A Gamer is Reborn Through Steem!

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I lost touch with video games a long time ago...

Steem has rekindled the fire.

I played as a kid, of course, but my system of choice was the Nintendo Entertainment System. Two buttons and a D-Pad. That's all I need.


After a couple years on Steem, it's pretty clear to me that one of the biggest futures of this blockchain is in gaming. With its free transactions and crazy speed, Steem blows Ethereum away. Every day, new DAPPs are wowing this ecosystem, assuring all of us that Steem is here to stay.

I'm fortunate enough to be on the development team for the blockchain powerhouse that is #SteemMonsters. When I heard about the idea in that Discord room so many months ago, I said to @CarrieAllen: "I want to be a part of that."

Carrie and I worked our butts off, creating stories of the Splinterlands. One thing led to another, and now we're the Steem Monsters Lore Masters!


Since I was accepted onto a winning team for blockchain gaming, I started playing as many of these games as I could. I'm determined to reintegrate myself with the world of gaming in 2019.

Smarter Games

Steem Monsters was my first exposure to this new type of blockchain game, and my first reaction was...

It's like Smart Magic!

Magic the Gathering is one of the greatest games ever made. They're still going strong after more than twenty years. There is an endless array of collectible cards with tradable value.

Image from Wikipedia

Just imagine if each Magic card had a tiny computer inside it. This computer would keep track of levels, stats, counters, history, all the data. With no tiny computer, we're left placing coins and dragon tears on cards in an attempt to remember a small amount of this data while still enjoying the game.

Fun With (14).png

With Steem Monsters, the Cards are Smart.

This game does the complicated, confusing and boring parts for you, allowing you to get the most joy possible out of the game. Joy is what it's all about in the long run. We play games for joy, simple as that.

And it's not only Steem Monsters.

Steem Monsters, founded and led by @YabaPMatt and @Aggroed, is simply an excellent pioneer into what is sure to be a wilderness of vast potential.


Because of the incredible benefits from gaming on Steem, we are presented with the opportunity to make money through our gaming.


I have played Steem Monsters literally every day since its beginning. I've also played several other blockchain games as they have become available. Game play may be simpler than classic games in this early phase, but I never lose interest. This is new for me. A little bit of incentive goes a long way, as I continue to enjoy these games day after day.

Years ago, I stopped playing video games partly because they became too much of a commitment. I was expected to commit perhaps hundreds of hours of blood, sweat and tears to a game, only to be left with a feeling of emptiness once I beat the game. I like the games that I can beat in one quick sitting (Mario 3).

Steem Games Have Extras

When we play games on Steem and support their development with actual money, we are supporting and uplifting this blockchain (and the world?) in ways we probably cannot imagine.

Get Paid to Play Games?


True, that's the dream. But we're not there yet. I'm going to rant now. I've been saddened by so many of the attitudes toward Steem gaming that I've seen thrown around lately. It's not just the bots and it's not just the abuse that bothers me. It's the sickening air of entitlement and the startling lack of accountability. Let me elaborate.

Pay to Play

That's just what you do. When I bought Mario Kart in the early nineties at Toys R Us, it was $60. And even though I aced the Special Cup at 150cc, that game didn't give me any rewards. If you expect to pull a bunch of money out of a game that you put none into, perhaps you should get a job. That will earn you far better money for your time.


You're also not paying to earn. That's what investments are for. Pay to play, so you can enjoy the game. Maybe you'll love it, maybe you won't. Maybe you'll become completely obsessed and throw all your liquid Steem at the game. If you do that, you're probably going to be rewarded, but if you have any expectations regarding those rewards, you're a fool. Joy ain't free.

What About Trust?

I don't see enough of it. What kind of crazy person sinks a bunch of money into a project that they don't trust? My repeated purchases of Steem Monster cards (packs and market) are representative of my trust for the creators of the game. I would not have even considered spending so much if I didn't trust them to make the best decisions. I'm just a writer.

If we can't trust in each other's unique skills, what is the point of having this paradise of collaborative creativity. With trust, we can do more.


