Epic and legendary black cards analysis.

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Welcome back dear steemians to this cards analysis section, today we end with the list of articles related with black, the next articles will be dedicated to the blue cards. As always I'll add here some links for my dear readers, so they can access easely to the rest of the articles published.


Common cards / Rare cards / epic and legendary


Common cards / Rare cards

And now let's see today's cards.

Epicas y legendaria negro.jpg

Dark enchantress:

This card with a mana cost of six it's quite expensive in mana terms for a card that we should play at the back, it's quite fast and the magic attack of four makes her a good choice against armored rivals like white or blue, this being said I don't see her having a big impact in the game right now, I could be wrong anyways.

It has flying which makes her more resistant added to her speed as she could probably dogde some attacks. Stun it's also a good ability. Her low health stats makes her vulnerable to magic attacks and obviously also to magic reflect.
I prefer other options of our black team.

Screaming banshee:

A very useful card for the black team, another card with magic attack like the Dark enchantress but this one only cost three mana, more vulnerable but she is a very tricky card because of his ability of fear, that gives you a chance to move to the back to the enemy's tank. If this ability hits you and you haven't a proper card to replace the tank you are going to loose that match. The ability of protect prevents of this, other colour's players have to be very aware of this.

Lord of darkness:

I really love this card because of his artwork, I have one here in my room, painted by an artist with aerograph. Very cool card with expensive mana cost, is a very aggresive card, with his 6 melee attack that can be 7 because of his rage, stun, retaliate and fear (again) I have to know if the ability can be used once by two creatures, that would be deadly. The black team allows to put this beast because of his many monsters with low mana cost. He isn't fast and he hasn't the greatest defense stats but he is very dangerous. A card to look close in the tournament.

Here is a picture of my bedroom, and my particular "Lord of darkness". :P

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I really would love to see a compilation of all these analysis!

I don't have much cards atm, but I'm planning to buy some more when Steem goes back up to at least $1.5. I really have such high hopes for this game. :)


If you are going to buy do it now before the alpha ends, later on the cards probably will increase their value. I know that the Steem isn't in its best moment. Maybe if you have some sbd...

In the last article you will have links to all of the past articles. Like I've been doing until now. Thank you for your kind comment :).

Great post with some awesome information @palasatenea , I have a team im building with Black and really love the "Lord of Darkness!" Its very over whelming figuring this all out , and your post helps a lot! thanks! upped and resteemed!👍👍👍✌💕👌
Hahaha, love Steem Monsters!


Thank you so much Karen!, to say the truth the two colours that I've been collecting, and I want to play are white and black, black seems a great team to play, with many tactics in it. If you want, I can send you some ideas about some deck strategies, nothing proved yet, because we have to practice and we can't play yet.

Almost everyone that I know freaked out with the drawing I know!! Cheers. :)


Your welcome 😊👍 Yes me too Black and White, so far I really like green too with "Spirit of the forest" level 2 ,she's awesome! And my fourth team with the Dragons I really love Selenia Sky and her Dragons, although I do have her at level 2 for sale at 550.00 only because I need rent money , hopefully I get lucky and someone with big pockets really needs one! ✊👍😊

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Thank you so much @arcange, I owe everything to @cryptoctopus and @fulltimegeek you're great, this is a big help for me and I really don't know how to return this great favour.


You don't need to return the favor. Just feel free to vote for me as a witness if you like to support my work.


Black/Death Splinter is my favorite!

Thanks for your analysis @palasatenea

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It's been the most competitive team until now with the blue, I'm expecting to see a lot of black teams on the tournament, these two are going to be hard contenders.