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The Bet


Here's my wager. You ( @rentmoney ) can't grind out $100 in rewards in a season starting with $100 in investment. Spend your $100 on as many new accounts as you like and purchase packs to meet your goal. Start with clean accounts. Earn rewards until the season ends. If you earn 50 packs I'll pay you the $100. If not then we're happy doing business with you.


Yesterdays Daily Packs Achieved: 9
Total Packs Achieved: 51 / 50
Daily Time: 126 minutes
Total Time : 735 minutes
Funds Spent : $80
Balance: $20
ROI: + $22

Accounts & Total Packs Earned On Each

  • FreeMonsters: 6 daily / 1 league
  • MonstersforFree: 6 daily / 2 league
  • GetInTheGame: 6 daily / 1 league
  • StarterSet: 6 daily / 2 league
  • SM-Rocks: 6 daily / 2 league
  • SM-Rules: 6 daily / 2 league
  • Lets-Rumble: 4 daily / 1 league

Challenge Completed

As you can see its very easy to attain free boosters in the current rewards system. I was given 14 days to win 50 packs using $100 or less on booster / starter packs. I completed that challenge in 6 days while running into some technical difficulties and spending only $80 ( which was more then I needed to spend to complete this bet ). My system can be greatly improved on as its possible to attain 50 packs in 4 days using 10 accounts or $100 investment by simply collecting the daily for 4 days and earning 1 booster in each account in the league standings. In fact this was so easy I will not hold @aggroed to his end of the agreement and release him of any commitment he has to send me $100.

Projected Rewards Review

If I decided to buy 10 Starters ( $100 worth ) and started playing at the beginning of the season below are the number of boosters I would have attained.

The number of Accounts used (10) times the number of days in a season (14) for a total of 140 free daily boosters. Then we will have to add the potential league boosters that can be won. I put this number at 4 conservatively .... so another 40 free boosters in total from 10 accounts. Bringing our total to 180 free boosters or $360 worth of rewards in a season. Now if one was to open up the won boosters along the way and level up cards then they could easily climb up the league and earn allot more then the conservative 4 boosters per account in the league bonus that I placed into this calculation.

To be clear this is not the true value of what you can earn using $100 or less. You can earn much much more if you were to spend a small portion of money on buying a couple choice cards. I am thinking about showing the true value of spending $100* next season in a new experiment as I know there are still lots doubting my claims.

Final Thoughts

I know I will get allot of flak for this but the reward system is too generous and too easily gamed. I managed to run this challenge on level 1 cards and using only the cards that come in the starter set. I also limited myself to playing 1 / 2 accounts at a time costing me more daily time then needed to complete this challenge. A person can come away with some very high ROI if they wanted to spend $100 on accounts and another $10 / $20 on specific cards that will help catapult accounts up the league on the last days of it.

As is Steem-Monsters is a money printing machine for anyone looking for short term profit. How long will this last is anyones guess but now is the time to join and earn as I don't believe that all these free rewards being handed out hand over fist will continue as the game progresses. Plus the game is allot of fun and has a great community behind it. Not to mention $100 daily and $1000 free to join tournaments are just around the corner. All you need is the cards to play in them so start collecting today !

Click Here To Sign Up To Steem-Monsters

I will give updates and stats of today's play in the comment section to make sure I well surpass the 50 packs needed to win this bet but I won't be creating anymore daily updates as I feel there is no longer a need to. If you have any questions ask away in the comment section. I would love to hear your thoughts on the current rewards system and this bet in general. Good luck on the battle field !
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735 mins,,,
thats 12 hours....
you played more than that 2min a battle, even with a 75% winning
and 1 in 5 not your splinter +
1 min login percentage that means 20 mins a day/payout/card upgrades/pack openining.
Add in the interface freeze ups every 10 min.

thats 30 mins an account easily thats 300 mins a day, that's 5 hours daily...
In 3 days you would be blown past your,735min, at 900 minutes and only have 30 packs...

@steeminiti, @payoutbot & I played both you and agrroed a few times in this last season and beat you both most of the time, you { specifically went head to head with a bunch of times in the bronze level 1, quite a bunch of times almost in a row, so I know your win percentages were not even 75%.

That means your liar liar pants on fire!

So generously you spent at least 40 hours....

And you got was 50 packs worth $100

so your time was worth $2,25 an hour...

And that does cover the electricity.

The only way you could have done it faster was bots, and that's cheating...

So ewhich are you a liar or cheater?


My timing is very close to being accurate. Feel free to read all my daily update topics and comment updates on the bet in each topic and checking my claims via the blockchain. I ran into some technical difficulties of a crashed hardrive so one of my days are an estimated amount of play. The SM site was having tech difficulties as well while I was completing this challenge. Its possible I am off by 30 minutes at most.

