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Hi Friends,

I’m excited to announce a collaboration between The @steemmonstershow and @contestkings to help onboard more Monsters!

One of the best ways to help grow the Steem Monsters community and economy is with an increased number of players that are battling and buying booster packs. This all funnels to help increase the demand and value for the Steem token. #samemoon

On the show a few weeks ago (details below – we meet every Wednesday), @littlescribe, @o07 and I were having a discussion about how big fancy marketing efforts can certainly have an impact on attracting new players, but what is even more powerful are current Steemians mentioning it to their friends, family and people they meet. So, we have decided to put a little oomph behind this and make the topic of onboarding a regular part of the show, in addition to a weekly contest run on the @steemmonstershow page.

Weekly Contest

Every week we will put up a contest post on the Steem Monster Show and all you have to do is leave a comment telling the story of someone you onboarded to Steem Monsters that week.


We will choose the top 3 comments each week and announce the winner’s on the show. You do not have to be present to win.

The top three comments will each receive:

  • 1 beta booster pack
  • 10 SBI shares

So not only can you potentially win a weekly prize, but if you use your unique affiliate link - you can earn from their purchase as well.

The booster packs are being sponsored by @steemmonsters (thanks @aggroed and @yabapmatt!) and the SBI shares are being sponsored by @contestkings.

The #referamonster Section of the Show

Every week, we will carve out a little time to chat about the idea of onboarding! This can be a space for people to share stories, ideas and thoughts on ways to help grow the Steem Monster user base. The Australian community is a perfect example of this! Just a couple monster fans have built out a whole Steem community in their area and have brought a ton of people onto the platform and gotten them stoked about Steem Monsters.

Contest Kings will also be doling out an extra 20 SBI shares during this conversation – which means they are committing to 50 shares a week under this initiative!

Huge thank you to both Contest Kings and Steem Monsters for donating weekly prizes towards these efforts.



Join us Live Every Wednesday

Come hang out with us and chat about all things Steem Monsters every Thursday at 4:30pm PST! We meet in the Contest Kings Discord.


Let’s Do This!

We are really excited to see how this initiative goes and look forward to making it a regular part of the conversation during our show. I honestly think Steem Monsters is one of the most effective and approachable ways for people to enter the world of Steem and so if you have friends that you think would enjoy playing Steem Monsters, then tell em about it!

Xo, Lea



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Monster recruiting at its finest!

I only just joined last night thanks to @o07. Is there a guide somewhere someone has written? I have no idea what I’m doing 😜

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Welcome aboard!

If you go to the Battle section of the website, there is a link to the How To Play section which goes into a bit of depth. There are also a bunch of videos on YouTube of people battling and discussing different strategies.

Thanks that’s great!

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Nice one bro!

You're most welcome!

50 days ago, I must have mentioned my affiliate link somewhere and onboarded @enthef who has played 1817 battles and has a rating of 1461.

Don't forget to add your Steem Monsters affiliate link to your footer!
It looks like this:

I do not play games, since I am an old lady with limited abilities and no interest.

BUT I got this link:

which has this on its first page showing a good rise in monsters activity:
state of the dapps rankings.PNG

Maybe you want to track this daily in a post or somewhere to encourage everyone. @taskmaster4450 has a post today talking about the need for all you monster people to get playing daily so the rank goes higher. Maybe some inactive people can be convinced to come back if you are still in touch with them.

My son and his young friends were here for a while and monsters was the only thing they liked, so more power to you guys. They all thought the game was a good one. I will tweet and spam up my social media accounts with this were I can.

My story is an ongoing fight to get @drazeus to join steem and play. It worked for well about a week. I gave him one of my codes for a free account and starter pack to have him join up and try the game. He worked for Blizzard at the time and plays hearthstone so I was hoping he would join me in Steem Monsters. Lke myself he was a MOTG player and VS player both of us earning enough points to play in pro tournaments. I hoped that that game where you can earn money talking about playing and in the tournaments to come would get him to stay. Issue he had was that he has been super busy and started to play in season 1 before all the cool changes to the game. I will get him to give it another shot and hope this time I can get it to stick. He did do one post on steem but forgot to tell me so it didn't get any love.

If he posts again, make sure he tells you and you let us know so we can make sure he gets some attention.

Great idea, lets spread the word about how cool Steemmonsters is!!!

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This post has been included in today's SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

Thanks so much @pennsif!! I was sad to miss SOS today... work was too crazy for me to listen in. I look forward to catching the replay though!

I love to see all the exciting news around steemmonsters and steembasicincome both a great additions to to steemit ecosystem.

I am so down with this, thanks for posting @coruscate. We need more initiatives like this, steem monsters is an amazing way to introduce people to cryptocurrencies and blockchain gaming.

So I started playing it a bit and then told my hubby @jay.ell to play it too cos I had two starter packs from @o07 and can’t use it all myself haha.. so he’s like alright.. and now he’s playing he can help me with strategy and extra details I missed hehe!! It was a great idea to get him onboard 😬

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Nice!! I gotta pry myself away from battling next time, lol! Love your show! Happy Holidays!!!
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