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Congratulations @sooflauschig for being our lucky Raffle #20 winner.




This will be open for about 48h. Trying to keep the rules simple so everybody is able to enter.


Raffle will run approximately 48 hours so be quick to enter (if no new Steemmonsters raffle is posted by me you can still enter this one)


  • tag at least 1 fellow steemian on a comment here on this post

Doing this gets you 1 ticket in the raffle. Upvoting and Resteeming will each give you an extra ticket for the raffle. So basically if you comment (as described above), upvote and resteem this post your chance to win triples.



For this raffle the prize will be:

Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-01 um 18.09.19.png


Also make sure to check out my roommates new project: @lifetimebot - a subscription & share based upvote-bot. It just went live and there are only a few shares left for purchase. Definitely worth checking out.


Good luck to all! Let's see how the engagement is to determine the details about future raffles.


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Tagging @scrooger, he's into Steem Monsters too.

@cmplxty because what have we got to lose lol

Thank you very much for the card ^^
I'm tagging @sonius94


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Great post!

This is 3 of 10 upvotes from for 12/18 for being a delegation subscriber.