  • I never watched battles thus cutting down time needed to play them

  • I never opened any booster packs

  • I never combined any cards

  • I only used cards found in the starter set

  • None of my splinters were ever excluded because I used all splinters on each account

  • I am against bot use for the most part

  • I multi-tabled

  • I am already logged in before play and even if I wasn't putting my name and log info into Steem-Monsters isn't taking anywhere near a minute.

-You should do more homework before calling someone a cheat / liar. By the sounds of your response you never read my topics / updates pertaining to this bet/challenge. Which would make you a fool for calling someone a liar or cheat without looking into all the easily attainable information or somebody who is slow on the battle-field and spending too much time battling.

So which is it .... are you a fool or are you too slow on the battle field ?

I will just add one more thing to rustle your jimmies a little more. With a decent computer or laptop I can easily cut down the time played in this challenge by 1/3rd ( likely more ).


I should add that I was timing my play using my laptop at first but then simply used the battle times on the Steem-Monsters webpage to track time spent playing.



Congratulations! It sounds like you did really well. I'll have to try out Steem Monsters someday.


This season ends in three days. If the next season still allows these same rewards I would jump in on it if I were you. $100 / $1000 free rolls coming in January as well so it would be a good Idea to start collecting cards ASAP.

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Upvoted ... I love this service !


You made it ;)
Told you can do it!


Thanks for following along with the experiment.

I did not doubt your victory. I support your opinion. that the current reward system is very generous. Perhaps, because of this, we see a significant reduction in the price of cards.

Я не сикунды не сомневался в Вашей победе. Поддерживаю, Ваше мнение. что нынешняя система вознаграждения очень щедрая. Возможно,из-за этого мывидим значительное снижение на цены карт.


Its one of the reasons contributing to the decrease in card values but there is allot of other factors to take into consideration as well.

Thanks for contributing to the topic.

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Awesome....... thanks !

Congratulations @rentmoney!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

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Well done @rentmoney. I think you are being over generous with the league wins though.

I've been playing level 1 cards since the beginning of the season and I'm still in Bronze 2 so only 2 rather than 4 season end cards at the moment.

The bots slow me down massively since they take up a lot of time in the games and, even if I win, it doesn't get counted towards the quest.

Today has been really bad. I sincerely hope they're not getting worse as people try and get higher as the season gets closer to the end.

Twice today I was playing against the same 4 bots, playing just one card again and again.



Bronze 3 / 2 /1 have the same rules for battles. Which is .... Level 3 Commons / Level 2 Rares / Level 2 Epic & Level 1 Legendary. So if one can go from Bronze 3 to Bronze 2 with level 1 cards then its possible to go to and move on from Bronze 1 with those same cards. The most difficulty comes when hitting silver league but at this point we would have earned our 4 boosters already.

The majority of my accounts are at bronze 2 and that is with limited play on them and using just the starter pack. I only played to get 5 wins and stopped.


Yeah, the bots that eat up time and then place one card up to battle are a pain. They do however allow for an easy win towards the daily. Its only wins via the surrender option that don't count.

Thanks for contributing to the topic.


They do however allow for an easy win towards the daily. Its only wins via the surrender option that don't count.

I must have been surrendering then instead of playing them because they haven't counted towards my daily quests.

It's late now and I'm off to bed but I will check that tomorrow.

I only played to get 5 wins and stopped.

Me too but I'm finding it hard to get out of Bronze 2 and I have more cards than the starter pack. You must be a much better player than I am.


I don't think the SM system can tell if we are up against one card or five in a battle in regards to rewarding a win. Please let me know if you are not getting your win vs. One card players as I am almost certain that I was. Clicking surrender will give you a auto loss and cause you to lose points.

I am most certainly not a better player then you. I am only a novice when it comes to this game. Keep at it and you will be in Bronze 1 before you know it. If you find you are playing vs. people that are beating you more often then not, try taking a brake for 30 minutes or so and when you go back to playing there might be a new batch of players to face.


Please let me know if you are not getting your win vs. One card players

I get a win against one card players and bots @rentmoney but it doesn't count towards my quest when it is a bot because they automatically surrender.

If a player plays one card and doesn't surrender it will count towards the quest because they played.

I take frequent breaks as you recommend. If I didn't it would drive me nuts.

Just as a comparison I made a note of how long it took this morning and what was happening. The time I took out for breaks are excluded from the total time it took me to win the quests.

