[GIVEAWAY] WIN A Complete Spirit Set! And How Much Would It Cost To Complete My Gold Foil Collection?

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Hello SteemMonsters Fans! Today, I'm in the mood to give away a complete set of my favorite Team: The Spirit Team.

Here are the requirement for you to be eligible:

1- Comment below your favorite Spirit Deck for a 20 mana game
2- Explain why it is your favorite
3- Explain what this deck is good for and it's potential weakness

The more thorough and persuasive answer will win a complete Spirit Set (including legendary) ALONG with a gold foil of my choice in the Spirit set.

Here is the complete set of Spirit Cards:
Spirit Deck.png

Choose wisely and tell me why! (don't pay attention to the number of cards of the top right of each cards)

The Price of a Gold Foil Collection

To date, I've bought 816 packs and through buying those packs I became obsessed with owning one of every single limited alpha edition gold foil cards (as I believe they may be worth a wack load more in the future).

So...how much would it cost me to complete my set? Let's break it down at the current market price:

Missing CardsPriceTeamRarety
Serpentine Soldier$7.45FireRare
Fire Demon$47.85FireEpic
Elemental Phoenix$700FireLegendary
Water Elemental$7.45WaterRare
Frozen Soldier$10.95WaterRare
Mischievous Mermaid$45.00WaterEpic
Naga Warrior$43.25WaterEpic
Frost Giant$1459WaterLegendary
Magi of the Forest$47.15EarthEpic
Swamp Thing$35.00EarthEpic
Spirit of the Forest$1177.77EarthLegendary
Lord of Darkness$700.00DeathLegendary
Selenia Sky$2555.55DragonLegendary
Lightning Dragon$2345.00DragonLegendary
Chromatic Dragon$650.00DragonLegendary
Gold Dragon$700DragonLegendary
Grand Total$10,537.87
Fire Total$761.75
Water Total$1565.65
Earth Total$1259.92
Death Total$700.00
Dragon Total$6250.55

So...What Am I Going To Do?

I would have a few choices to accomplish this. I could try to trade my way to make enough $ trading cards that I can purchase all of them...which is highly unlikely since I suck at trading.

The other option is to buy them and HODL...considering it an investment, but I doubt my wife would approve of me putting 10K on digital trading cards.

The last option is to keep playing and buying booster packs and play the lottery. Which is probably what I'm going to do since I discovered something new about SteemMonsters...

Unopened Decks As An Hedge Against Bear Market

One thing that I've learned on the SM Discord is that you can buy packs and leave them unopened. You can then later on sell them as unopened decks on the market just like people are still doing for the limited Alpha version of Magic the Gathering.

What it means is that those decks have a minimum value of $2USD and probably never will be sold at a lost...so you have a situation of no downside and unlimited upside. In a bear market, that's a great place to park cash!


Again, Win a Full Set of Spirit Cards + a Gold Foil by:

1- Commenting below your favorite Spirit Deck for a 20 mana game
2- Explain why it is your favorite
3- Explain what this deck is good for and it's potential weakness

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Take a look at my White Squad in the order of board placement:

  1. Silvershield Paladin (5 mana) - First line tank. He takes reduced damage from physical attacks and reflects some of magic hitting him.
  2. Silvershield Knight (6 mana) - Offtank and main horsepower of the team. Tramples over killed foes hitting enemies twice! The horse is really fast and almost always hits first in the round. Boosts physical attack of allies also.
  3. Feral Spirit (3 mana) - Sneaky guy. Silently backdoors enemy army.
  4. Divine Healer (3 mana) - Old man support. He knows some of magic, dealing nonphysical damage and healing allies each round. The slow ability can turn the tides if dealing with serious opponent.
  5. Tyrus Paladium (3 mana) - Leader enlightened by Khymia. He gives +1 armor to all of the squad.

I like that!


Nice but what level do you have them all at @mys

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It depends on tournament format. 1 to max.
EDIT: Ah didn't read, Im still collecting cards ;)

For the sake of this, I'm assuming all monsters are level 10 (because that's when they have cool abilities :D)

Of course, I'll start with Tyrus Paladium (3 mana), because he is the only white summoner as of now. He gives extra armor too, which is REALLY useful.
Then we will go in order of position.

  1. Clay Golem (6 mana)- He has a lot of health and decent attack, but what is really great is that once he is below full health, he gets even stronger.
  2. Feral Spirit (3 mana)- While I thought about putting the silvershield knight, who has slightly more health and armor, the summoner will give the Feral Spirit armor to live another day, and I went with him and number 4 on the list (which you will see in a second).
  3. Angel of Light (4 mana)- With so many great defensive abilities, the Angel of Light should be able to keep the team together. Giving everyone protect, healing everyone, giving the first two a damage buff, and the ability to ressurect (hopefully the Clay Golem so he can still use enrage to get an extra attack out before he dies). The angel is going in the third spot just in case the first two die, so then monster number 4 can still attack...

PS. At lower levels (where the Angel of Light is only level 1) I would swap in the Divine Healer (3 mana) in for the Angel of Light, so he can heal the team to keep them alive.

  1. Peacebringer (4 mana)- He and the Feral Spirit both deal a decent amount of damage, so I'm hoping the Clay Golem will stay alive until they can do enough damage to the enemy. But even if he doesn't, as long as the enemy doesn't have sneak, Peacebringer will still be able to attack as long as one of the other two are still alive.

Peacebringer should be 4, but I broke markdown.