All the Steem games I've played so far have made changes along the way. Every change, no matter what the change involved, has been met by ridiculous outcry and complaining in the Discord servers. The free players demand their free rewards, and they assume every change is a directed attack toward them alone.

Your expectations are too high, and your goals are out of whack. I'm talking to you, in your parents' basement, expecting to turn the electricity and internet they pay for into free crypto for doing the only thing you're good at: Playing games.


That's harsh, I know. But c'mon. Jobs are how you make money. Investing is how rich people make money. If you're sitting there at someone else's computer expecting to make a heap for nothing, you may have another thing coming.

Look to the Future

This is the beginning of something big, but it's only the beginning. Through our continued support of these innovative Steem geniuses, we can slowly but surely show the world what blockchain (and Steem) can truly do.

As with all new projects from any industry, there will always be flaws, adjustments, tweaks and updates. But as long as we trust that we are all looking for the same success (especially the developers), we can simply ride the wave.

Fun With (13).png

Have a little faith, a little hope and a lot of trust. Stay positive, hodl, and together we'll crack this new frontier wide open! Hell, maybe I'll even design a game or two of my own someday... :)




Steem Monsters Team

@aggroed, @yabapmatt, @crystalhuman, @isaria, @clove71, @jayplayco, @zipporah, @harrisonmir, @travelgirl, @nateaguila, @reseller, @wilhb81, @candycal, @carrieallen, @chrisroberts

Special thanks to my brand new Bitmoji.


I was also blown back into gaming with Steem Monsters and it has been a great journey that has not only entertained me but also help me realize of the flexibility and potential of the Steem blockchain technology! I think it has created a foundation for projects to come!

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Games based on the Steem Blockchain have two essential features - first they are fun to play - and often require very little investment. Second - they have the potential to RAISE the value of the STEEM token - I really think people miss this point entirely. They get the fact that Steem can reward them, and they can earn cryptocurrency from holding it - but they fail to REALISE - they can increase the value of the token and therefore their own holding with HOW THEY INTERACT WITH IT.

Sharing games like Steem Monsters and Drug Wars, sharing posts, bringing people to the Steem Blockchain who will invest in the token - these will all ADD value to the token we all hold.

Playing Steem blockchain games can bring in some earning rewards - but we can all increase the value of the Steem Token - by making a real effort to create quality content and share it.

#thealliance #witness

As much as I enjoy playing the games, there must be a bunch of muggles out there who would enjoy them even more. You're absolutely right!

When I first got to Steem, I thought (like most) it was a blogging platform. I've been thrilled to gradually learn about its true potential. Games are the most exciting! :D

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Great article. I look forward to meeting you at the battlefield! (Go steemmonsters!)

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Yes! This is so cool, I was just thinking the exact same thing yesterday how much fun it is to play in the Steem Monsters tournaments I was in or even battling period, lol! I love it... just like when you were a kid! Awesome post! I'm so glad you and carrieallen are here! I love both of your work! :-)

051 - Pirate (714px, 10fps).gif

Sweet ass gif!

Fantastic post! I agree 100% about the trust thing, I have NEVER even CONSIDERED investing so much money in to a game! but Steem Monsters has proven to me just how worthy of an investment it has been.

Happy to see all the new updates and live tournaments have blown me away so far, here's to the future of SM! Cheers Chris!

Gaming is only now starting to take off on Steemit.

Steem Monsters is awesome and I am having a lot of fun playing it.

Drug Wars has recently created a lot of hype and are doing well also.

Another game I am playing that I don’t here anything about is Steem Nova. It’s a space based sandbox style game where you build up your planet and attack others . I’m having fun with this also.

The longevity of these games will depend on pay to play players as this helps give encouragement for the game developers to bring out more updates and continue to develop the game.

I hope everyone supports our gaming community here on Steemit as it is awesome and our future is bright.

Any free to players out there if you like any of our games here on Steemit, show some love and spend a little money on them .

Just a few thoughts from me ,
Have an awesome day!

Sweet :) I'm definitely excited to check out Steem Nova! This is the first I'm hearing of it. Do you have a referral link?


