CREATING PEAKMONSTERS - A Companion to SteemMonsters + I open 110 packs and give every Steem User FREE CARDS

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If you are new to SteemMonsters write "PeakMonsters" in the comments (even if you aren't new) and I'll have @peakmonsters send YOU ALL a free card to your Steem account just for checking out my post... meanwhile hope you enjoy the story about how I helped create this cool SteemMonsters related website with @asgarth >>
(p.s. If you're new to the game tell me and I'll give you a better card. You can use my site to see what you got.)



I approached @asgarth about this new BlockChain game called @SteemMonsters and told him how the game would be played and mentioned @yabapmatt made a protocol for doing buys and sells and was encouraging third parties to develop using these things. I told @asgarth that the two of us should partner up and make something really cool for this community. He trusted me, saw the long term potential and now we're here with a kick butt beautiful Bulk Market system and awesome Charts and other tools.


  • Charts
  • Bulk Buy
  • Bulk Sell
  • Pack Buys
  • Transaction Explorer
  • Personal Collection Analysis


@asgarth was the original creator of and I jumped in to help the team what feels like forever ago, but truth is SteemPeak is a pretty new interface for STEEM. So we've had months of working together and that's a big deal. Also we already had a style we loved in @SteemPeak and we both loved feedback from the community ...aka go chat in discord

It also helps that I had a pretty open summer to spend almost all day interacting with the community, brainstorming ideas and testing features. Couldn't have happened at a better time.


It's been a bear market in ALL of crypto including Steem however all those hundreds of hours studying markets and economics is actually paying off now. I know most of the casual players may never use some of the advanced charts and analytics we have (and will create) but there are going to be plenty of BIG SPENDING traders and investors of the game and they'll love it. Plus we can be a great way for helping normal people on how markets work and prep them for the wild world of Crypto. So I'm greatful for the time and money I spent learning market stuff so I could be in a place to help MAKE A MARKET system.

I'm also excited to try my hand at what I think is going to be a really fun game to play. I love that its heavy strategy and not a ton of time consumption to play a game. Meaning I can think about it all day while doing other things and the actual computer action is minutes ... maybe seconds.

Go take a look at the expected game play mechanics and animation


See it all live:

Take a look at Price and Volume
Also take a look at total number of cards ever created and that exist right now

You can add cards to a cart and quickly check out.
But because steemmonsters has this really cool thing that you can level cards by combining them we even help show the price per base unit. (BCX) That way you can find even cooler hidden deals

And now we're the first interface to offer bulk listing option. In a couple seconds you can list 20 cards into the market.

This is new to us but certainly a mainstay of ... the truth is when you're buying the cards the money goes directly to we are just facilitating and providing more tools in one place like we did with SteemPeak. And a portion of the sales helps fund development.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect is it gives me a personal incentive to advertise the game to new users. Even buy ads if I wanted because bringing users to isn't just good for the game it is a good business model.

The first feature we created was an explorer so all users could transparently see what's going on and verify their own transactions like buys and sells.

You can look at any collection... change my account with your account and you can see what you have. Remember write Peakmonsters or Newbie down below and soon you'll have something in your account.



I really love the style of the game, the cards, the market economics, the philosophy that is decentralized and wanting people to make their own games too... They promised September for game play and it looks like they're making that happen. I've been involved in the LORE of the game and I think it is going to be really good as well. (specially the black splinter. haha) I think the early adopters have created a great community to jump into


We have lots of fun ideas for @peakmonsters as the game increases in popularity and we have great users who suggest stuff on discord My list of future features and upgrades is presently over 40 but I'll share a few things here.

  • Changing Prices and Bulk De-Listing
  • Total Account Value
  • Overall Market Trends
  • Comparative Statistics between Cards
  • Bids
  • Saved Sales History and Stats+Charts
  • Rewards based on Sales Volume
  • And even some game play stats and tools

OUR GOALS = "Fast - Easy - Informative"

We want to give you tools that are intuitve and save you lots of time.
But most of all give you information so you're successful at this and stick around for a long time to come and information that maybe leads to you making some money as well.

BONUS VIDEO: Explaining @PeakMonsters and @SteemMonsters and Opening 110 Packs

Wanna see the @steemmonsters preview of gameplay animation? From this post



@peakmonsters nice work! Excited about this platform and @steempeak! Glad to have interviewed you @jarvie on our last episode of The Steeming Pile. You all can check out the first 35 minutes for some more in depth discussion of Peak Monsters -

@johnspalding that collection is looking a bit thin ;) haha

better go use our newest feature

can you figure out which card i sent you?

I @johnspalding do solemnly swear to use my acquired STEEM to either

  1. Fill out my @steemmonsters deck
  2. Send to @narashi and/or @crollo3 for help on our shows
  3. Power Up
    For the foreseeable future.

Thanks for the Magi @peakmonsters !

hahaha we need this printed and notarized please ;)


You guys have done a tremendous job with this site. I've been using it all week to poke around the markets. Thanks!

Hi Jarvie,

I would like to say thanks for making the site.

It saves us heaps of precious time when attempting bulk purchases.

The tracker enables me to see the gifts I’ve sent to contest winners with just a click of the mouse.

In short, this is really going to help when mass adoption hits this project hard.


Speaking of quick BULK functions go check out that transaction tracker now! haha

Aha! I see you!! :p

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"Peakmonsters or Newbie"

That's what we were supposed to say in the comments, right? 😉  I'm a big fan of SteemPeak and PeakMonsters. I love how responsive you are to the community. In fact, having just come from a different crypto-enabled social media site (name withheld) which is on the Ethereum blockchain, and where there is even still some ongoing tensions between the devs and the user community, your responsiveness here was a breath of fresh air to me! I love that I've been able to contribute ideas and see them enacted, sometimes within minutes, sometimes within a day or two. I still have one pending suggested improvement (which the devs agreed was a good idea) on that other site I was talking about, from about 5 months ago!

I love SteemPeak, and I love PeakMonsters! @asgarth and @jarvie are doing a great job, and so is @r00sj3. Thank you all!

And we love you!
You're certainly a great speaker of TRUTH!

Thanks for that, it was Epic! 😆

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I just bought a shit ton of cards on there today. I now have a full base set, If you wanna hook me up with a gold foil Selena or a dragon in gold foil i would be eternally greatful. lol . thanks for the awesome giveaway.

Seriously though a gold Selena would be great. I will keep it on the down low.

Haha if you check the video of the pack opening... we were just hoping to get something better than a rare gold foil.

But with that said if someone could get you one of those they'd be a ROCK ... with a GIANT heart!

that is awesome. Just got it. Thank you so much. I really do enjoy the site. It deffinatly 1 ups the original steemmonsters market place

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Looking forward to see whats next for peakmonsters

sent you a nice card. We're appreciating the time to get the market all set up before things go crazy! haha

Free cards you say?! Where do I sign on? :)
I'm new to Steem Monster, I bought the starter kit and two booster packs. Now, I'm reading about it, and I'm anxious for the game release!

You signed up and the package is on the doorstep ;)

Yep we're all anxious for next month... the previews of the gameplay are pretty awesome!


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