Steem Monsters • "Nessie"

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Steem Monsters • "Nessie"


"Nessie" is the OG Monster with a Scottish brogue. She has a knack for evading attackers and is immune to the red squad.

Have you maxed out your "Nessie" yet... no? Oh that's right... she didn't make the cut. Anyway, I put her forward on @aggroed's post asking for suggestions for the next common monsters. Check out his post at the link below.

Common Monster Suggestions

I created the Loch Ness Monster card to help promote Nessie's candidacy. She's been wearing the monster tag since 1933 and definitely deserves a chance. I'm also entering her in the Steem Monsters Art Contest along with El Chupacabra, Slenderman and Sasquatch.

El Chupacabra



The Process

blue template.jpg

I created the blue card template in Photoshop by editing one of the real Steem Monsters cards.


I found a shot of "Nessie" on Pixabay and used Photoshop to cut out the image and to fit it into the monster window. I felt that a blueish monotone would help her blend with the blue team while at the same time representing her OG status.

Check out the links below to joining the Art Contest or to purchase Steem Monsters Cards!

Steem Monsters Art Contest

Get Monstered Up


Thanks for the art @overkillcoin... minnows, dolphins, whales... I’m down with squid!


I used to be scared of the Loch Ness Monster when I was little! Everytime we visited my Uncle's place in Maryland, USA near the Eastern Seashore as their backyard I would hear people talk about it!

Ha ha... that's funny because it seems like the most docile "monster" and with the long neck resembles an herbivore.

Yay! We have to have a Nessie @otage. This is my favourite but she'll have to be a good monster. 😂

I think she is non-violent.

Excellent @otage. She'd be perfect for a legendary wouldn't she, since she's a local legend? 😂

Yes but @aggroed is only taking suggestions for common cards.

Oh well. I suppose she has to start somewhere. 😁

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