Green rare cards analysis.

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Hello dear steemians, today we've known that the Steem Monsters gameplay will be delayed until the mid October, this announcement gives us more time to prepare our teams for the tournament, but it isn't something that I'm happy for, I really expected to be able to play soon, and to practice some of the ideas and test these analysis of the cards to be sure.

Of course I also prefer to play a solid game than one with a lot of bugs, patience then dear readers, if we think it twice it's only a month for enjoy of our game.

That being said I will add here the links to the previous articles as usual.


Common cards / Rare cards / Epic and legendary


Common cards / Rare cards / Epic and legendary


Common cards / Rare cards / Epic and legendary


Common cards

These are today's cards:
Raras de verde.jpg

Lyanna natura: The green summoner gives +1 health points to our creatures, a very solid ability. Our creatures are big for themselves but this bonus makes them the most resistant monsters of the game.

Earth elemental:

This card is very similar to the water elemental but more resistant due to his great health, for three mana is a good choice for our green team (don't confuse it with the dream team), if we want to play with the Spirit of the forest this or the Swamp thing are our allies (and maybe both).

Stone golem:

How many tanks does green need?, I don't know but my sensations are that we have more than enough, this one it isn't bad but I think that we have much better choices. With five mana isn't so expensive and the card is like the rest of the green's team very resistant but I don't see this one being the tank to play.

Stonesplitter orc:

And another one, with six mana cost he is competing with the Flesh golem for his spot and imo this card isn't so good. It's neither a bad card, it has retaliate and rage that makes him a quite aggresive monster, with a speed of four. Either way I don't think that we will see this card much in the tournament, time will tell.

Well fellow steemians this is all, tomorrow I'll finish this colour's reports with the green's epics and legendary cards. See you then.


Good Analysis! What do you mean by Dream Team who is in it?

It's only a wordplay, for the similarity between "green team" and "dream team", the USA's basketball team. I know it isn't fun XD, I'm very bad at joking. Thank you for your support @masterthematrix :).

I love the Earth cards and have upgraded mostly them. They look cool and have great abilities. Can't wait to play the final game.

Nice @flauwy, didn't know that you were also into Steem Monsters. The earth cards have some interesting formations I'd like to see more matches of them to judge better the team. I'm also excited and why not a bit frustrated because I want to play it now. Cheers.

Are there any rules announced yet? Like how the fighting system works? I have only seen the Kickstarter camapign with all its details about skills and showing the examplary video of the pre-version of fighting.

Yes the rules have been published, there are some interesting articles if you want to get some basic info:

Some basic sheets from @onefatindian very useful:

Super cool, thanks for the info!

Thanks for taking the time to write this series of game play and splinter analysis - I've found then very helpful 👍

My pleasure, thank you for your nice comment :).

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