameplay and putting together battle teams. I think I the beginning it is smart that the community help each others out to learn the game and have a lot more fun when u understand how it all works.
I believe we have had some battles even doe I don’t remember our scores.

Hope to meet u on the battlefield again soon.
Best regards

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I think I've battled you plenty of times, lol. \nI will give a hint to @davemccoy about writing a new SM 101 when the new rules are in place. He did a great job translating the overload on information into understandable tutorials.\n\nI agree the community need to help each other. If we don't, I guess the battlefield would be taken by experienced players with a background in these kinds of games, and that would be pretty boring.\n\nI'm.part of a so called 'guild' in which experienced, semi-experienced and new players are working together to make sure as many people as possible get a chance to play. \n\nReading or watching tutorials is one thing, but it is important to be able to ask specific questions and get them answered by your peers....\n\nI get most of the basics, but the advanced strategies are still a puzzle to me. Still, I managed to get to Champion 2 last season. I don't have maxed decks, so it was impossible to rank higher, but it's a good sign that you don't have to be an expert or have maxed cards to reach a decent level.\n\nI'm already looking forward to.meeting you in the arena again ;0)

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Dude that is a great guide to the game. I am loving playing it and can't wait for the new stuff they have planned.

Thanks @simplymike! This is a great help! I know there are many of us out here who want to play but have that fear holding us back....ok... maybe it's just me lol😉

Hope you're doing well!!!

I wrote this post after I had seen two people saying they weren't playing for the exact same reason. So you are not alone.
And you are surrounded by the best team possible... why not give it a try?

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS @steemitbloggers family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Yeah detailed tutorial of @Steemmonsters I didn,t read any tutorial before of @Steemmonsters because I don,t want I learn everything during playing and visiting @Steemmonsters.

Each his own ways, @talhatariq. :0)

Hola @simplymike! Lo que describes es lo que siento, leere los Tutoriales, para animarme a jugar, ya me suscribi en la pagina, un abrazo.

It's how I felt for weeks, until I found the tutorials and some friends who could answer my questions. Once you can work through the basics, it's not that difficult at all to play and win some battles. And the more you play, the faster and more you learn.\n\nWhich page did you subscribe to?

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Thank you, I needed this! I am in that lost and confused place rn. I will check these out when I have a bit more time. :)

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Maybe it can comfort you to know that I've been in that same place for weeks. It will pass once you get in the flow. Are you playing already, or not yet?

Posted using Partiko Android

I'm not playing yet. I looked at the "how to play" page and my brain was like, "Nope." I can only focus on so much detail like that. I think I used up my quota. LOL
But I'll look at the tutorials, because perhaps a different explanation like a video won't make my brain go on strike.

Lol, sounds so familiar, lol. Even after reading Dave's tutorials my brain simply refused to process the info. My brain simoly flatlined. I really thought I would never understand. \nIf I can find the time to dig up the one-to-one explanation Dave gave me on Discord, I can maybe pass it on Of course, I don't know as much as he does, but I think I can break up the tutorials in even smaller chunks of info, to.make it more clear.\n\nIf it is still too much for your brain to handle next week, maybe we should get together on Discord and I can try to answer the question you have. Once you start playing, it will get more clear. Trial and error is the best way to learn

Posted using Partiko Android

Oh, totally. For this kind of thing, I want the video game tutorial level that teaches you through playing it. Other things I process through reading. It varies depending on the activity!

@phoenixwren, I have an opportunity you might be interested in. I wanted to contact you on Discord, but couldn't find you. Can you please send me your Discord name, or contact me through DM. My username on Discord is simplymike#5957

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Hey there! Sent a friend request. I'm FirebirdVelitas ...don't remember the number offhand. LOL

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I only have a starter deck and one unopened pack, but I mean to have a go. Thanks for this.

If you have a starter deck, you might just as well play, right.
If you have questions, feel free to ask. Maybe I don't know the answer, but I'm close to people who have all the answers :0)

When I get back home, I'm going to have to have a look at this. Thanks for the tutorials!

Love your new Avatar by the way too😊

Back home?
Wanted to send you a message all week, but didn"t have a clue what was going on over there, so couldn't find the right words...
Glad to hear from you! (Sorry for the delay, I'm so far behind on my comments....)

So many great tutorials! Resteemed!

Thanks for the support!

Great compilation @simpymike. I started off reading @davemccoy's tutorials too, but it was always late at night and I never quite made it through the posts without falling asleep in the middle. I really did wake up a couple times with phone in hand still, lol. (Sorry Dave, it's not your posts--just me not having enough time in the day)

So Dave said just jump right in, which I did. I learned via playing and still not well versed, but good thing we have Dave around to answer our gazillion questions. ;)

True. After reading his tutorials he gave me a one-on-one crash course and afterwards I jumped in. It's indeed the best way to learn how to play.

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Thank you! I just started playing today and completed my quest! Felt good winning a booster pack. Now to do all the reading so I can make better headway when fighting and hopefully Cyber Monday will have good sales too!

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Congratulations on winning your first pack! May it be the first of many


Thanks for this summation. I've been wanting to have a shot at this for a while, but like you, didn't really know where to begin. I'll start with the tutorials you've linked to.

It's really not as hard as it looks. Once you get the basics, you learn by playing

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I've had a few shot recently, and found it not too difficult. I think the main thing to do is to read the attributes of the cards so you know what you're putting into your side each time. What an epiphany when I discovered that some card only attack from the back, or that magic attacks go directly to the life, and bypass any shields.

Same here. It's something I'm still struggling to remember. But the ony way to learn is to plah, to loose, to try to analyse what wengnt wrong and start all over again...

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I wish I could have seen this during the upvote value time, it is a great post. @crystalpacheco sent it to me! Thank you so much, is time to study haha.