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I started gluing on other bits like the lights and also started on the decals.

Right from the start it was doomed, I broke the decals for the windshield before I even managed to get it off the decal sheet. I tried the door number next, which was almost perfect but for one corner where it seemed to have folded over itself.

I tried moving it, but the decal had set, so I broke that too. Eventually I washed it off with water, but the portion that had set, was stuck and no amount of water or rubbing would get it off.

Out came the sandpaper, and here is where I ended up.

When the weather warmed I will tried to patch up the paint. I was just so disappointed when that happened.

Here are a few more pictures of where the body stands.

The indicator seen on the right, I glued directly into the body, then used a silver sharpie to colour the silver on it. For the one on the left I first did the silver, front and back. The effect is quite a bit more pleasing, but the first one is glued in tight and I don't want to risk breaking something forcing it out.

I love the detail on these headlights.

Decals are proving hard for me to do properly. I even managed to break a bit out of the numberplate, not too noticeable, but it really irks me.

So I shelved this a time. The chassis and other bits went back in the box and at the top of the closet, where it will stayed until I managed to patch the body.

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