Blue rare cards analysis.

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What's up fellow steemians?, did you end buying some packs in the last hours?, c'mon don't lie to me I know that some of my dear readers must have buyed one at least. I fell into temptation I admit it, I've an alpha unopened pack that will stay like that for a long time.

Today we have another interesting cards to analyze, the rares of blue. But first I'm going to add here as always the precedent articles of the different colours that I've published.


Common cards / Rare cards / Epic and legendary


Common cards / Rare cards / Epic and legendary


Common cards

And here are today's cards

Raras azul.jpg

Alric Stormbringer:

Our blue summoner, +1 to magic attacks, the blue team has some nice cards with magic attack, this is a very effective bonus against armored monsters and others that have the dodge ability.


One of those annoying monsters of the blue team, it has a magic attack of four counting with the bonus of Alric, nice health stats of 7, so it can resist at least two attacks, if we power her with protect it's quite tough and also has good speed stats for being a magic attacker. This for four mana only, this is a very interesting card to play, especially against white.

Water elemental:

If this card would had melee attack instead of ranged attack it could be actually better tank than the Frozen soldier, or at least be competing with him the tank role in the blue team. But is what it is and he allows blue to have a very good balance in the cards of the front and the back. It's quite cheap for everything he has, dodge, heal, a ranged attack of four and speed of five that makes him a great choice.

Frozen Soldier:

My mother always told me that I had to leave the better part for the end, and this card is obviously for what we've seen the better and most valued card of the blue rares. An excellent tank, with shield and magic reflect, nice health stats, and an awesome armor stats of seven. If you play against blue you will hate this card for sure. But...there is always a but, uh?
with six mana cost it makes hard to build a deck with this and our legendary, I've seen some teams of blue, there are many good choices to do, some of them can be painful.

This is all for today, I hope that you've enjoyed this article, the next time I'll end this colour analysis with the epics and legendary cards.

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cards analysis

I was absorbed in trading for now. Guess I should start looking into gameplay. Thanks for your card explainers.


You're welcome @jarunik, I agree with you the card trading absorbs a lot, we have a tournament coming, it's time for the team buildings :).


When will be this tournament?


For what I've heard its going to be in October but I'm not sure about this, I'll try to obtain this information @ronaldoavelino :).

Nicely done @palasatenea


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Thank you very much @powermaster, I appreciate your support, btw you have an impressive collection of cards :).



Hopefully you get to play with my friends and family at the end of the month.

We are trading and leveling up in the meantime.

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