The biggest Steemmonsters giveaway up to now!

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YES, I own a full set now!

You may have heard of @steemmonsters build by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. If not, check it out at or numerous posts about it. Since there is a possibility implemented to transfer cards quick and easy, also trading gets a real boost. Especially trading on the blockchain.

Without fees and only 3 seconds of delay … chew on that Cryptokitties!

(we really need some fanart of steemmonsters slaying cryptokitties...)

So we all can’t expect the fight to start (probably September)
In the meantime we can get our decks completed or involve in some fan-art, contests around the game or even becoming a boss monster

I guess you all want to know how to get the free monsters, so here we go:

  1. Get yourself a starting pack on
  2. Sell one of your unwanted monsters via @steembay (I’ll explain that later)
  3. Follow @steembay and Resteem/Vote this post.
  4. Link your finished auction here in a comment.

What you can win:

1st Place:

A Lord of Darkness legendary card

2nd Place:

A Frost Giant legendary card

3rd Place:

A full Set of ALL alpha Epics (10 cards in total)

4-6th Place

A full Set of All alpha Rares ( 20 cards each )

7-10 Place

A full Set of All alpha Commons (20 cards each)

Each entry will be put in a randomizer, and drawn by chance. I hope to be able to do it live in the steemmonsters discord, but I will have to discuss and plan this further.

How to use Steembay to sell your cards:

  1. Write a post on any steem frontend with a pic of the card, tell something about it (or don’t…), tell people a “buy it now price” if you have such a price and possibly explain how to bid.
  2. Use as FIRST tag “steembay”
  3. Wait for the bot to log in (may take up to 30 seconds).
  4. Start the auction with your minimum price in SBD (you can start as low as 0.001 SBD)
  5. Watch the bids coming in and end the auction (comment “end auction”) as soon as your individual time is up (like 24 hours) or your “buy it now” price was hit (You can also wait for 7 days until the standard auction time is over)
  6. Transfer the card, get your money or vice versa (you can use a merchant / escrow for that if you don’t trust your buyer. Go to the steemmonsters discord and grab a merchant, who will moderate / escrow your transfer

Note: there are NO fees neither for using steembay nor for using a merchant!

Here is a good example for such an auction:

How long this Event will last?

This event will last until payout time of this post. I'll wait for 7 more days after that until all auctions from that period are finished and then sort it all out. Every SOLD monster, using steembay will be counted as an entry, multiple entries are possible and wanted.


You have to SELL your monster not only to OFFER it. (A lower starting price could help ...)

Have FUN and good luck!!!


great.. I think I was the first one who connected steembay and steem monsters with my first auction ;-)

true. THX !
You can't imagine how exited I got seeing steemmonsters rising up.

yeah it's great to see what can happen in 1 week on STEEM

Steemmonster will probably make a big hit soon since it really makes a buzz within the community and many of our fellow steemains support it. Everyone is excited in the coming tournament.. wooHhooOO

Sold an EPIC Naga Warrior for 0.25 SBD.

Link to my auction post and the link to the winning bidder, @matkodurko.

Transaction completed at the top of my "wallet history" in the image above.

I'm trying also,
Got 2 cards going cheap guys.
Now Is a chance to pick up 2 cards cheap and help me enter's competition... Help me help you!


And now I have a bid..... So excited!

And I just won an Angel of Light legendary for 10.201 sbd in my first auction!
Loving @steembay!

Auction complete, transfer and payment complete.
Hope that's everything

COOOOOL! Ive been wanting a reason to put something on SteemBay! I'll get my wheelbarrow ready to taking all my SteemMonster winnings home....

SOLD! Hoorah! (transaction not completed yet, but the auction is ended and we have a winner! )

Just following up, what were the results of this contest?

You made it 10th place and you won a full set of commons.

I announced the winners here

So let me know, which of the offers you'll take ;-)

oh wow good thing I checked in, thank you for running such a sweet contest for the community! i'll grab two epics and i'm easy about which ones :D

received cards! :)

Steemmonsters Going to blast on Steemit, Here is my Last @steembay Aucation
Sold Full set Legendary Cards in just 2 Hours. My Latest Aucation Here

Coole Aktion!

Schau mal, @louis88, das sollte Dir gerade in den Kram passen.