Account 1 took 14 games and 37 minutes
Account 2 took 8 games and 15 minutes
Account 3 took 18 games and 46 minutes over 2 separate sessions - 4 times my splinter wasn't available and there were 2 errors when it said I fled from the field when I didn't
Account 4 took 16 games and 53 minutes over 2 separate sessions - this one was really frustrating as the splinter I was playing was missing for 7 of those 16 games
Account 5 took 8 games and 14 minutes
Account 6 took 8 games and 17 minutes

This took me all morning and some time after lunch to win 6 packs.

All accounts apart from 1 are playing level 2 summoners and cards to go with them.

I have been playing all season and so far I have 4 accounts in Bronze II and 2 accounts in Bronze I.

So it is definitely not as easy for me as you make it sound. I really hope they don't change the rules for quests again on the basis of your experience because I'm not sure it's representative. It certainly isn't in my case.

And, if anything, I'd say I had a better than usual day today as I didn't encounter many bots.


Yes, that is what I meant. When bots play or humans play one card it counts. Any surrender doesn't count towards daily.

Have you thought about playing two accounts at the same time ? You will need to use a different browser for each or alternatively you could open an incognito window. This will cut down your time drastically and help with the nuisance of bots / human players running down the timer on a battle as you can simply focus on the other battle you have going on instead while you wait.

I feel as my experiment is spot on and you yourself are proving that as well with the times and examples you posted above. I do concede that it might be harder for some to reach 4 boosters in the league standings then others with level 1 cards but even still that is only 2 less boosters in a season per account and that specific point is only a small part of the experiment. A person could spend $10 in cards / open the free boosters along the way which will help catapult them up the league standings to go well above the 2 - 4 booster level. Alternatively people can play allot more then 1-2 battles at a time as well. Below is an example of how its done in poker. A game that requires seconds for action to take place instead of the 3 minutes we get in Steem-Monsters. I show this to give an Idea of how easily gamed the current system is.


I don't have anything against people playing multiple games at once it's just the bots I object to.

I have tried playing 2 games at once but I'm not able to do so. It was OK with the old rules but now I just get in a muddle.

I've been using the waiting time to write Christmas cards and wrap presents instead. 😂


One of the main reasons for the bots that you don't like is the current over generous reward system. Bots are in the game to help with farming packs.

Boosters are limited and have a face value of $2 so that means people invested their money at $2 pop in these boosters without knowing they would be given out so freely. Boosters are now being sold on the " black market " for $1 a pop.

Something can't be given out hand over fist for free and still hold its monetary value. If the general population goes crazy for the game then it won't matter in the long run but there is also a chance this game ends up being a game played by Steemians and a handful of others we recruit, which is fine and still makes the game a success in my eyes.

All these free boosters being given out also hurts sales . And sales is what funds the prizes in upcoming tournaments. No-one is going to buy $500 worth of boosters when they see they can buy $100 worth of accounts instead to farm endless boosters.

A junk of those who are farming or will be farming if this game moons will simply farm to sell. They spend the min and take out the maximum they can from the community.

I say this as a person who invested very little compared to some others. Its actually in my best interest to not shine a light on this and simply participate in farming however I like the game and I like the people behind it and I would like to see it succeed.


Excellent use of waiting time btw :)

Generous is good. Did we learn nothing from the hardfork? Encourage newbies. Grow user base. At all costs.


Generous is good .... too generous leads to abuse.

I don't think this is really a weakness of SteemMonsters i think this is a benefit that they allow users show the real life ways things can be exploited meanwhile they work on other things and then they adapt each time and in the grand scheme of thing it's only a short period of time ... and actually paying you $100 or so in packs or @holoz0r a few hundred packs (for last season's exploit) to show the weakness in a system is a very easy price to pay.

In any case you won't get "flak" from lots of us. It's pretty obvious by now that this pack system is not sustainable in any stretch of the imagination and I suppose they have seen the effects in the pack purchasing department so the numbers should speak for themselves and no more pack purchasing means at some point they run out of funds, so that's a motivation. (however it's bad timing because steem currency is way down so kind of hard to really see the correlation... but given all the freebies and steem price the market is pretty dead in comparison)

You've worked hard to show an exploit statistically and now it's time to fix it and move on. Thanks


I agree that the founders actively encouraging users to find exploits is a positive. Steem-Monsters is community driven and the founders are very considerate of the users thoughts and are hard working to continuously improve the game. Which is one of the main reasons I think this game will continue to be successful.

The " flak " I may receive likely won't come from those more highly invested like yourself but from those who are currently farming packs or those who are loving the current reward system due to its generosity. But for the most part my " flak " comment was just a way to introduce my final thoughts. If the rehashed debate of lowering rewards in the discord chat taught us anything its that users are divided on the subject.

Thanks for your thoughts on the subject matter.