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This update starts on a more positive note, as I managed to patch the paint where I had sanded through before.

I am leaving it as it is in the photo's for now, simply because I don't have the courage to try and add the rest of the decals just yet. What else is obvious from the photo is that the roof rack and spare wheels still need to be addd on top as well.

A close up view from the front. I am sure I mentioned it before, but if you compare the indicators you will notice the left hand side one is brighter than the right. This is because I covered the entire rear part of it with silver before gluing, whereas the darker one I did not, so it has only the red of the body behind it.

Here you may notice the rear light lens is missing, it got stuck to the masking tape I used to cover the body while patching the paint and sadly I only noticed it was missing when I had thrown all the used tape away!

Look closely at the exhaust, can you see it has been drilled out?

Close up shots show so many flaws, but I do enjoy the ambience of these two, it almost feels as though you are peering into a real car.

The engine suffered a bit of paint loss from handling etc. I am not sure if it is normal for enamel paint to rub off so easily from plastic. Maybe some primer would have helped it last a bit longer?

I added the spark plug wires, and while they are not to scale I am glad I did. I was hoping to add brake lines too and so on, but my patience ran a bit thin.

Don't look too close or you will notice the faults!

I am planning to complete this model, but as of right now I cannot find the motivation to work on it. It is at least done to the point where I can glance over it every now and then.

If you come across this post and have any models you are building, leave a reply with a link, I love seeing other peoples builds!

Previous installments:


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