Here’s the link: https://steemnova.intinte.org .

Also I was not finished my comment before , I hit send by accident. I edited it if you want to read the rest .

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Great point about "pay for play". I mean, how many "quarters" ($0.25) - or even DOLLARS now - have many of us PUMPED into arcade games in our early lives, with only the EXPERIENCE to show for it. Now we have the opportunity to build long-term VALUE in ADDITION to gaining good experiences, and I think any REASONABLE person would agree that that is a step forward...

Absolutely! :)
Even back then I was all about ROI... I picked the arcade games that would let me play for an hour (or longer) on a single quarter. My favorite was Off Road. Enjoyment was the only return I was looking for. Now we're pretty much in a dream world :D

An interesting choice of games... bought the SM starter pack, spent ~75 steem in 10 minutes buying random upgrades in drugwars, and now I'm waiting for moonsteem to open the deposits 😄

But not only the games are making the steem experience great. I've just tested out Actifit and I'm using Partiko. Very neat dApps

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I haven't taken the Partiko leap yet :)
Sometimes it's tough to get me outta my comfort zone. But you're absolutely right! DAPPs for the win. I ust wanted this article to be about Steem games in general. I'm always looking forward to the next one! Drugwars is going great for me, but I hope you won't destroy me (now that I'm on your radar) ;)

I'm a threat to no one :-( When the battles start I'm done

LOL, I'm doing a little better than that... but I feel like I'm still gonna get destroyed. I got carried away upgrading buildings after awhile of battles being down. #needmoreknifers

Hi @chrisroberts bro, thanks for mentioning me and @travelgirl
Well, new seas just started, let's rumble again 💪👍

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Very beautiful post!

Even though I cant agree completely. Steemmonsters is also centralized in some way.

Anyways, cool to have you here! :)

Thanks for reading! :)
I didn't really address decentralization in my article, but I'm of the opinion that most successful companies still need to be centralized. :)

We will see where it leads!
Sm is one of the first of its kind.

I want more! ;)

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I could not agree more Lore Master! Steemmonster also brought me back to play videogames. Its so exciting to see thr development of this project and how all the peaces work out nicely together. I really love SM and its community, its great to be a part of it.

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steemmonsters grows communities for sure. the artwork and the concept is amazing too

Absolutely! :D Thanks for your comment.

Stay tuned for the massive lore book, the Campaign Setting Guide. It is almost ready to be released as a PDF, and pending the success of our Kickstarter campaign, it will be available as a beautiful hardcover book!

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I have been playing steem monsters since January 2019 and now after seeing this post I am now going to play moonsteem and possibly drug wars I know that is a popular game as well. I would like to thank you for taking the time to post. I have been playing video games since I was a kid. Pong was the first game at the boy's club. I have been hooked on video games since then and I am now 48 years old. Blockchain gaming is the next step and it will take over how we download and pay for gaming with the added benefit of getting rewards in crypto so that playing can now be financially rewarding. A dream of mine since the start. I always thought video games should be like slot machines in vegas!

Dude, love your hat :P

I was so psyched that the new Bitmoji selection included a hat that looks like mine. :D when I don't wear that hat, everybody asks about it at work.

Not sure I'd even recognize you without it😋

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You and @carrieallen make an adorable couple. Just saying.

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Very well said, those games are awesome.

Anyone who doesn't get addicted must have something wrong with their heads or something.

Thanks for sharing, and your good points.

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Sup Dork! Enjoy the upvote!!!

I joined Steemmonters since the start but took a break for some months but since the time I started playing again, I just can't get enough of it.
Drugwars, just joined and I have just got a direction from you to the mooooonnn.....lol.

I play Steemmonsters, even though my cards aren't the best, I love the game, but it still isn't enough to pull me in into going back to being a true gamer(which I was for all my life before I joined the crypto universe, now my game is STEEM and trading), I'm waiting for further improvement in the blockchain-based games... I'll probably turn into a true gamer when they combine MMORPG; VR;3D and blockchain, that will be the time when I'll play as much as I can! I'm so excited for the future of gaming!

!bookkeeping drugwars

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