🙚 ...𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒔𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒐𝒏𝒆𝒓 𝒘𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝒈𝒊𝒗𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑭𝒆𝒓𝒂𝒍 𝑺𝒑𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒕 𝒂𝒓𝒎𝒐𝒓 𝒕𝒐 𝒍𝒊𝒗𝒆 𝒂𝒏𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓 𝒅𝒂𝒚... 🙘

From what I understand, the Summoner's  +1 buff only applies if a Monster  already has the stat, which the Feral Spirit unfortunately doesn't.


I really appreciate you bringing that forward because that is a VERY important distiction and likely would change someone's perspective team.

Nice work


Yes if they have a monster with protect. Look at the Feral spirit.


@palasatenea, okay, that is  interesting, and is counter to what I had heard recently. Sorry, I can't remember where I heard it, but I had it on good authority at the time. But you're right, that screenshot definitely shows the Feral Spirit with a 2x stat, which is not normal for it, even at Level 10.


No problem, I had to look in my own report of the match because I wasn't sure. Think about this @trisquelwhare, a Clay golem with 12 health and 2 armor XD, and the white team being the only one which has two healers, one of them with resurrect.


Ouch. Now if only there was an ability that could repair armor. Even if it's a 1 speed 0 attack 3 health repair group armor monster, that would still be deadly if you can't kill the tanks.


You never know, maybe in the beta there is a dwarf craftsman or something like that. Would be awesome to the white team.


That is true...
However, since the Angel of Light has protect, it provides the feral spirit with image.png. Allowing him to have the +1 buff as well :D
Didn't read following comments oof


Hi @cryptoctopus, I found your post here while browsing the #steemmonsters hashtag. I'm a little confused by your use of the term "Spirit Deck" here, which I haven't come across before in connection with SteemMonsters. Would you mind explaining what that is, or pointing me to the relevant information please? I've been working on the SteemMonsters Wiki and have a fairly good understanding of the game so far, but this is one term that I hadn't seen before in connection with it. Thanks.

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Spirit Deck.png

Here is the complete Spirit Deck. (White cards)


I think he means with "spirit" just your personal favorite team to play with. So it doesn't have to be one particular splinter set of cards. Just build your team and explain what the advantages are!!!

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Hi, nope. White cards are the Spirit Team in SM.


Ok, I never heared of that term as well. I thought they are the "light" splinter.

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D'oh! The elements, of course! I must be going senile in my old age. I normally refer to the cards by their colour or by the Splinter (Lyveria, Azmare, Khymeria, etc) and I forget about the elements as well.

Now, to answer your question, I haven't really thought much about the Khymian (White / Spirit) Deck, as my collection is currently heavily weighted towards the Lyverian and Azmarian Splinters ... at least until this morning, when @clove71 helped me to build up my Ferexian forces a lot, bringing them well into consideration as well for the upcoming battles and tournaments. But Khymeria? Not even really on my radar yet.

I am building a possible team though just for this contest, not necessarily one from my existing collection, but a fantasy team, of the Khymian  cards that I would like to have for this team. Is that okay?

Gosh such a rare opportunity. I wish i knew about this game.

Alright, here we go. If you look at my cards you will notice that I have mainly built my cards around Water. I am going with the Magic. Sure there will be some downside but the upside I believe matters more if I have my cards leveled up and maxed out. So...20 MANA game.

Alric - 2 mana - My ummoner that boost my magic
1st position - Frozen Soldier - 6 MANA (Mega Armor and Magic reflect, so will return some magic damage and can hold off the melee)
next - Crustacean King - 3 MANA (Range attack, has some armor but has the Group Heal and Protect ability which helps out the entire team for each with healing and armor boost)
next - Mermaid - 6 MANA Maxed (has 4 magic...and with the magic boost has 5 magic, she is pretty fast too)
Last position - Sabre Shark - 3 MANA (fastest in the game, going first every time)


fastest in the game, going first every time

Is the fastest but isn't going to be the first always because black has the posibility to -2 speed with the summoner and the undead priest, and the skeleton assasin has 6 speed, also the Serpent of the flame has 6 speed and +1 from his summoner.

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I think that your best choice here is trade them, I readed that you suck at trading but everyone does at first, all you need is practice and be aware of the market, indeed you have very nice stats and trends of the market that are very useful for this.

That the great post. shared on twitter sir.

Great post. shared on twitter @cryptoctopus

Just perfect.. wow :)

I want to dive right in and purchase a bunch to but this is the first time for me participating in any such card game like this one so I am being cautious and only put $50 into the kickstarter. I do have a Legendary Gold Dragon Foil so that is pretty awesome.

I like the spirt / white / gold cards. I haven't got them all and since I am new to these type of games I can't go into details about their abilities. I plan on jumping into the game and learning as I go as I find that approach works best for me in manners such as these. I will say the deck is good for its value as I believe the Life element ( white / gold ) cards are going to worth more then their counter parts in the same grouping plus they look cool :)

  • Thanks for the giveaway

this is a very good job of steemmonsters... I Love Steemmonsters and I have bought some packs and received some Cards as Gifts from other Steemians as well as Give some as Gifts myself..personally i think that,its very big opportunity for all steemians..i know this tunament start possible only this platform.its good option for good fun creating...thank you very much for your great thought post review again steemmonsters..my dear friend.. @cryptoctopus

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Ha, I'm not going to share my deck builds here but have to say, hoarding boosters may not be the best strategy.

Sure you might make a few extra bucks selling at a premium, but when the premium cards in those packs are selling for more than $1000USD you'd do better opening the packs yourself.

And considering the cards are still available in Beta you'd be lucky to get double the price for the boosters anyway.

Just my 2 cents