"You ask, Akox provides"


"oh yeah... also did that auction thing you kinda mentioned somewhere"

Akox' Auction

this is awesome! LOL 👹

Akox aims to please !

Hey, this is so amazing post,i like it....
I'm taking an interest right now.

As soon as I earn enought Steem Im getting me some Steem Monsters!

Hi this game looks very fun i can remember the time when i played yu gi-oh, definitely a game i have to try and share with friends. Regards

We must resteem this post or not ?

If yes, i will do this immediatly ! ;-)

I'm taking an interest right now.

that's very helpful post!!
thank you..

5 SBD reichen doch für ein Starterpaket ;-)

Erstmal muss die SP hoch Thanks for this awesome promotion. Here is my first completed @steembay auction conducted to be eligible for your giveaway:

How do you even figure out the price of one of these cards?

As with anything of this nature, the MARKET dictates price and liquidity (ease of selling) validates the valuation.

Where can I read about how many of each rare cards will be available?

How cool is this, I'd never heard of 'Steemmonsters' before and I feel like it's back to Top Trumps from the days of school. I'm going to look into this further and try to get involved. Excellent imagination and good work! Resteemed. :-D

The auction link is here:

The winner was @vj1309

He won the Twisted Jester card.

I'm participating right away.....

Hey there! Cool giveaway, thx for it! I've followed all steps and here is the link to my complete auction (

Winner was @davsner.

Best of luck to everyone!

Sold an COMMON Kobold miner for 0.002 SBD.

Link to my auction post and the link to the winning bidder, @davsner.

Transaction completed


Awesome! :) Managed to sell one of my 9 Feral Spirit cards ->

Thanks for running the giveaway!

I sold 2 cards. Thank you for showing me how to sell cards by using steembay,

With Steembay, what if the person who bids do not pay up?

you can report them to steemcleaners. He will be blacklisted and flagged for that.
To avoid such situations, trade with people you trust and / or use a merchant in the discord of steemmonsters.

Ich habe soeben eine Medusa an @germansailor versteigert. :)

Points 1 - 4 satisfied.
One of my Steemmonsters, "Rexxie" was sold to @oliverschmid.

i created an auction

Auction started ×D
Selenia Sky

Awesome... auction ended only in 15 minutes, congrats to @swolesome :)

New Auction ~ bid for Selenia Sky, op game.

Auction ended, my 2nd selenia sky has been sold to @zaku congrats :)

Hey guys,
here is my finished auction: ->Link

Not a huge success, but I got the idea on how to use STEEMBAY. :^)

And I don't even need to trade SM-Cards with it. Could be anything.
Gonna start new auctions in the future for sure. Stay tuned! ;D

Excellent contest - my still open auction is here:

Spirit of the Forest.png

Another to come today (as i promised 2 days of no Steemmonsters post I can do that today again).

its sound interesting sir i will definitely participate in this contest thank you brother for shearing this with us

this sheep will keel over if left like that lol


Hi my name is xokA .
Akox? No idea who you are talking about...

Let me show you this auction that ended early by TBN (Technical Buy now)


Well didn't know you are the reverse-flash, speaking of yourself backwards. I was informed, that I made a mistake by skimming the valid entries and edited akox out to be themonstertrader ...
(left the akox in it, not to make it look weird after having edited the post)
Seems now you have made it look really weird after all.
(already told your friend, that your fanart is awesome, though)

No no, Akox completely different guy. xokA would never try to sneak in 2 different entries under 2 different names for 2 different prizes.
Completely different auction, different guy, different prize.

Completely unrelated.

See completely different guys

Akox most certainly loved the Edit! Well I can only assume... as I don't know the guy.


here is my auction, is finished.

Steembay Auction - Mischievous Mermaid


Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-13 um 11.07.08.png

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-13 um 11.07.27.png

and here a second auction is also finished

Steembay Auction - Serpent of the Flame this contest was a very nice idea. I don't know when I would have tried out steembay otherwise and its a really cool auctioning option! I had to repost the auction, cause it doesn't work with partiko. I mentioned that in his dischord though and it seems it will be possible soon!
I auctioned it for the lowest possible price bc i wanted to see how high it would go from there..0.020! Thats so cheap! @mys got a good deal :D

Steembay is a good platform to buy and sell on auction with the SBD currency, a lot of people are using this one. Congratulations for the full set of monoster card.
By by Rexxi. It was really fun to make an auction. I will do it again.

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